ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Police have shot and killed a bear that wandered into a neighborhood near downtown St. Paul.

St. Paul Police Department spokesman Howie Padilla says police received at least two calls about bear sightings in the Dayton’s Bluff neighborhood just before 7:30 p.m. Saturday. He says officers shot the bear just before 8 p.m. Animal control officers took the bear’s body away.

The area is south of Interstate 94 and east of downtown near the Mississippi River.

No people were hurt.

Police don’t know how the bear got to St. Paul and haven’t received any other recent reports of bear sightings in the city.

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Comments (65)
  1. The Crux of the Biscuit says:

    Couldn’t have tranquilized it and moved it north?

    1. Bleeding Hearts says:

      You people and your ‘tranquilize everything. You’ll be the 1st to beotch up a storm when things don’t go as smooth as if you tranquilized it, and a child gets mauled. A bear, comfortable near a big city will inevitably cause a major problem. I hate how over the top liberal everyone is in this state. Over Taxed Utopia

      1. Wow says:

        Awesome comment! You must be very smart.

        1. me says:

          Notice the person didn’t say it should have been tranquilized, they asked couldn’t it have been.
          It also depends on the behaviour at the time. You might not want to wait to see what happens.
          I’m a lefty and all for saving the animal when you can. But sometimes you can’t tranq it. The dose to tranq a bear is a lot different than what you would use for a dog. Unless they could get someone from the zoo or somewhere on short
          notice to advise what kind of sedative and dose, have rapid access to a tranq gun and appropriate drug, and be confident the bear would go to sleep quickly they don’t have much of a choice..

          1. Jig Is Up says:

            So move, already, Bleeder.

    2. Mr. Public Safety says:

      I’m guessing time was more of a factor. Tranq guns aren’t just something police carry around. And animal control isn’t always available or properly equipped to handle bears. I’m sure that if a tranq gun was an option, they would have used it. Or maybe it was an option and they decided to whack the bear anyways. Either way, not a big deal. It’s just a bear. The only reason this is news is because it will send all of the lefty’s into a frenzy. Let’s get some perspective, folks.

      1. Ace says:

        It was “just” a bear. It’s no big deal. Your heart must be in your ass

        1. Mr. Public Safety says:

          Wow. That’s a real zinger. And yes, it was “just” a bear. And if you’re gonna get going on all of your left-wing “right-to-live,” “animals are people too” B.S., think about all of those innocent mosquitos you swat. Or the harmless butterflies that splatter across your windshield. Ever lose sleep over those? Maybe my heart is in my ass, but it’s better than my head.

    3. Wrong says:

      They were deciding which was more humane – a shot to the head or having Amy Senser take it out on the ramp.
      Amy was not capable of driving at the time so ….

  2. Kathy says:

    Thank goodness we have trained DNR people that respect wildlife and can relocate it. Oh wait that must be some other state. Here it can be a bear, cow or horse and they shoot it. I don’t think it is about safety Bleeding Heart, it is about Lazy.

    1. Brian says:

      Wow. Pretty short-sighted, uninformed comment. Nowhere in this article is the DNR even mentioned. Way to rank on an organization that has done more than any other to protect the state’s wildlife and natural resources. The training and/or resources you’re referring to cost money. And here in a state that’s handed over the power to the party of NO, don’t hold your breath.

      1. Kathy says:

        It is not uninformed. The DNR just shoots them. Do a google search on every single bear, or farm animal that is loose in St. Paul or Mpls. If they are called that is what they do. Since they do that, there is no point in calling them out, because officers can shoot them themselves and not wait forever for someone to get there. In other cities they try to relocate them. Not here. Search the newspaper archives. Also, your comment “they have done more than any other to protect…..” really? I don’t know. Then they need a new PR guy because all I ever see is them killing bears and livestock.

