MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Minneapolis area authorities who declined to remove anti-Wall Street protesters from a government plaza when a ban on sleeping there overnight went into effect declined to say Tuesday when or if they will begin enforcing the new law.

Several dozen protesters spent Monday night on the plaza between the Hennepin County Government Center and Minneapolis City Hall. Since Oct. 7, the roughly half-block area has been the site of protests rooted in a movement that began in New York City.

Carolyn Marinan, a Hennepin County spokeswoman, said the county would “wait to see what happens.”

Marinan and Sheriff Rich Stanek have said they’re balancing free speech with concerns about the safety of protesters, who have been forbidden to set up tents.

“It’s not going to be OK for people to stay overnight when temperatures are dangerous and cold,” Marinan said Tuesday. “We don’t want someone freezing on our plaza.”

Osha Karow, a protester who has sometimes acted as spokesman for them, said they want to “maintain the plaza for as long as we can.” He downplayed any risk from weather, saying most protesters received training on how to cope with cold.

“When it becomes too much for some people, they always have the choice to go home and warm up,” Karow said.

Crowds for the Minneapolis protest have numbered a few hundred for some rallies, with much smaller numbers typically sleeping overnight. It’s been mostly uneventful, with a few arrests for such things as public urination and drunkenness and the only real conflict early in the movement when sheriff’s deputies stopped tents from being set up.

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Comments (7)
  1. Mr. Always Right says:

    what are these losers doing out there? what a waste, stop being whiners and start being winners by GETTING A JOB

    1. jean says:

      so mr. always right, do the math, how many jobs are out their and can u make some one ( company) give me a job, and I really wanta work, How do i make them give me a job ,,lol.. prove to me I dont have a right to be earning a pay check,, Iam at the end of my rope please enlighten us

  2. Idiot Savant says:

    *YAWN* Let me know when actual news happens

  3. Kevin Williams says:

    The revolution has begun and it is global. whether you like it or not YOU are part of the 99%. The police should be used to fight for instead of against us. I’m not against making money and yes if you work or have the resources then by all means enjoy your riches. However, inflation, prices at the grocery stores, bank fees, gas prices, etc etc is NOT proportional equal by any means to even increases in household income. In fact research shows that in the past number of years the average household and personal income have decreased, but our cost of living has not.

    1. Sultan Fakhary says:

      So it is the government’s responsibility to increase your income to match inflation? Um….sorry, it doesn’t work that way. When prices go up and your income doesn’t go up to match the increase, then you do as everyone else in the world does: you reduce your spending. Just like our Government should be doing. But of course, the Obama administration just wants to keep on SPENDING SPENDING SPENDING, which makes our economy WORSE!

      Yet the ironic thing is that most of the protesters are Obama supporters. Pure Irony!!!

      1. Mark says:

        @ Sultan Fakhary,
        If your income continues to decrease, and the prices continue to rise, when do YOU realise that you no longer can afford to live?


        This is not only about you, but about your children, grandchildren, etc, etc, etc.

        Occupy is saying that we need to make this thing called the economy, it has to work for ALL!!!

        Ironically, why would I support a group that has done nothing to create a jobs bill that would help those who can’t find employment.

  4. Jake says:

    I will repeat what I have already said: Water hoses, dogs, and horses are a very good persuasion to the anti-civil, anti-popular, anti-productve modern-day, unfocused hippies who have SQUATTED on the Peoples’ square, and TRASHED IT.