ST. PAUL (WCCO) — MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – A suspected drunk driver killed a 21-year-old man involved in a car accident and hit a Good Samaritan who stopped to help him on Interstate 94 Sunday night, authorities said.

The incident involved two crashes.

The State Patrol said that the initial crash happened around 11 p.m., when a pickup truck driven by Marcus Andary merged onto westbound Interstate 94 and ran into another car on the highway, causing that car to lose control and roll, partially blocking the left lane of the road.

Andary and a witness, 37-year-old Keith Barnes of Minneapolis, went to help the rolled-over car’s driver, 22-year-old Alicia Kaufenberg of St. Paul. Almost immediately after, the second crash happened: An alleged drunk driver crashed his van into Kaufenberg’s car, hitting both Andary and Barnes.

Andary, an Iowa State student, died instantly. Barnes and Kaufenberg are both in critical condition.

The driver of the van, 62-year-old Eugene Farrell of Minneapolis, was arrested on suspicion of driving while intoxicated. He has been booked at Ramsey County Jail, according to the State Patrol.

Farrell has one previous careless driving conviction on his record from May 2005 in Dakota County.

Lt. Eric Roeske of the State Patrol said Sunday’s tragedy is an example of why the patrol urges people not to get out of their cars and help victims.

“Obviously when something like this happens, it’s a person’s natural reaction to help,” he said. “But it’s a very dangerous situation, and anyone who tries to help and is out on the freeway in these conditions really needs to exercise extreme cautions.”

The State Patrol is still investigating the incident.

Remembering Andary

Andary was a high school hockey standout in Sault Ste. Marie, Mich., where he graduated in 2008. Andary went on to play hockey at Iowa State. His friends and former teammates are currently mourning his death.

Brian Rooney, Iowa State’s hockey team captain, said he wasn’t surprised to hear Andary tried to help Kaufenberg.

“The guy would give you the shirt off his back,” Rooney said.

Comments (69)
  1. George says:

    For most people its a natural thing to do by helping someone that is in distress and a very honorable thing too, but when providing assistance at an accident scene and having no training of any kind can be deadly for all involved. Please be careful ant any crash scene, you can’t help if you get it also.

    1. To much says:

      Agreed George

      And for the posters below I wonder if any of uyou have an ounce of decency in your pathetic little minds ?
      No …. that is so apparent.
      Imagine reading this from MI and being related to the good samaritan, now gone. One would have to believe they see MN as state of sick sick sick minds.
      ’nuff said

      1. Leah says:

        To the relative in the above post, I truly am sorry for your loss. I can’t believe all the postings here about merging, and not about the victims from the accident. Yes, a lot of things could have been different, but they tragically were not. It was a chain reaction of horrible measure. Not all of us Minnesotans are heartless. I assure you there were a lot of caring individuals there helping the victims. I am praying to all those that loved Marcus, especially in this holiday season.

        1. Joyce says:

          Thank you, Leah, but sadly you are in the minority, at least on this blog. It’s amazing how people’s priorities are messed up. Wrong way vs right way to merge? Really? Where’s the report that states where the Andary vehicle was damaged, or if there was any contact made by his vehicle to the other one at all? How does anyone blogging here know that the female driver of the other car that rolled didn’t lose control by either braking or moving into another lane? Has anyone blogging here seen the police report? Has anyone seen a report completed by an accident scene specialist? I…don’t…think…so… So to all of the folks here all discussing the MN highway merge procedures, how about discussing the fact that one of your good MN residents was driving drunk and almost killed three people? Maybe discuss the DRUNK DRIVING LAW.

          1. Carlos says:

            The article says: “The State Patrol said that the initial crash happened around 11 p.m., when a pickup truck driven by Marcus Andary merged onto westbound Interstate 94 and ran into another car on the highway, causing that car to lose control and roll, partially blocking the left lane of the road.”

            Do the words “merged onto westbound interstate 94 and RAN INTO ANOTHER CAR on the highway, causing that car to lose control and roll” mean anything to you? And what if there had not been actual contact between the vehicles, but to avoid the incoming merging in vehicle, the highway car had lost control by braking or suddenly moving into another lane to avoid it? That’s a problem too, doncha think?

            And since you are asking if anyone has seen the accident report, I’m wondering the same thing about you. Have you seen it? Since you are disputing the article’s presentation of the first crash, I’m wondering how are you so sure the driver that crashed in later was drunk? Have you seen the toxicology report?

