MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The Dakota County Attorney’s Office has increased charges against an Eagan father accused of assaulting his son during a Lakeville basketball game.

Dakota County Attorney James Backstrom added one count of malicious punishment of a child and one count of neglect of a child to 52-year-old Steven Wilson’s charges. Wilson is accused of pushing his 14-year-old son into a wall and engaging in a fight with the boy after the son’s basketball game.

The Lakeville City Attorney had previously charged Wilson with one count of misdemeanor domestic assault. That charge and the new charges will now be prosecuted by the county attorney.

“Violence against children under any circumstance is unacceptable,” Backstrom said in a release. “It is particularly disturbing when it is associated with a youth sporting event, as is alleged here.”

According to the criminal complaint, Wilson admitted he and his son got into an argument following his son’s eighth grade basketball game. The son told police his dad began yelling at him after the game and as they were walking down the hall, his dad pushed him into the wall.

The son said he pushed his father back in self-defense.

A parent who witnessed the incident said Wilson pushed his son into the wall and began punching him. He said several parents intervened to break up the two and even after they were split up, Wilson continued trying to fight his son.

A coach told police Wilson had acted in a similar fashion during previous sporting events. The coach said at one game, Wilson was yelling and swearing profusely and was eventually ejected from the game by the referee.

Comments (17)
  1. illilli says:

    How was he neglecting him?

    1. @the flake says:

      let us count the reasons
      that said – hope he gets 20 more charges slapped on him, including being fat and being ugly.
      When the system is done with him send him up here and I can “teach” him how we handle and address abusive adults. I’ll be waiting with a smile

      1. black or brown one ? says:

        I’m not – and I’d like the perv daddy to get 30 more laid on him. And then the son and his buddies get to use some belts on daddy …. ain’t it grand living in America lil’ Realist !

    2. Elroy Manchester says:

      The court system and our tax dollars shouldn’t have to absorb this nonsense. The son should get one free shot on his dad. They can fight it out like men and be done with it. Only in this nanny state and this Nancy Country do these antics become a big deal.

      1. me says:

        Fight it out like men? The kid is 14. How do you expect him to fight it out like a man?
        So you think grown men should be able to punch 14yr olds whenever they want and protecting the kids makes it a nanny state? Where do you draw the line on how young the kid can be and it is still ok to beat them up, 10, 8 4?

        1. brave k says:

          Shoot the kid might get mad at pop and shoot him in his

      2. Poor Elroy says:

        Elroy — why don’t ya move to Fudgeville and spare us your bullchit.
        I imagine you been abused in the past and dug it huh …. well, they got places for you. Check with Michele Bachmann for the details

        1. Elroy Manchester says:

          Nope, I was never abused, I’m way too big and tough to be abused.

    3. Todd says:

      That father had no business abusing him regardless how good or bad he played. Sports are for fun and exercise and parents who cannot control their tempers at sporting events should be banned. I hope Backstrom is able to get prison time for this dad to teach him that what he did was wrong. This father probably has a history of abusing his son.

  2. cooked goose says:

    52 year old
    14 year old
    I say fry him

  3. Rubin says:

    The Dad needs a good swift kick in the arse!

  4. Brian Malley says:

    Its to bad about this abuse, its a tuff thing for this young guy to have to go through. By the way REALIST, what was the christian slam for? Why did you have to go there………

  5. Meghan says:

    I hope somebody bigger, and stronger pushes him against a wall and punches him in jail. A**hole

  6. pretzeldude says:

    Bubba will take care of Daddy. Daddy will become Bubba’s lady.

  7. Rocky says:

    The old man is wako… why get all hyper over a high school game??? The cycle of anger and violince will continue all there lives, forever…..

  8. Ricky_O says:

    The father is one sick puppy.
    I can only guess what the day-to-day living was like in that household. And we wonder how this nonsense gets passed from generation to generation? At least the kid fought back, which is usually a sign that he doesn’t accept the values of the father. Let’s hope so.

  9. emphathtic says:

    The 14-year old boy being abused by his father should get even by declining to attend his father’s funeral when the time would come and if anyone forces the son to attend his father’s funeral then nobody is ever going to force the son not to sue for being abusive and racist ok!!

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