MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — The Minnesota State Lottery is taking ticket sales online in hopes of boosting play among a wired younger generation who may not be interested in traditional paper tickets.

The lottery has offered tickets online for nearly a year, but the launch was kept so quiet that some gambling critics in the Legislature say they were taken by surprise.

Minnesota Lottery Acting Director Jenny Canfield tells The Associated Press that lottery officials notified then-Gov. Tim Pawlenty and top legislative leaders about their plans at the time. She says Internet subscriptions are less than 1 percent of the lottery’s total sales.

New York, New Hampshire, North Dakota and Virginia offer similar online sales, and industry officials say most states with lotteries are giving the idea serious consideration.

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Comments (6)
  1. Loser says:

    Why don’t they increase the odds of winning? Even if I could buy them from my mailman, what good is it if it’s impossible to win?

    Minnesota has had record sales the past year, but why don’t we have record winners?

    1. Matt says:

      its not impossible to win. don’t play if you don’t like the odds. this isn’t the 4th grade you don’t get a ribbon for trying

      1. Ha Ha Ha says:

        His name says it all ‘Loser’, he must be part of the ‘entitlement’ generation.

        Sure they could increase the chances of winning, but then the prizes would go down substantially. They intentionally did the opposite because they found higher jackpots yielded higher sales.

        I hate people that complain about the lottery, it’s optional. But I hate people more, that complain that it isn’t easier for them to win. You my friend are a loser. You get a ribbon.

  2. Ralph says:

    The government is a leech sucking money away from the citizens.

  3. G Dog says:


    Don’t drive on the roads. Damn government doesn’t do anything for you. In fact, boycott the government roads and walk to work, grocery store and etc. Be an individual, don’t rely on government.

    Meanwhile, BMWs, Mercedes and Lexus vehicle owners can laugh at fools like you who pay taxes for them so they can commute from Minnetonka to their corner offices in downtown Mpls.