        2. John says:

          I don’t understand what is heartless about talking about how to drive safely. I CAN believe all of the postings about merging, considering that when a merge goes bad, it is usually a very bad crash with serious injuries and often deaths — because of the high speeds usually involved, and because the crash occurs on a highway where high speeds and heavy traffic too often lead to further crashes. In this article, a bad merge caused a rollover even before the drunk came onto the scene.

          There are other posts below where people who talk about merging are berated for not talking about drunken driving. Well, I don’t drink at all, but I do merge. So I can’t improve my driving by not drinking any further. But I can improve my driving in other ways, like better knowing the rules of the road.

          I’m sorry about the victims of this crash and their loved ones. My worst nightmare is causing a crash that would kill or damage others’ lives. That’s why I read the posts on merging with such great interest. I’m also, quite frankly a very anxious merger at some junctions. Reading this thread has made me only more so — both by the number of people who think that the car entering the highway has the right of way. And by the number of people here who berate others for discussing merging as if it is less than an unimportant subject.

  2. Yield to drivers, don't drive drunk says:

    IT would be wonderful if the State Of MN would put up YIELD signs on the Exit ramps, as other states have. Driving in congested areas with people flying down ramps, oblivious to those already on the highway moving at greater speeds, is a recipe for disaster. Especially in booze saturated, Minnesota.

    1. Ace says:

      Any time I yield at an entrance ramp to avoid getting killed, there’s always some creep behind me laying his hand on the horn.

      1. yield to drivers, don't drive drunk says:

        It would be illegal for them to lay the horn if you were obeying the posted sign to Yield, which prevents people driving blindly onto a highway at high speeds and smashing into someone. If it works in much higher populated states than MN., than it should hopefully work for this state, in spite of the Booze mentality.

      2. jackactionhero says:

        You are not supposed to be braking at the end of the ramp. That’s why people honk at you.

        You are supposed to accelerate and merge, not slow down and wait for the coast to be clear.

        That was me on my horn. There is no yield sign. Get on the highway or stay home.

        1. definition of merge says:


          1) To plunge or engulf in something (This looks like what the drive did)

          2) To cause to combine, unite or coalesce ( The two vehicle united into one )

          3) To come together without abrupt change ( Looks like here is where they went wrong there was an abrupt change )

        2. Ace says:

          There was a yield sign, its the ramp leaving highway 55 and entering Hwy 5 crossing the Mississippi River near Highland Park. There is no acceleration lane and it’s a blind lane. You have to stop and turn your whole body in order to see if anybody’s coming because you’re coming down a steep bank and can’t see the highway you’re merging onto until you’re right there. There’s no room for error here.

          1. jackactionhero says:

            I have taken that ramp a thousand times and never had to stop and turn around to see if there was traffic coming. I think the problem is with you.

        3. Driver Ed says:

          I am a driver education instructor, you are either to speed up or slow down to blend in with the traffic. You should be matching the traffic on the freeways speed. Drivers on the freeway should be following the cars in front of them at a distance of 3 seconds or greater. Leaving space between you and other cars allows room for other cars to merge in.

      3. morons abound says:

        F’em if they honk.
        I personally make it a habit to let folks on in a safe manner and been know to tap… brakes if the prick behind has an issue.
        Next year I may buy a F-350 with a HD steel rear bumper. 😉 and welcome anyone under the influence to get reaaaal close

        1. jackactionhero says:

          In other words, YOU are the moron who is abounding.

          Brilliant plan, to initiate a rear-end highway collision.

          1. reasoning non-existent says:

            No, you probably never get out of your own backyard and experience intelligence elsewhere.

            1. jackactionhero says:

              So you think it’s a great plan to slam on your brakes to have someone rear end you, that way you can be a tough guy and REALLY teach them a lesson, right?


              Aren’t you brilliant…

              1. Agitated is a sign of a drinker says:

                so… Jack, What are you going to do if a situation arises out on the highway as you are coming down the ramp (Its not the Highway Yet) that causes traffic to lock up. (accident, etc) You are faced with a gas tanker at the end of your ramp, at a dead stop. Your logic is to PLOW into it, instead of Yield. Yield means stop when, and if necessary. And by the way, are there not signs directing slower traffic to keep right?

