ST. PAUL (WCCO) — Gov. Mark Dayton is taking a stand against bullying by unveiling an plan aimed at stopping it in Minnesota.

Dayton is expected to announce the executive order at 2:30 Tuesday afternoon.

Minnesota Public Radio reports that two sources familiar with the project said the executive order will create a task force.

The task force will be in charge of coming up with recommendations on what the state can do to prevent bullying.

Currently, Minnesota law only requires districts to have a bullying prevention policy, but provides little guidance.

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  1. Darren says:

    Great another government run group, more money from the taxpayers to hire more government workers!!

    1. Tracy says:

      Yeah too bad Zellers, Koch, and the whole band of GOP clowns thought it wise to steal money from public schools and tilt their budget in favor of the richest 1% of the state. With the money that was stolen from them, the public schools would probably have been able to fight this fight on their own without a government program. Be careful what you wish for in the future, Darren. But I hope you’re enjoying the budget plan your GOP’ers shoved down our throats now!

      1. Wake Up says:

        That seems to be the answer to all our problems – just throw more money at it and that will fix everything – Wrong answer. We need to start making children and there parents accountable for there actions and responsible for there choices, until this happens I don’t see how more money will fix a broken system of unresponsible people. There are already laws on the books for bullying but they aren’t being enforced. How about we work with what we already have and make it better instead of wasting more money on a system that has failed over and over. If I were to fail at my job – i would be fired not given a raise like the administrators and some teachers.

        1. Tom says:

          @ Wake Up

          You are correct about the children and their parents, but it does involve the schools as well. The children who are being told by their parents that is ok to pick on someone who doesn’t look or act or believe in things the same way they do. And yes you have faculity at schools who choose to sit there with their thumb up their ass and do nothing.

          Yet on the other hand if kids were being picked on for being social conseratives then you know these same people would have been standing at attn just like they have done in cases recently.

          1. GG says:

            Really.. faculty sitting around and doing nothing? You need education, and you will see the true source of bullies.

      2. I'm Just Sayin' says:

        Tracy, All politicians did this, not just the republicans. You seem to forget that the democrats passed the last budget over a veto by the then governor Pawlenty that created a 5 billion dollar shortfall. For years both sides of the isle failed ot provide for roads and we had a bridge collapse. It happened while a republican was in office, but we had a completely house and senate controlled by the democrats (for the past 32 years that is). So if you want to blame anyone for a shortage of tax money goign to education, please talk to the democrats that have written all the bills for the past 32 years.

  2. Adam says:

    Learning to deal with bullies used to be just a part of growing up.

    1. jackactionhero says:

      Oh really? So schools SHOULDN’T

      1. jackactionhero says:

        …To continue…

        Schools SHOULDN’T do anything to protect kids from bullies? They should all just do what Adam did. Well, heck, too bad we didn’t all know this years ago, right??

        Briliant Adam. Simply brilliant.

    2. Get educated says:

      You obviously have not been in a public school system lately. It has become extremely bad. Many schools now have a zero tolerance rules towards violence. So instead of fights starting once name calling has started, they do nothing. They cant fight back or they too will get in trouble. Parents need to change their mentality, that bullying is okay and is just a part of growing up. NO one should ever be bullied, anywhere, at any time. It should not be apart of growing up. I think that parents and teachers need to make a change. Teach students that it is not okay, no matter what. The government should have to step into these types of situations.

  3. Kevin says:

    This guy is a moron! We are in the worst recession since the Great Depression and all this moron can come up with is this???? You have got to be kidding me!

    1. jackactionhero says:

      Give me a break. How dramatic. I make more money now than I ever have in my life. The Depression was quite a different scenario than what we are seeing today, Kevin. Not that I’m the least bit surprised that you aren’t abreast of the situation.

      1. Commonsense says:

        really jacactionhero – good for you that you are making more money than ever – so than feel free to right a big fat check to Dayton to cover this farce. All Dayton ever does is put together studies (which do nothing more than waste money that could be used on other programs) instead of putting the blame squarely where it belongs – on the parents and society’s shoulders – children aren’t born mean – it’s all learned behavior and where are they learning it from ??

        1. jackactionhero says:

          I agree with you, to a certain extent. It IS learned behavior. But if you read the article, there is a need for the panel being created, in order to set these expectations with districts, schools, teachers and students. The line in the sand needs to be enforced.

  4. Kevin says:

    Sorry jack…I was not like you in school. I was not bullied by all the straight kids. I did not grow up in need of using a name like “actionhero”……but hey…whatever works for the glitter throwers I guess…..

    1. jackactionhero says:

      That’s your insult? That you think I’m gay?

      You are so juvenile.

      I am a man, and you are a boy. That’s what we’ve learned here.

      1. Billy has a gun says:

        Ummm…what ever works jack the action hero….

        1. jackactionhero says:

          Or in this case… Whatever doesn’t?

          Kevin = Epic failure at insults

    2. Get educated says:

      You do realize that you are bullying on an anti-bullying article??

  5. biggest bullies says:

    Does this include Daytons union thugs?

  6. Shelly says:

    Wow! What a sad state this world has come to when people fling insults regarding an article like this. Sorry, but this is the same as bullying.

    1. Callina says:

      Exactly, Shelly.

      Commenting used to be about dialog. Now it’s about insults and blame.

      The difference between here and high school is that here, it’s done anonymously. High schoolers are cruel and it should be dealt with by parents AND teachers.

