MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The University of Minnesota said it is looking to accept fewer transfer students, a plan that’s not going over well with the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities.

According to the Pioneer Press, the U of M wants to trim transfers by eight percent over the next few years.

That breaks down to about 300 students.

The school said it will eliminate some volatility in transfer numbers that makes it hard to properly dispense resources.

But MnSCU officials said the plan hurts under-represented students and limits the state’s commitment to improve access to four-year degrees.

Comments (7)
  1. College Student says:

    stupidest thing I have ever heard of

  2. maxey says:

    The U simply wants to upgrade its student body a tad.

    1. Mark says:

      I think you mean upgrade it’s income…”No sorry kids, we don’t want people knocking out the first two years at a community college to save money, we’d rather charge you double for a bunch of generic courses and force you to live on campus those years.”

      1. maxey says:

        Not about income at all. The U turns away many more applicants than it accepts. It’s full. It just wants a better student pool. Hard to blame them.

        1. come on... says:

          Uh huh, ’cause we all know that every Freshman that is admitted to the U turns into an academic all star far superior to any community college student.

  3. I'm Just Sayin says:

    if the U of M is so elite, take away their state money and let them go private. Then they can do whatever they want.

    1. Swamp Rat says:

      To: Just Sayin’
      Right On! The University needs a reality check. It’s a public state supported Land Grant university and should be “teaching” the future generation of Minnesotans. The UofM needs to scale back its ersatz snobbish elitism to educate and prepare Minnesota and its citizens for the future that is before us all.

      For years, the UofM has had transfer policies that were highly selective and rather elitist. Even with applicable state laws in place the University makes transferring to it a challenge not only with academic regulations but with inane credit transfer policies. For example, a student at Century College or Metro State takes [Freshman] CollegeMathematics101 as part of the state’s required ‘core’ course curriculum. This same student then finishes ALL the required core courses and wants to transfer to the UofM.

      Now comes the hold-up the UofM had revised its core curriculum standards so that Math101 becomes a remedial course lacking full credit. Now, Math302 has to be taken. The U says no exceptions! Now our transfer applicant has to take another this new Math302 course when its offered and time becomes lost until then.

      To add injury to insult, many adults, including veterans, returning back into academia for further education find their their past post secondary education credits get the devaluing slice-&-dice treatment to their past accredited work.

      Funny thing is that other major state schools like Metro State have hardly any major or even minor problems with the transferring process with any school except for the UofM. What gives? Now the U wants to trim the transfer students even further?

      Maybe you have to play major collegiate athletics to have no transfer issues with the University of Minnesota! How’s that for taxpayer subsidize education?