        1. Brian says:

          Thank you for further proving your ignorance. I guess if you don’t see it on TV or read about it in the papers, that means it never happens. Once again, the DNR had nothing to do with this incident, as far as the article states. Every stop and think about why you’ve never read about animals being relocated from Mpls or St. Paul? Not because it’s never happened, but because stories like that aren’t what generates ratings or sells papers. Stories like that don’t get lefty fools like yourself all hot and bothered. Therefore, whats the use publishing them.

        2. Matt says:

          I am sure they use best judgement for the location of the animal. Near Downtown St Paul would most likely be the reason for them killing the bear. too many things that could cause the bear to attack someone. I am a liberal person, I am not blinded by my views.

        3. @kathy says:

          Kathy — did ya sleep well all snuggled up in your bear skin blanket? lol

        4. Kathy says:

          Brian actually if they relocated a bear it would be big news. It would be an interesting story. But they have not done it. They do not do it. Police officers don’t have anyone to call (DNR) to relocate them. That is how they have something to do with this incident. By not doing it. Of course if a bear is endangering lives it should be shot. It doesn’t matter in these two cities because they just get shot no matter what. Tell me about one incident where a bear was relocated. JUST ONE. It doesn’t happen. If it happens all the time, you should be able to find one right? Also, I am just stating facts, no need to call names, ignorance, lefty, fools. I have just been bugged about this for years so I notice this in the news. Isn’t it DNR’s job to use their education and talent to remove animals and relocate them? Honestly, why do we have them then? Isn’t this what we are supposed to like about them? That they care about wild life? If they don’t, lets just pay hunters, if all they do is shoot them.

  3. Brett says:

    Yogi, there aren’t any pic-a-nic baskets in that neighborhood!!

  4. Barney says:

    Maybe these people who have never faced such a situation should have showed up with their SUV and a trunk full of honey, captured the bear, and transported it themselves. There, that was as intelligent a comment as theirs was!

    1. Ruble says:

      I love it. I’m sure that’s what Kathy would’ve done. then she would have pet it fiercely, so it never returned to an urban area.

      1. jackactionhero says:

        Your insult towards Kathy is unwarranted.

        She raised a valid point, and you tried to mock her and laugh at her like she’s some fool, yet you can’t seem to contradict her point with anything of substance.

        Is that how you typically operate? You hide behind insults? She was going to pet it fiercely, eh? You find that funny?

        So tell me, why wouldn’t a state with (someone said) 22,000 black bears be prepared to relocate maybe just one or two per year that found themselves in this situation? You don’t think maybe they should give that a shot, eh?

        Do you have an answer? Or is it because we want to pet bears because we’re stupid and we think they’re cartoon characters?

  5. djp says:

    Dangle a nice fat kid in front of the bear and lure it to North Minneapolis!!

  6. ipmutt says:

    Killing it is the right thing. Once it gets used to going into town for food it will keep doing that regardless of where you move it. It takes a lot of organization to arrange a relocation like that. After years of being raised on Winne the Poo, Ben and grizly Adams, a lot of folks think these things are cute pets. What they need is one parked outside their house waiting for them to come out.

  7. rj says:

    Fire up the grille.

  8. Don't lie to me says:

    This bear should have never been killed. They should have used more resources to save such a beautiful animal.

    There should be criminal charges against the officers that murdered a poor defenseless bear.

    1. Daniel Boone says:

      Beautiful? Murdered? Yikes. You ever seen a “defenseless” bear that’s been startled or cornered? Try it sometime, idiot. Better yet, have your kids try it first. We’ll wait until after the “defenseless” bear eats you before we shoot it with the rifle next time. Lefty idiot.

      1. rottdogge says:

        Agree completely. As a poster above implied, many people have never outgrown the Disney syndrome. But understand, bunny huggers and similar liberals do not think rationally, only in their fantasies. Their feelings would change a bit if they were some of the unlucky few who have been camping out in Yellowstone and watched, paralyzed in fear, as a drooling grizzly tears into their backpack….then notice that funny look on the bear’s face when it’s obvious the granola bars aren’t going to get the job done.

