MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Vikings owner Zygi Wilf may still be looking for a new home for the Vikings but the real estate developer and his wife just landed a new residence in New York, according to reports.

The Wilfs recently purchased a new apartment in the Big Apple, with a pricetag of $19 million.

According to the listing, the four bedroom, four and a half bath apartment was originally listed at $24.5 million in 2009 by Irving and Judith Shafran. The apartment spans an entire floor of the prestigious 778 Park in New York.

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  1. just sayin says:

    What a waste of money.

    I guess if you have it – then whatever makes you happy man…

    New York already has 3 teams… could you imagine? New York Vikings… lol

  2. Richard in Minneapolis says:

    The week that you are trying to finagle millions out of the state legislature is absolutely the wrong time to announce you bought a condo for $19 million.

    Is this guy THAT out of touch with reality?

  3. Rubin says:

    19 Million is a lot of money for an apartment. I hope he hasn’t over extended himself financially. I know it can be hard sometimes to stick to that darn budget plan.

  4. Brent says:

    I would have to agree with Richard, not the best timing, not saying we have a right to see how he spends his money, but as the old saying goes “there’s a time and a place for everything” and this was not the right time in my opinion…

  5. Biff says:

    I have to agree with Rubin on this one. Sometimes when you make a purchase as substantial as that, it can actually hurt your credit rating.

  6. Help Zygi pay for his new crib; sign up here, goobers. says:

    We’d better hurry up and build him a new stadium so he can cash in on all of us Minnesota goobers before he has to make the first mortgage payment on his new crib in New York. We sure don’t want him to be strapped for cash, do we?

    Gosh, I hope I’ll have enough money left from my paycheck this week to buy my purple face paint. But, yuk, yuk, I’ll still have enough money to buy lots of beer for the tailgate party I’m a’goin’ to.

    Hurry up oh great leader Dayton and you brilliant legislators, give Zygi all of our money before we have to deal with that nagging little item called a budget deficit.

  7. rocky says:

    I quess he is smarter than all of U, does he not have millions and U don’t….Think agout it…….

    1. Brian says:

      The presence of wealth doesn’t correlate to intelligence. All you’ve got to do is find the dumbest people and find a legal way to scam them blind. He’s at it again here in MN…trying to pull the wool over our eyes so we build him a new stadium. All the while, he’s dangling this team in our faces and threatening to move them. Zygi, take your no-talent, wife-beating football team and go. New York would love to have you, I’m sure.

  8. With his charisma Zygi should run for president. says:

    Wilf is setting an example for his players – we don’t give money to Minnesota, we take money from Minnesota. Don’t spend your money in Minnesota, spread it around the rest of the country instead; this isn’t a two way street you know.

    What idiots we are. Just sit back now and watch Dayton, Rybak, the legislature, and that glorious Ramsey County Board light a fire to hand Zygi the key to the state treasury so he can build his Zygi Kingdom of Minnesota.


  9. kscarface13 says:

    Don’t know why people are complaining about how their having to pay for the team. Where does your tax money really go? I can’t say much for the lot of you but at least when I pay some taxes I would like to get something visible and accessible out of them. Sure you can say the roads, schools, hospitals, blah, blah, etc, etc but how many roads out there are perfect? How many geniuses are walking out of those schools? How many Minnesota hospitals have cured cancer? Exactly, now how many games have the Vikings played in Minnesota this year? The same amount they did last year, and the year before that, and before that, and before that. They’re a consistent bringer of visitors, revenue and the players give back to the community. Much more than the roads do around my neighborhood anyways.

    1. Mike86 says:

      Scarface here is right. Plus who is going to notice an extra three or four cents at the end of the day? Hlaf a cent raise? If you dont have half a cent to spare than you should probably get a new career.

    2. james says:

      Hmmm, a billion dollars for 8 games a year… interesting.

      1. kscarface13 says:

        A billion? You must mean less than $300 million, because that’s all the state is asked to pay, Zygi has pledged $465 million himself. How many people are there in Minnesota? 5.3 million? Less than a dollar a person could cover the cost of a portion of a top of the line stadium. Selfish people jump up and say they have to cover the entire cost themselves. Big picture says you’d be paying for one inch by inch square of the entire facility. A facility that would generate an insane amount of jobs year round, and bring another Super Bowl that averages out at $9 billion dollars of net revenue for the city/state holding the event. Use your brain, don’t be a scroog.

        1. kscarface13 says:

          And its 10 games a year, 2 preseason, 8 regular season. All subject to change in the event of a playoff run

          1. huh says:

            bullchit and bullchit but even you know that 😉

        2. They know not what they say ... says:

          Oh dear Lord … I think you’re the person who put the “g” in goober. Maybe even the rest of the letters.

          God save the king.

        3. yeah scarface says:

          Hot damn you = plum dumb and stupid.
          Do you have a GD clue as to how much the factual cost if – take $670M give or take another $100M either way and toss on just the interest cost alone
          Wait – you said $9B net off a Super Bowl —- what Kool Aid you drinking dude. Share it with everyone in the state and we’ll likely give you 100 stadiums. LMFAO
          I see why ya a scarface…you so dumb and blind you must walk in front of cars daily. unreal how truly stupid people can truly be …………

          1. kscarface13 says:

            That is my fault on the $9 billion net revenue per state, I was thinking big picture. Thanks for bringing that back up. But its still profitable, hosting the a Super Bowl would pay for the stadium itself however

        4. AP says:

          The stadium in Arden Hills would cost close to 1.4B. With Zygi’s 400M (half of which actually comes from the NFL) that leaves Minnesota taxpayers on the hook for roughly a BILLION dollars.

