MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A woman who flew from a busy interstate, plunging into a chilly Minnesota lake, is giving thanks for the person who just so happened to be driving right behind her.

Sophia Eversvik had a seizure on Thursday driving on Interstate 94 in Alexandria. Sgt. Jesse Grabow of the Minnesota State Patrol was driving right behind her.

Sgt. Grabow is a spokesperson for the State Patrol.

“I had just finished up a television interview,” Grabow said.

But it’s what happened right in front of him and what he did next that has him in the spotlight now.

“I noticed the vehicle going from right lane to left lane,” Grabow said.

Seconds later, that car going more than 70 miles an hour plunged into Lake Latoka in Alexandria.

“The best way I can describe it is something out of Dukes of Hazard. It just launched 15 feet into the water,” Sgt. Grabow said.

Grabow dove in to get the driver out. She wasn’t moving. He soon learned her doors were locked.

Then Trooper Chris Halder got on scene.

“It was sinking, I was afraid we wouldn’t be able to get inside,” he said.

But Halder was able to break a back-door window.

Troopers say just 15 seconds after pulling Sophia Eversvik out, her car sank.

“How lucky for me. I can’t even imagine. I wouldn’t be here today if he wasn’t there,” Eversvik said.

It turns out the day of the rescue was Eversvik’s birthday. She turned 27.

Eversvik hadn’t had a seizure for two years. She’s a nurse from Florida who was home visiting family and friends in Minnesota and North Dakota.

An unforgettable birthday for everyone that day who met under an interstate bridge.

“It feels good to be a part of something positive,” Halder said.

“Timing is everything. I happen to be at the right place at the right time. Every second counts,” Sgt. Grabow said.

Eversvik will meet Sgt. Grabow this weekend to thank him for what he did.

Comments (9)
  1. TL the alligator says:

    …….and Sophia should never be allowed to drive again….to do so would put every driver on the road in her proximity at risk, especially to oncoming traffic on an undivided hiway…..just sayin.

  2. See BS says:

    Either way — the accident could have been much worse. She could have flipped or something and got killed.

    I think the Troopers helped the good looking chick, and we did have a death recently involving a woman who went off the road, the car went under water and a passer by wasn’t able to help her on time (he pretty much watched her drown through the back window).

  3. red says:

    A seizure while driving huh? There goes her license for a few years

  4. DeAnn says:

    You should all be ashamed of yourselves and your comments. It is not about her looks or how Jesse saved her, he simply saved a life of someone who needed medical attention. Your reactions would be very different if this was one of your family members of loved ones. Jeese thank you for saving Sophie as she is very lucky and thankful for you looking over her that day. Jesse you are beyond appreciated for what you did on this day and everyother day. Thank you!

  5. Kathryn says:

    I agree with DeAnn, this isn’t about looks, diving, or wading into the water. It is about a trooper saving the life of someone that was unconcious and sinking fast! Thank You Trooper Grabow for being in the right place, right time, and doing the right thing! You are a HERO!

    1. See BS says:

      I don’t agree with DeAnn — a Damsel in distress , is a classic theme in world literature, art, and film.

  6. Breann says:

    I agree with both Kathryn and DeAnn….he was in the right place at the right time and we are all lucky to have him as a trooper…he is a HERO! We are all so grateful that Sophie is with us today and that Jesse was there.

  7. Donna says:

    Kathryn, DeAnn and Breann…I agree with you. The other comments were simply juvenile and uncalled for. They defiitely wouldn’t talk like this if it was someone they knew or loved. Trooper Grabow was a HERO and we’re all lucky to have someone like him here to help us out. I’m sure Sophie and her family are thankful for him too.

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