MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A man was tasered and arrested after assaulting a Maple Grove police officer Friday afternoon, according to police.

Just after 2 p.m. Friday, Maple Grove Police were dispatched to 7900 block of Wedgewood Lane on a customer creating a disturbance inside one of the stores and in the parking lot.

Upon arrival, police made contact with the suspect and began to lead the man into the parking lot. At that time, he became combative and assaulted a police officer. He was tasered, but began fleeing on foot.

The man was arrested after a short foot pursuit.

The police officer only suffered minor injuries and did not require hospitalization.

Comments (12)
  1. Wondering says:

    Was he out of ammo for the .45 ?
    just thinkin’ aloud and wishing he would have saved us the cost of a trial
    one and done and here comes the sun

    1. Realist says:

      I see someone is a big supporter of due process.

      1. Captain Obvious says:

        I see someone is a big supporter of the “”Liberal justice system”” you pukes have created here in MN.

      2. mark says:

        Feel free to pick up the cost of going to trial for this clown

  2. Captain Obvious says:

    Kevin isn’t a racist, he’s a realist!

    1. Kevin says:

      Right on brother…right on…..

  3. Bill Clintons Cigar says:

    Dude when it all ends these are the first pos we take out! Easy targets on and all.

  4. General Tso says:

    Hey Capt Oblivious aka Kevin…. nice posts within 4 minutes of each other.

  5. TL the alligator says:

    maybe it was one of those really little female officers who have no business being a cop who got “assaulted”….any little inadvertant contact with the cops and they’ll call it “assault” yet if the same level of “assault” happens to a civilian they blow it off or treat it like it is….nothing…..its no wonder NOBODY trusts the police…..never believe what the police say unless there is something factual to back it up as they are known liars and will say ANYTHING to support their position.

  6. mike says:

    why are most of you so prone to violence?
    with thinking like most of you, is it any wonder our world is in the shape its in?

    1. mike says:

      the bigotry and ignorance i see before me is staggering

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