          There is no way in hell we should be paying that much for a football stadium.

      2. sad state at that says:

        ain’t that the truth ….. proof positive MN has more idiots than WI – IA – SD – ND -NE – MT – …… and the others combined.
        GD MN IDIOTS – the NFL loves all you stooges !
        cheers to the MN drunks

        1. kscarface13 says:

          Are you people serious? Get an education for goodness sakes, some common sense actually. Losing a professional sports franchise is financially damning to a city

          1. lol says:

            damn us then and do it today plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
            cya ….. turn out the lights on the way out too

          2. Well, you are entertaining, I'll give you that. says:

            If we pay for a monkey brain transplant for you, do you think you can handle being 10 times smarter than you are now?

            I have to admit, you had me laughing so hard I wet my pants!

            1. Mike86 says:

              How is ripping someone for sharing a different point of view than you give you any positive backing? The guy might not be spot on with all of his numbers but at the end of the day the point is, “Would any of us really notice the difference at the end of the day?” And I don’t think we would, a tax hike isn’t even an option anymore I don’t think. But Vikings here are good for business.

              1. and another one says:

                Oh, please, stop. The Vikings here are good for business? Now I wet my pants.

                1. Guy says:

                  Sure they are good for buisness – defense lawyers; prosecutors, jail guards, hospital workers (for the beaten up wives/gf), prostitutes, vendors of “official-whizzinators” … have I forgotten anyone?

                  Oh – I forgot the guys who sell purple face paint …

              2. Callina says:

                Thank you, Mike86. At least SOMEBODY can have a civil conversation without resorting to name-calling.

                Honestly, I read these comments hoping for different viewpoints to get a well-rounded view of things.

                Instead, I read slams, insults, and childish name-calling. Do you people really feel good about yourselves when you do this? Is this the example you give your children?

                Scary thought, huh?

  10. Matters in some ways says:

    It is none of my business what he buys in NY and I don’t care a bit……….
    that stated – I do care and will continue to fight this stinking stadium issue.
    He has the means to get it done
    The NFL has the means to damn near buy MN
    I do NOT intend to buy either of these 2 a fricken thing. And for any politician who back this — you will be done.

  11. Mike says:

    I can’t wait until the legislature approves funding for a stadium, because is inevitable. those with an ounce of education (legislators) understand the economical importance of major sports franchises.

    Police should be on stand by on all bridges watching for those 99%ers ready to jump because they had to help another wealthy person….

  12. Kevin says:

    Why arent the occupy mn wussies marching around the stadium in protest of this 1%er trying to beat down the state to build his million dollar arse a stadium? Oh yeah….they are too busy protesting at a Bachman book signing……interesting little stinky people……..not very bright…..but interesting…..

  13. PJO says:

    he can’t put his fair share into buying a new stadium but he can buy an over priced apartment in a snooty apartment building. what a arrogant self absorbed jerk.

  14. Pennie says:

    who cares he’s an ass

  15. showtime says:

    just popped some more popcorn and dimmed the lights….keep it a comin’ you stadiumheads. I need the laughs and admire your loyalty while also I ‘fess to being amazed at your stupidity.
    Let’s go now …….. crank her up

  16. David says:

    Think about how much money you actually would have to have in your account to spend “only” 19million on an apt that was listed at 24.5 because it was a good deal. Go head guys take a few secs to enjoy that type of cash in your head.

  17. Jake says:

    OMG. And he can’t afford to build his new stadium on his own?? Even with an NFL payment. like the $150 MILLION that Dallas got for their new stadium from the NFL?? Didn’t Favre bring in HUGE TV revenues, jersey sales and soldout games? Didn’t the NFL profit from THAT? I know that the Pohlads are BAD, but this buy is unbelievable. Think LONG TERM. We don’t need the Vikings THAT BAD, it’s only the MEDIA, like SKID ROW HARTMANN, who wants to keep them here, because he wouldn’t know what to do with himself if they left. He would probably die of a HEART ATTACK, and that wouldn’t be a day TOO SOON.

  18. It's just money says:

    Let’s just build him a stadium. It’s obvious he can’t afford one himself.

  19. Jake says:

    Why aren’t the ‘occupy’ people protesting at Winter Park?? Too cold there??
    Note to the protestors: If you PROTEST the Vikings, you just might start to gain my support, but I doubt that the Wilf’s will allow you to protest for long, they will probably have SWAT Teams there in a NY minute, ready to deal with you in a very straightforward way. But that’s how you ‘occupiers’ work…. go with the path of LEAST RESISTANCE, just like most of the SLACKERS who I have met over the past DECADE. Cowards……TOTAL cowards.

  20. Bob says:

    If he has 19 millon to pay for a small aprtment in NY then he should be able to come up with more money for “his” stadium. Should have put that money on top of what he was offering to pay already. Not on my dime will they build a new stadium. There are plenty of states right here in the mid-west that don’t have a pro team besides us. Iowa, they could build it right on the border right by Diamond Jo’s. Nice highway and wide open spaces.

  21. dphilips says:

    Most of you rubes would never know the difference if the Vikings leave,as long as tou have your pickups, your guns and your case of beer you”re in hillbilly heaven

  22. B.Larson says:

    Vikings can build their own stadium… that would be fair… they only play a few games a year at home… why do they need such a huge building to throw around a
    ball… whats it used for the rest of the year…. If they move its ok we don’t need you anyway…. better off being a Packer fan….they win games…

  23. Pharme316 says:

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