MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — If you are still looking for a family-friendly gift, the all-in-one computer isn’t new but now they can do more for less.

Gateway has a line of touch-screen, all-in-one computers that cost between $499 and $899.

The computers feature a program that creates “sticky notes” that can come in handy for family members to leave notes for each other.

“We do see a lot of these go into kitchens specifically for the sticky notes app,” said Best Buy employee, Nate Hartness.

Another way to satisfy a tech-lover on your holiday gift list is with a “Smart TV” which can wirelessly connect to the Internet and comes with apps such as Facebook and Netflix.

A new line of LED TV’s from Insignia is offering these types of televisions for a lower price. The manufacturer also enlisted the help of a company, well-known for how easy its products are to use.

“Insignia teamed up with Tivo to make the interface a little more user-friendly,” said Hartness.

The Insignia Smart LED TV’s are exclusive to Best Buy. Models range in price from $399 (32-inch) to $699 (42-inch) and it is only 2-inches thick.

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