        On another note, wanna bet the bear they shot didn’t look much like the monster in the picture? Probably looked a little more like a hungry lab than Gentle Ben. Poor devil….shooting it is a shame, of course, but they did what they had to do.

  9. LO says:

    Hmm…maybe people should look up the article-video of ‘Bear takes ride in garbage truck’ which just happened in Vancouver, Canada a few days ago. A bear wandered into downtown Vancouver and was on top of a garbage truck. They simply tranquilized it and moved it to a nature preserve. Problem solved. So why is it that Canada saved the bears life, yet St. Paul requires it to be killed?

    1. Federal Cartridge says:

      Why waste the $ for a tranquilizer shot and the manpower to surround and babysit the bear before the tranquilizer shows up? A bulled costs $1. Problem solved. No hard-earned tax dollars wasted to save an animal too stupid for self-preservation.

    2. sigh says:

      Perhaps because they have more bears in town and were experienced and equipied to tranq it?

  10. mngo4rsguy says:

    unrealistic expectations from the public …again. Mr. Public Safety is right, the time factor and public safety is most important. This is not Animal Planet TV…..DNR and Law Enforcement are not equipt to handle this animal control complaint (that is called in once…. every 4 years.)

  11. S K says:

    We will never find out if he shat in the woods and made a sound.

  12. Love my Caribou! says:

    They should have tried to tranquilize it. Poor bear…

  13. Sgt says:

    Bear Steaks on the grill!

  14. TL the alligator says:

    i knew that bear….his name was Biff….he was freindly and smart…..he was nice to everybody and every animal….he loved eating raspberries….he just got lost and wandered in the wrong direction…..the a—-holes did not have to kill him.

    1. Not Losing Sleep says:

      If he was so smart, he would have stayed his ass out of the city. No raspberries there, Biff. Chitty Chitty BANG BANG. Problem solved. Don’t worry, there are plenty of other bears out there.

  15. Boom!!!! says:

    Animal control officers were apparently on scene since they took it away. They must have advised the police to neutralize it.

    And on a side note: ‘CCO is at it again with the stock photo thing. Showing a picture of a large brown/grizzly bear with the story, when it was a small black bear that was shot. Funny.

  16. rocky says:

    Poor Biff….ain’t never hurt nobody. Bears and elk and deer, they all were here first, it’s there land not us humans, most whimpy humans couldn’t last 3 weeks in the wild……….Poor Biff RIP

    1. kp says:

      Uh huh. I didn’t climb to the top of the food chain to eat grass. But the deer I shot in November tasted great last night! P.S. learn how 2 spell

  17. insignificant says:

    lol…the pic for the article is a grizz…rockies musta got moved east ,eh?

  18. Bursa Binor says:

    What crime did the bear commit to deserve summary execution? Is it the nature of the bear itself that condemned it to death as a public safety measure? Do bears have any rights at all. There is a discussion going on right now that Chimpanzees should no longer be used for any experiments in the USA and the main reason proffered is that Chimps are so close to humans in the taxonomy of animals. Where do bears fall on that continuum?

  19. Journeyone says:

    City Folks…

  20. Bursa Binor says:

    The bear moved to the city. Bursa is country–Indianbush. There is a respect for all life, even that which you kill and eat, or kill to prevent hurting someone.

  21. kaylor says:

    In just the last couple of weeks I read about a bear in a city, and a bear ‘family’ in another city, both cases the police just told the people to stay away from them and they would go away. They did, too. About the only time you get into trouble with a black bear is if your crowd it or corner it. Just get the h___ out of the way and let it find its way back to the woods. Most of them don’t want to be around you either.

  22. save the bears! says:

    The City of St. Paul should have gone to any trouble and expense necessary, even if it endangered people, to save this bear in order to placate the Disney headed animal huggers. They believe that animals are more important than people after all. The best plan would have been to fly in Bambi and Thumper by chopper, have them talk the bear into the back of a stretch limo, and then after a berry sundae at DQ, drive the bear up to the nearest state or national forest. Then after an ET farewell, all would circle dance in the leaves and head home.

