MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — As we get ready for that big Thanksgiving meal, many are getting ready for some intense shopping.

Deal fanatics may comb through ad after ad to see who has the best deal on what, but apps are proving to be an easy way to compare.

Just go to your app marketplace and search ‘Black Friday’ or click here for CNN’s must-have Black Friday apps.

Several retailers like Amazon have had specials every day this week leading up to the big day.

If you haven’t done this already you’ll find a lot of Black Friday ads online — some may have popped up in your inbox.

Target, Best Buy, and Wal-Mart are all offering big deals on flat screen HDTV’s and Blu-Ray players. Sears and Kohl’s have great sales on winter gear, coats for kids and boots.

With many stores opening up earlier this year, some shoppers are gearing up to stand in line.

For Melissa Latham and her mom Karen Latham, Black Friday shopping is a tradition, but this year they have no plans to cut their family night short to stand in line.

“It’s not going to affect our plans because we’re not going to do it. Our family time is more important,” Karen Latham from Minneapolis.

“I can’t imagine leaving dinner early to get in line. I can see where the benefits come in getting the deals, but that’s family time. To me it ruins the holiday,” said Melissa Latham.

For those that do want to brave the lines here are some electronic deals:

Blu-Ray Players

Walmart LG Blu-Ray Player $49
Best Buy Toshiba Blu-Ray Player $39.99


Best Buy – Sharp 42″ 1080 LCD HDTV 199.99 (normally $800)
Dynex 24″ LCD HDTV $79.99 ($229.99)
Target – Westinghouse 46″ 1080p LCD HDTV $298.00 ($549.99)
Samsung 32″ 720p HDTV $277.99 ($349.99)

Target and Best Buy are offering a free gift card if you buy an iPod Touch. At Target you get $40 and at Best Buy you get a $50 card.

Best Buy is also offering $45 off the iPad 2, but there are only five available at each store.

  1. TWeber says:

    Pamida has a 46″ RCA LCD HDTV 1080p for $464 – Friday only.