MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A man was shot near Interstate 94 and West Broadway in north Minneapolis Wednesday afternoon.

Police say they don’t have many details except that the victim was transported to North Memorial hospital. Sgt. William Palmer of the Minneapolis Police Department said later the victim is in grave condition.

There are no arrests in this incident.

We are sending crews to the scene and will have updates as soon as they are available.

Comments (17)
  1. bobby says:

    That was my thought exactly kevin….A shooting in North? I am SHOCKED!

  2. Jason Hanson says:

    at least we have jobs to call in sick to!

  3. Ferris Lind says:

    don’t think to hard you might hurt yourself

  4. Someone who actually uses the two sence God gave me. says:

    That would have to be the most ignorant thing I have herd in a long time. Someone got shot….again. I hate to see such a beautiful neighborhood go to waste because of ignorance. How bout you put your Daddy’s 9 back under his mattress get your as* to class and maybe just maybe you will make something of yourself.

  5. Evil2Hope says:

    The is the clear indication of the physical and sexual abuse that occurs daily within this community. But it’s not comfortable for the people in this area to actually hold each other accountable until they start shooting each other.

  6. Murph says:

    This is how many days in a row for Murderapolis? Save yourselves, move to Wisconsin and smell our derriaires!

  7. Dee says:

    If it were more parents attending to there children and more people who were really about the community and not there clothing and hair alot of this would not happen. I grew up in this community and when i grew up everybody looked out for each other and cared about the community. All those making comments dont really care about the community or the children just self motivated comments,

  8. dee says:

    Also to those making comments some of us who live in north minneapolis have jobs raise our kids to go to college and pray for the best if this was upper suburbia would your comments be the same????>

  9. Patricia says:

    Young Man

    Young man with your pants hanging low,
    I know you been labeled so & so,
    But I know you’re loved by someone, because when I see you I see my son.
    When I see you passing by, I say a prayer & send it high,
    Father protect that young son from the danger of the streets,
    Give him knowledge & wisdom and help him pull up his pants for me,
    I know your loved by someone when I see you walking by, because when I see you I see my son and it brings a tear to my eye,
    I see the young man walking down the street,
    Pants hung so low almost to his feet,
    I can’t understand the reasoning of this new fad,
    I wish they wouldn’t do it because it looks real bad,
    His shirt’s to big his pants to long, wait a minute is that my son,?
    I saw another young man the same day, funny how he was dressed the same way,
    Maybe that’s my son, from a distance I could not tell,
    But he’s somebody’s son,
    His parents love him just as well,
    When I see that young man walking down the street,
    I’m afraid to go over & speak,
    Young man, while you run this race, its sometimes hard to keep up the pace, it’s hard to see beyond your stern face-
    The love you keep hidden down inside,
    Because you got to play the role to survive,
    Young man on the go-I know you been labeled so & so
    I see you young man going by-I say a prayer, and send it high, God’s holy protection as you go through,
    Keep you safe from the trap that’s been set for you,
    Be wise young man in all you do & know that somebody is praying for you,
    Love: Nana
    By: Patricia
    Dedicated to my son’s & grandsons

    1. White & Proud w/ a career says:

      What a corny,stupid,lame,whack,hilarious,worthless string of words!! Are those your HipHop lyrics to shoot people by?

      1. Faith4life says:

        your right why dont we all just keep hating eachother like you so ignorantly are and our society is inclined to do… our sociological grandiose disorder were all better than, worth more than the brother next to us… hope, faith, love is not worthless but what man lives by day in and day out, heaven forbid one humble themselves and realize these things… the life that were born with, that we grow to reject… Love

  10. fred says:

    leave the thinking for somebody with a brain. you must have thought yourself into a corner. on the plus side……no brain, no headache.

  11. Patricia says:

    Wheres ouir heart, just tring to care about somebody that i dont know, i cant help, but the least i can do is care, it hurts so much to hear such sadness, i just pray and care, that all not tring to hurt nobody, i’m sorry i wasted your time with this poem, have a great day.

    1. Evil2Hope says:

      This poem is a perfect example of the problem. You can’t only pray and expect things to work out right. Neither just saying you will do the right thing when it comes to children. It’s the ACTIONS that this community perpetrates on each other that perpetuates the abuse that the children have to endure; sexual, physical, and emotional abuse. Is it a wonder that these kids run around downtown Minneapolis with no respect to others with hatred in their eyes for what they were cheated out of by their parents lack caring.

    2. Faith4life says:

      I thought it was beautiful, least your attempting to love, attempting to care when theres many that alloofly can say, “o thats all your doin?” “thats not helpin nothing” lies sister…sometimes knowing someone loves you changes your entire world, its when you percieve this world cold’n heartless you become what you perceive, what you put up in your head.., I used to be a street kid and someone just “prayed” for me, Im an officer now, so keep prayin, and tellen them street kids “hey Im prayin for you” theyll laugh and gawk, but their hearts are listenin

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