WASHINGTON (AP) — Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann and Texas Gov. Rick Perry are clashing over whether the United States should continue to provide more than $1 billion in aid to Pakistan.

Perry says that Pakistan has shown “time after time” that it cannot be trusted and that he would not send the country “one penny — period.”

Bachmann says Perry’s approach is “naive,” arguing that the U.S. needs to have a presence in the region to protect its national security. She called Pakistan a “violent, unstable nation” with more than a dozen nuclear sites that could be penetrated.

The Obama administration has said the U.S. relationship with Islamabad is vital to the nation’s national security and has urged Pakistan to crack down on the Taliban-linked Haqqani network.

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  1. Richard in Minneapolis says:

    OMIGOD!! Bachmann and Obama actually agree on something!

    1. frozenrunner says:

      Could this be a start to where politicians from across the aisles start working together to build consensus,. Can they listen to each other and build on the strengths of their ideas to form a better plan? Partisanship falls by the wayside to build a better union? One can have hope for change.

      1. Reality sucks says:

        It’s funny. Everything I read about this disfunctional family we call Congress—is celebrating the polarization. The hard decisions that need to be made are so delicate in balance that doing nothing is the practical and safe option. Without raising taxes on the elite earners and allowing the Bush tax cuts to expire (republican no-no) you can’t make the adequate adjustments in the other biggies, medicare and social security reform (a democrat no-no). My favorite under the radar story that no one seems to want to acknowledge is the fact that the “balanced budget amendment” bill didn’t get the votes last week. It got 261 of the 290 votes needed. Ha! That thing would have tanked the economy without a plan for jobs in the situation we are in. Turns out that all this political theater and polorization is saving our A@%

  2. Jerry Frey says:

    Face the facts – wise up, wake up – there’s no leadership in this country because there is no politician who will risk the wrath of senior voters by telling them the truth.

    The choice is clear: individual hardship or collective catastrophe…

    Until the Congress confronts reality – chisel, chop, and slashes unsustainable entitlement payments along with wasteful military expenditures, there will never be any meaningful reduction in federal spending.


    1. frozenrunner says:

      The problem with your guy Napoleon’s logic is that he forgets that there is interest paid. Even with a meager average of 3% over the years his guy would not be collecting more than he paid.
      Never met a person getting an entitlement program that did not think they deserved it, Many of the entitlement programs will not go away because of the companies that profit from them. Example section 8 pays premium rent for slum property.
      Wasteful defense spending, look up defense contractor profits

  3. Just saying says:

    Bachman supports Obama’s position on Pakistan, that about says it all. She will say anything that seems to be a “conservative” idea, when in fact it’s an idea that has been around forever. Obama is right, and further informed, as he should be. Please go away with your “Con” troversial ideas Michelle.

    1. Free Country says:

      Way to show your true colors Just Saying. Bachman and Obummer agree on something. Obummer is right and informed. Bachman is controversial. That bias is exactly why Congress can’t get anything done. Even if one side agrees with the other on a solution, they won’t support it in fear of giving credit to the other side. We might as well just stay gridlocked so things can’t get worse. Or can they?

      1. Just saying says:

        Why the “obummer” comment you idiot. Congress cannot get anything done because President Obama proposes justifiable supportable reasonable things and the obstructionist congress votes everything down thinking that anything they refuse to do will be a feather in their hat. Look at the current numbers in support of the republican lead congress-lower than its ever been!!! The repugs will reap their own downfall!!

  4. Ordinary Guy says:

    Pakistan is a snake pit, I don’t pretend to know if anyone there among the meek support any of our hopes for peace, kindness, and prosperity there. But the violent oppressors run wild and free. Who knows?

    As for chop and chisel, you just can’t cheap your way to prosperity. I’ve never seen chiselers produce growth, especially on the scale that we need it. We have to level the playing field for American producers, because our society expects more than the quality of life in the developing world. We can’t underbid them on taxation or workers wages.

    Sacrifice feels like great character building, but it’s growth that counts, and it will take structural changes that neither party is ready for to do it. We lost the jobs for a reason, we must change the structure to favor Americans, not importers.

  5. Citizen says:

    The aid dollars to Pakistan are a bribe to keep Pakistan on our side.

    1. va172 says:

      Who says Pakistan is on our side! They only appear to be at times for the $$$. How can you say they are on our side when they raised all kinds of H**L when the SEALS took out OBL.

      It’s more $$$ dumped down the well. If they want to nuke their neighbors, let them. The whole world would be better off.

  6. The Truth says:

    See “Fact Check” by the AP about Bachmans/Perry’s statements. Mostly lies. Yet when they say the next thing, all Repugs will believe them. Interesting?

    Fox News is the biggest violator!!

  7. We'll be OK says:

    The reason Social Security cuts are a Democratic “No-No” is the following: The actuaries under President Reagan say that the baby boom generation would creat a huge demand on the system. The congress then adjusted the contributitions to take this into account, which they did. The Republicans have since deficit spent to spend away the excess that actuaries proposed would cover these future needs. Now, it’s mostly republicans that keep refering to the shortfall. These are funds that politicians promised to the people that paid it in. Are you suggesting we undertake a Ponzi scheme to defraud the payors of these funds. Check the facts!!!

    1. Robert says:

      you must be a Perry supporter. Ponzi scheme is what Perry keeps calling Social Security. You are ‘blinded by the right”

  8. we'll be OK says:

    I am certainly not a Perry supporter, nor does he have a monopoly on the word “Ponzi”. I believe its a word in the general lexicon. The comment was in the form of a question, I believe.

  9. where's the match? says:

    Perry-Bachmann-Gingrich……hell, if this is the direction one is supporting we may as well light the in-house fuse today and start the US demo now.
    cyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa it was a fun ride when it happened.