MILWAUKEE (AP) — The defense team for a Milwaukee woman accused of killing a pregnant woman in October and trying to steal her unborn baby wants a fresh mental exam for their client.

The defense had entered insanity pleas on behalf of 33-year-old Annette Morales-Rodriguez.

A state doctor has concluded that Morales-Rodriguez doesn’t have a mental defect. A judge on Friday granted the defense’s request that she be given a second exam. That report will be due Jan. 27.

Defense attorney Patrick Rupich says the state’s doctor generally does only a cursory exam, whereas their expert will be more thorough. Prosecutor Mark Williams declined to comment.

The defense still plans to file two motions: one to have Morales-Rodriguez’s statements to investigators ruled inadmissible, and a second to request a change of venue.

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  1. insignificant says:

    “mental exam”…sheesh…ofcoarse …you need a test to tell?…good greif she killed a woman and took the baby from the womb…ya know they really gotta get the old gallows poles back out…life for a life

    1. Exterminate that thing says:

      Personally I’d say a guillotine would be more intriguing and interesting, and we could go for the field goal to boot!