MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The Postal Service is broke and on Monday, they’ll unveil a temporary fix, which means your cards and letters are going to show up later.

The Postal Service is going to slow down delivery, so you’ll never stamp a letter in Maple Grove and have it show up in Eden Prairie the next day.

The USPS is trying to slice $3 billion from its budget and they’ll be closing hundreds of processing centers.

Slower delivery could be a big deal for people who get mail-order prescription drugs, or time-sensitive weekly magazines.

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  1. Kevin says:

    And the difference is??????

  2. James Clark says:

    I worked for the postal service for 14 years, and never once was it necasary for me to ever work overtime, however management decideit to have me work overtime. We had 5 to 6 supervisors every shift at the genaral mail facility. They bought a $12 million dollar tray management system that know manager knew how it should work. I worked as mail proccer, general expiditer, window clerk, and manuel distribution. We had way to many supervisors and most had any knowledge of how to move mail they it should be moved. They only cared about the number of letters they got in and not how to corretly process the mail. I saw managers that had high volume custermers run them away because they would not get them the materials to move thier mail. Managers did not stay on top of the mail flow so a lot of clerks on the overtime desired list created there own overtime. Why does’nt the postal service start by cutting dead beat managers and listen a little bit to the clerks. There has never been a need for Saturday mail delivery. Letter carriers just want to keep it so they can get the overtime. It is a shame that post master doesn’t look at the real problems he has withi his managers.

    1. P says:

      Uh, maybe it’s because you can’t spell worth a darn, and your grammar stinks?

      1. jackactionhero says:

        A valid point has been made, and your reading is so poor you didn’t even find it. Way to go, Einstein.

  3. Janice Nelson says:

    I don’t understand this. I spend much more now at the post office than I ever did.

  4. Pat says:

    Many of the responses I read to the demise of the post office carry the “who cares” message underlying their text. It is as if the writers think that the end of this valued public service is a good thing; a money saver; a wave of a new and better future.

    It is not. The post service is a government agency and one of the few entities that has tied this country together since its inception. It provides a rare, honest reliable service to all of us no matter our status or the place we choose to live. It functions to allow us to have privileged communication without the worry of cost or loss of covenience. It is worth paying for.

    Yet our Congress is going to allow it to fail. Go figure. Do you suppose that the cost of home and mail delivery will continue to be cheap once the post office is brought to its kneees? Do you think that its competitors will continue to offer inexpensive delivery to rural and outlying areas when its gone?
    who do you suppose will pick up the slack? How will you send a certified letter? Who will uncontitionally guarantee delivery?

    Like every other cut the government has made these past few years, the poor, aged and unconnected will suffer for this stupid failure of our Federal government. Part of being America will be gone once the postal service is gutted.

    Stupid! Short sighted! Foolish beyond belief!

    1. Sue J says:

      Ever go to the post office and be treated like your just a number? I have, they need to learn that they need us more than we need them! Customer service is almost not there when I go in. Taking breaks at peak times? Standing in a line of 15 with only one counter worker who needs to step up! UPS and Fedex will easily fill those shoes

      1. Umm no says:

        No way Sue J. UPS and FedEx don’t want it. They just want the packages which are the easy part.

      2. Interesting says:

        I have occasion to go to three different POs several times a month, and I’d say 99% of the time the clerks are efficient, helpful and friendly.

        Suppose it’s just like any other job where you’re working the counter.

        Then again, considering the way some customers treat ’em, I’d guess their attitude MAY be influenced by the customer’s attitude.

    2. Mark says:

      Why would the taxpayers keep throwing money into something that will fail? Why does my Mailman take the time to put a note in my mailbox telling me there is no room to get to it? Why are we paying these clowns $20.00 an hour to stand at a counter? The Unions have been ruining the Post Office for about 35 years.

      1. Bob says:

        AMEN!!!!! I worked as a carrier for the PO for 3 years and had to get out of there. Let me preface this next statement-I do not believe all postal workers, carrier in particularly, are lazy….however, the Postal unions have becoe a crutch for LAZY PEOPLE!!! The unions set a minimum standard and that’s what the employees do…the absolute minnimum!. There is no incentive to step it up to get the job done, and Postal management is just as much at fault as the employees. The whole organization needs to go. They have run themselves into the ground!

      2. Ummmm says:

        Dude: the Post Office is self-funded. As in it is funded entirely out of postage revenue. It receives no tax dollars.

        But hey; why let the facts get in the way of your opinion.

  5. Pat says:

    Why wouldn’t we, Mark? Look at the stupidity we fund overseas. You tell me why we invaded Iraq, killing thousands of our own young people, and wasting trillions of our resources, and I will tell you again why we need the postal service!

    oh, and drop the anti-union rant. It shows your stripes too clearly. Why would I not want a fellow citizen to make a decent wage for the work they do?

    1. Mark says:

      Pat, I agree with you 100% on the money we are spending overseas, and the death of our young Americans.
      Yes I am anti Union, very much so, $20.00 an hour to stand behind a counter, get real. That $20.00 should really be posted at $30.00 if you add in Healthcare and retirement. Waste of labor costs!! The labor cost is bringing the Post Office down.
      So tell me why we need these Postal workers?