    1. Save Bears dot com says:

      That’s a good start but animals don’t ride in stretch limos.

  23. angie says:

    no reason to be nasty because someone feels bad the bear got shot . i dont think it was right either but whats done is done . if he was a so called pet then it was the owners fault he was killed no different than a loose dog that attacks someone should have done a better job of keeping him confined .

  24. Andy1300 says:

    I,m a liberal and I think they should just make burgers out of the bear, no waste

  25. Brett says:

    And in other news… A Jimmy Johns sub shop got robbed at gunpoint last night in CROOKLYN CENTER, but I guess that THAT news wasn’t significant enough to make the ‘CCO headlines….. Wake up people, and understand that the news orgs are trying to decide for YOU what is most important in regards to newsworthy information.

    1. @Brett says:

      why Brett you so bitter? you just love bears or owned the sub shop? go back to bed and hibernate until spring

  26. Brett says:

    Was it a grizzly bear, or a black bear, that terrorized an urban St. Paul neighborhodd?? Hard to tell, given the photos associated with the online article.

    1. come on says:

      say what there Brett ?
      a black or grizz you ask ?
      care to guess the last time, if it has ever been, that a grizz was in MN ?
      actaully it don’t matter – black bears kill more people than grizz’s do. Way way more of them but they can get ugly. Had our tent and boat torn apart by one few years back and I respect the blacky just as much.
      did they need to shot it ? – I dunno. they did have to get it out of there,
      fuuniest part was they didn’t know how it got there – duh you idiots !! 4 legs and a river bottom. prolly not the only one in area either….we actually pay these people huh?

  27. sad says:

    Did the Bears win?
    Packers and Vikes sure sucked.
    Go Somalian Chimps !
    ain;t sports grand

  28. Favra says:

    I don’t think the bear was a grizzly like the photo shows, it was one of those black city ghetto bears and da man took him down.

  29. Mark says:

    To all of those who say that the responders who would have rather seen if the bear could have been tranquilized are “crazy” “Bleeding Hearts” etc. etc. etc., I will leave you with this Cree Indian proverb…

    “Only when the last tree has died,
    and the last river has been poisoned,,
    and the last fish has been caught,
    will we realize that we can’t eat money.”

    1. Citizen says:

      Thank you, Mark, for an intelligent post. Perhaps we also ought to remind the bloodthirsty posters among us about the last human left on alive on Easter Island after every tree was gone, every sweet potato eaten, and every chicken killed. I’m sure it was a pretty miserable end, alone, starving, and with no way to leave the island. Earth is an island, too, people. It requires care and nurturing.

      1. violins, please says:

        The Easter Islanders never completely died out. There were remnants surviving on Rapa Nui when Europeans arrived. What happened on Easter Island remains shrouded in mystery, and archeologists so not agree upon what happened. What your speculation on the subject has to do with removing a black bear from St. Paul is also a mystery.

    2. how cliche says:

      Oh yes, trot out the wise noble savage cliche. An “Indian proverb”, really? The black bear population in Minnesota is large and healthy (approx. 20,000) It is truly sad that this bear was killed after wandering into a densely populated area, but the decision to do so won’t have us eating money quite yet.

    3. Our Heritage says:

      Tell that to the Indians using nets on Millacs

  30. kaylor says:

    The news orgs try to print the news that will gain the most attention.

  31. markH says:

    The decision to shoot to kill the animal was made by a weak-minded ignoramus who demonstrated a spectacular inability at problem solving, but a healthy appetite for cruelty, sadism, and a complete disregard for animal life.

  32. kaylor says:

    markH make that “weak-minded arrogant ignoramus with a badge and a gun”. I once read that they don’t want policeman that are too smart. Somebody needs to write up a “procedure” for these dumb-sh_ts to follow.

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