      Something tells me the kids are just emulating the adults around them. It would be nice if we ADULTS would fix OURSELVES first. Then the kids would have a better example.

  7. Jason D says:

    It’s easy. We all grew up with bullies and at some point discovered they are the biggest whimps in the bunch. I doubt there is an exception. Hit back and it ends. Case closed. The internet makes it more difficult to hit back but it can be done. Look at the bullies on these forums. Turn it on them or ignore them and they disappear. Don’t spend money on this problem.

    1. jackactionhero says:

      So all kids should be taught to hit people who bully them?

      Sorry, but not all kids are equipped to make the last stand, nor should we start training MMA fighters to make it through 3rd grade, Jason.

      Dealing with bullying by telling our kids to get into fights is ignorant of the entire issue. Good grief.

      1. Jason D says:

        Look, when ‘dad’ had the power he would sit you down and tell you to go toe to toe with the bully. Case closed. Now that the pendulum has swung the power over to mom; mom wants someone else to go punch the bully. Namely Mark Dayton. Wake up and see life as it is. Even your name implies you live in a protected make believe world of comic books. Not a good idea for the long run honey. The world will eventually have it’s way with you when hover moms have disappeared.

        1. jackactionhero says:

          Again, not all kids can just turn around and kick some other kid’s butt in the hall way, Jason. That isn’t how it works.

          I don’t want to have to train my 4 boys to break someone’s skull into pieces like a discarded Halloween pumpkin, Jason. That shouldn’t be their burden – to be subject to, and to dish out violence, just to make it through the school day. If I have to, I will, but why should that be their problem, when the problem is with the bully, not them?

          It has nothing to do with any power swinging over to mom, and to say so discredits the problems our society has with bullying.

          You need to get on board with reality, kiddo.

          1. jackactionhero says:

            But I have no interest in being one, so what was the point of your comment?

            What motivation did you have for the glitter and parades bit? That didn’t even make sense. You should be embarrasssed by your conduct. Honestly. For shame.

      2. "norff" side says:

        Ya…I’m surprised the conceal and carry folks haven’t jumped in with any comments. Remember Cold Spring?

  8. William R. says:

    I personally know a school cop in a Minnesota High School that told me that 80-90% of the harassment/bullying incidents have very little to do with the school. Its easy for parents to blame the school, when in reality it is occuring on the cell phone which the parents are probably paying for (service plan) or on Facebook, which again is a service the parents are more an likely funding (internet service). Start checking out what your kids are texting or typing in there bedroom at 10:30 at night instead of blaming everyone else. Parents, Its not always the coaches fault, the schools fault, the teachers fault, the cops fault, etc, etc. Maybe its your fault! We need to pass bills that make parents actually parent. You wouldn’t need this task force then!

    1. jackactionhero says:

      “We need to pass bills that make parents actually parent. You wouldn’t need this task force then!”

      Really. What do you suggest be done? Send parents to jail if there is no proof they gave the “Billy, don’t bully other kids” speech? LOL

      And trust me when I tell you that bullying is still happening, and it’s not just happening on cell phones and FB pages. I have 5 kids in 5 different grades and 5 different schools, and bullying is quite real right in the school hallways and locker rooms.

  9. pantsonfire says:

    I think Jackactionhero is a bully actually. And a female.

  10. jackactionhero says:

    So bullying really ISN’T an issue, and we should forget about it and teach our kids to knuckle up instead?

    Do you HAVE any kids?

  11. b says:

    bullying toughen kids people now days are so far fetched from reality its pathetic lets go back to the olden days parents who kids are bullied are the ones for it let your kids grow some balls american kids are going to be so weak just like guys who wear a suit and tie they are to much of a puss to work real jobs come on america

    1. jackactionhero says:

      So you don’t have any kids is what you’re saying… Because you are as clueless and ignorant as they come.

      How did you even find your way here? Seriously.

  12. desert eagle .50 says:


    I hope your kids get to meet their father someday.

    1. jackactionhero says:

      Will you please explain your comment?

      Are my comments that upsetting to you that you can’t resist spending your personal time insulting me? Seriously? I find that flattering and pathetic all at the same time.

      1. desert eagle .50 says:

        My comment is only 10 words. If you had better than an arms length relationship with English your feeble mind would be able to grasp it. You and your comments don’t upset me in the slightest. Paraphrasing Shakespeare (look it up) You’re just a poor player who struts and frets his hour upon the stage, soon to be heard no more.

        IOW you’re just a penny-ante troll who likes to see his garbage on screen. Oh, and it’s OK for you to insult everyone else??

        Retromingent moron that you are.

  13. Popcornman says:

    I believe that today’s society has finally slipped down that slippery slope to oblivion. Parents who allow their children to become victims or perpertrators and just rely on the government to handle it is giving up instead of facing the problem head on. Do my children have unlimited access to the internet. No. Does my oldest keep her phone after 8pm at night in her room. No. Why because allowing children to have such access when you are not there is begging for this to happen. Ignore the whining “everybody else does” grow a pair yourself and become the parent not the friend. Teach you children that strife is everywhere and you have to learn from it. You learn more from adversity and failure then you do from feel good programs. Show them that their self worth is not what others think but by doing what is right. Hug them when they fail and encourage them to try again. Turn off the electronics and actually talk to your kids. Give them the tools to know what to do and keep being involved. Bullies come from homes where the parents give them things without consequences so again be a parent not a friend.