      1. Citizen says:

        @Mark. Almost every community from tiny to supercity has a post office. The USPS provides well-paid jobs to a community which in turn provides consumer spending for main street, USA. $20 an hour is nothing pay these days. Federal benefits are not all that great, and you would know this if you ever worked as a federal employee like I did. A federal employee pays as much if not more for health insurance coverage than many private sector employees, and federal employees have only in the past few years had access to vision and dental coverage–that was a piecemeal, sporadic benefit depending on the agency. Ever since the post office was semi-privatized, it has been a losing proposition. It is one of the inherently government functions like the military that has no business being “private.” Right now, the cheapest shipping around for packages is USPS. If USPS is gone, how long will it be before the lack of competition has FedEx, UPS, and DHL raising their rates? They sure don’t want to bother with daily mail delivery because it is too labor intensive. Besides all those carriers are union, also. No solutions there for your anti-union rant, Mark.

        1. Bob says:

          I am a federal employee and former Post Office employee…..Postal benefits are far better than any other federal agency. I will agree that the USPS iemploys alot of people, however, the unions are destroying it. I am not entirely anti-union, but I have seen first hand the abuse that happens in the post office. Minnimum work for maximum pay…bottom line! I was making almost $60K a year with all of the overtime I HAD to work because I was a PTF and the regular carriers would only do the minnimum. Working at the post office is a daunting job at times…I’ll completely admit that. However, there are many other daunting jobs that don’t pay nearly as well, not do they have the benefits of postal employees. Police officers and teachers come to mind. The provate market WILL step in and correct this if the PO is allowed to go under (which it should be). Or else, go ahead, cancel Saturdays and just go ahead and charge $0.50-$1.00 per stamp and reduce you work force to get tyhings on track. Best thing would be to offer early outs for retirement. You’ll scall down the work force without raising unemployment.

          1. Citizen says:

            If you are really a federal employee, you should know that all federal employees are BANNED BY LAW from striking. Also, all the private sector carriers UPS, FedEx, DHL, are also unionized. Starting pay at UPS is about $27 an hour for the drivers and the loaders are part-time with good pay and benefits plus a career track to driver. In fact, most of the private carriers are probably better to work for with better pay and benefits than the feds.

            1. jackactionhero says:

              Except there are no starting driving positions at UPS. The drivers there worked PT as loaders for up to 5-7 years before ever even being considered for a driving position.

      2. That's RIGHT says:

        They should only be making $8.00 an hour.

        1. jackactionhero says:

          Why? Why should any job only pay $8 if it’s Full Time? You don’t want Americans to be able to support themselves on a Full Time job? Why not? Why is 18 grand per year too much to give someone for a 40 hour a week job?

  6. Pat says:

    Mark, the less we pay our workforce (public or private), and the fewer benefits we provide them, the less our country becomes. We are driving the middle class out of existence in one generation for no good reason. Greed at the tippy top is sucking up all the money. We currently support the lowest Federal tax rates since World War II, and we are fighting two wars plus a recession. Why? Low wages nations are not nations we want to replicate.

    Unions have never negotiated with an empty chair across the table. I have not heard of a postal workers strike in recent days. If you have a problem with workers wages, you have a problem with the management, not the unions.

    Not all of us can afford to live in castles, or pay private couriers.Our country will be less without a vibrant publicly run postal service. Any country worth its salt can afford one and can afford to support it.

    1. Bob says:

      The only way the postl unions can get their contracts is if they agree to a no strike clause. Been in every contract since the strike in the 70’s. Believe you me, if it wasn’t in there, they would be striking all the time because they have come to expect the best pay and benefits spoon fed to them on a silver platter. Management is just as much at fault for allowing all this to happen as well.

      1. agree with Bob says:

        Bob, I think clerks will be getting a raise next year.

  7. crazyassnuts says:

    The Post office is way too Management heavy, the cuts need to start from the top and work its way down. its the little guy that does the work!

  8. GrandmaJ says:

    HMMM, My mom said today she mailed my birthday card from 100 miles away, asked why I did not call to say I got it. Well, it is 7 days today and I still don’t have it. Sent my d-i-l tickets for the MN Zoo, took 3 weeks to get 40 miles from here. First class postage does not always work. Heard more and more of these stories like mine as of late.

    Got some friends who’s son works metro postal and the horror stories as well as ‘get off your ass’ stories. If all the biggies at the top took their fair share cut so that the ones actually doing the work got paid, I would not be as mad. It is those who say they are managers, and can’t hit the toilet when the P, I have young grandchildren who know work ethic better. Pay equity would toss moe than a few bums on their butts. This is how the postal used to work. When greed and all get in the way of any business/good job, there’s no place to go but under.
    Having more chiefs so they can have a meeting to have a meeting—-and they still get paid for doing stupid. The front line is the ones who deliver to my door and stand behind a busy postal counter trying to get things done.