By Esme Murphy

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – A 77-year-old Minneapolis man was determined to fight off four armed robbers recently. He was so determined that he fended off the criminals with a sledgehammer.

Roger Krier was working in his garage around 5:30 p.m. recently when he was attacked. Krier said he never thought about not fighting back.

“Out of the corner of my eye I see something,” Krier said.

He turned to face four men one with a semiautomatic hand gun.

“He says to me ‘I want your money and I want it now and I got a gun,'” Krier said.

He said he knew he was going to fight.

“I grabbed this sledge but he didn’t know I grabbed it because I acted like I was going into my pocket. I slipped it over I turned it around and I knocked the gun out of his hand,” Krier said.

He said he used his combat training from 1958 to fend off the attackers. Krier said the sledge hammer hit the robber in the hand.

“The gun went in the alley and the guy hollered,” said Krier.

Krier then chased the men.

“Then I grabbed another sledge and I went out the door and they ran out the alley,” Krier said.

Minneapolis Police said the four men are suspects in another neighborhood robbery. Krier brushed aside the suggestion that he took a huge risk.

“It gives me some satisfaction that I can still get something done and do it right and surprise a person,” he said.

Krier added that he isn’t worried about the robbers coming back.

“I think they picked the wrong garage,” he said.

Authorities are still looking for the suspects in this incident. Anyone with information about the possible suspects is asked to call Minneapolis Police. Authorities said one of the suspects may have a hand injury.

Esme Murphy

Comments (28)
  1. M says:

    Then you say another neighborhood robbery. What neighborhood?

  2. mink says:

    Im going to personally deliver him one of mine.

  3. Dave says:

    When they don’t mention what part of Minneapolis a crime took place it happened in South.

  4. Great Job says:

    Great job my good man. You served your country 50 odd years ago and now you are doing it again.
    Kuddos for a great job done !

  5. nope Jake says:

    He did a mighty fine job Jake. No sense in him getting hauled in to try and explain it all. Or worse – shot.
    helluva good job dude-you got balls. Way more than most of the wimps posting here for sure 😉

  6. Yeah says:

    So no previous generations have EVAH disrespected their elders, and ‘CCO only reports race if the perps are black?

    Man, that is really stupid. Sure glad you’re not my neighbor. You would be a huge pain in the rear to live by.

    1. Whatevah. says:

      Anytime race is not mentioned the perps are non white and that’s just a fact.
      Anytime a white person is the suspect a physical desc. is given.

      1. Give me a break!! says:

        So @Whatevah, it’s just a fact ’cause you say it’s so. Sure. You bet. I get it.

        1. "Whatevah" says it all. lol says:

          LMAO – ya beat me to it. 😉

        2. no description is a description says:

          @give me a break. Give me a break.

  7. Sgt says:

    OHRAH!! way to go Roger!

  8. Proud of him up North says:

    He’s an old gentleman that kept his tools where they belonged! Close by when he needed them, and he did. It’s a good thing it happened in the garage and not his kitchen. The robbers got off lucky!
    He shouldn’t have had to defend himself in the first place!!

  9. TL says:

    I dunno…I suppose the old man’s story is plausible but something tells me theres a bit of embelleshing with his version of what really happened.

    One of my questions is, when he whipped around and supposedly swung the sledge hammer and hit his hand, did he swing around so hard that his toupee stayed in place in the front?

    Anyways, hope when they find the guy he has some sort of hand injury to substantiate the story.

    They never did mention what happened to the gun when it “flew into the alley” after he hit him.

    1. Willis Forster says:

      If they had the gun, there was DNA on it. Even if it would not be enough to get a conviction, they would know who he was later when they got him in custody for some other offense and you know there will be another police encounter, plus it might be a reported stolen weapon

  10. Matt says:

    This was on my street, a quiet section of the Northrop neighborhood with nice homes near the Minnehaha Creek. Not really a neighborhood known for confrontational crime such as this. Good for the guy! We don’t need thugs thinking there’s opportunity in our neighborhood!

  11. Great Job!! says:

    My husband was a police officer and he has said many times that if you have to use a gun to always protect yourself, you’ve lost already. This wonderful man used the best weapon he has, his brain and he won. No more needs to be said.

  12. 600xcsp says:

    What were they thinking. You don’t bring a gun to a hammer fight.

  13. mel says:

    I love when cco asks for help or any information regarding a crime, but won’t give a description of the assaliants or a general location of the crime. That is so helpful.

  14. rj says:

    He should of smacked him between the eyes with it.

  15. Kevin says:

    And the suspects description was ????? And the robbery happened where ???

  16. Jack LaLanne's brother says:

    Dang Rog, nice job with two pound maul!!! 🙂 Are you related to Jack LaLanne, ’cause you sure resemble him. Wimps around here could use a lesson or two from you…

  17. ipmutt says:

    Not much info to help identify anyone. Why not. Far too many of these types of robberies in the twin Cities. What is the matter with these kids parrents?

  18. Steve Seivert says:

    Way to go Uncle Roger!! I knew all of those spare tools would come in handy one day.

    Steve S.
    Anthem, AZ

  19. Clint Eastwood says:

    Reminds me of the movie Grand Torino. Hope there aren’t any surprises later.

  20. Related says:

    Roger, your new nickname is THOR!

  21. mr obvious says:

    I am THOR god of thunder. Feel it flow through my sledgehammer.