                1. jackactionhero says:


                  Tell me that’s not really what you got out of that…

    2. Dee says:

      I’m sorry but every yield sign that I am aware of in my daily travels, don’t get treated like a yield sign, they get treated like a merge sign. Not saying it’s right, and it is very frustrating to the driver who does have the right of way, but I’ve had some near collisions at those things. As I notice people driving, it seems more and more people are ignoring the signs of the road. Stop signs: people don’t stop at these. I see someone shoot out of a side road every morning on my way down 61. So, it wouldn’t matter if you put up yield signs, they would be ignored by the vast majority of drivers anyway.

    3. JackieM says:

      I think that if people change their -I gotta be there first- mentality, then there would be fewer accidents. I agree with Ace, I am sure there would be more rear end collisions if yield signs were used in place of the merge.
      It is sad that one person is dead and two injured because of someone who made the decision to drink before getting behind the wheel.

    4. Jason says:

      What’s the matter, you can’t seem to figure out a merge sign so you want a yield instead. Just do what you are supposed to do and everything would be just fine, if people can’t drive correctly and don’t know what the signs mean then yank the license.

      Too many people think they are entitled to a license, it’s not a right people you either earn it or you don’t.

      1. dee says:

        and there is the rub, “just do what you are supposed to do…” But people don’t. It used to be an occasional thing on the road, but it’s gotten worse and worse. Now the majority of people I see driving, don’t do what they are supposed to do. And unfortunately, there aren’t enough law enforcement officers to do anything about it. How many times have you seen a string of cars driving on the freeway 80+ miles per hour, which one would the officer stop? At that point it’s like putting out a fire with a water dropper! But I agree that their licenses should be taken away.

        1. dee says:

          Well, you could be right. But when we first moved to Minnesota in 1992, I could go whole trips to town and not come up with an idiotic stunt from a driver. My husband and I would comment on how wonderful the drivers were here. (we came from Detroit area) But now it’s almost a game to count the traffic infractions that we encounter on our way to work snd back. There are always quite a few. I believe that the drivers are getting worse.

          1. jackactionhero says:

            “My husband and I would comment on how wonderful the drivers were here.”


  3. Met says:

    Really? Is that supposed to be funny? I hope you regretted it as soon as you hit enter. Otherwise, you’ve got a problem!

  4. Sam I am says:

    Alot of people believe that when the barrell do wn the ramp that everyone else should get out of there way.

    I have seen people never even look over their shoulder.

  5. Kevin says:

    people on the ramp have the right of way unless there is a yield sign you need to move or allow them to enter the freeway

    1. Jason says:

      You sir are incorrect, it is the responsibility of the vehicle on the ramp to match the speed of the flow of traffic and then to enter the flow of traffic only after signaling their intent, checking the mirrors and then making the lane change when safe to do so.

      At least we now know that you are one of those trying to bull your way into traffic causing many of the accidents.

      1. jackactionhero says:

        A key point to note that you are signaling YOUR INTENT, you are not signaling for PERMISSION.

      2. Al says:

        you are wrong Jason. If there is room for the person already on the highway to move over and allow the person entering the highway to merge on and he chooses not to, that person is subject to a citation for failure to yield. This happens quite a bit that the highway drivers don’t move over when they can forcing the drivers coming on to the highway to brake and then we get accidents on the ramps. Bottom line is I agree that we DO need to get rid of the “get me there first” mentality like Jackie said above, settle down behind the wheel, put the bottle and cell phone down put your hands on the wheel and pay attention.

        1. Commonsense says:

          Actually Al your wrong according to the Mn Drivers Manual -” To avoid disrupting traffic flow or “cutting off” other drivers when you merge, try to adjust your speed to accommodate vehicles already on the freeway. You must yield to other vehicles when you are merging”

    2. Driver Ed says:

      You are wrong. People on the free way don’t have to do anything, they have the right away.

      I am a driver education instructor in the Edina/ Bloomington area, you are either to speed up or slow down to blend in with the traffic. You should be matching the traffic on the freeways speed. Drivers on the freeway should be following the cars in front of them at a distance of 3 seconds or greater. Leaving space between you and other cars allows room for other cars to merge in.

  6. hunnybear18 says:

    What people in this state don’t get is that merging onto the interstate needs both parties cooperation to happen correctly. The on ramp is an acceleration lane, so you shouldn’t have to accelerate only to have to slam your brakes because some road warrior is afraid you’ll get in front of him. Often a slight acceleration or even just takiing your foot temporarily off of the gas will facilitate an easy merge. The one merging also can adjust their speed similarly. It’s supposed go just like a zipper, each car letting one each into traffic if it’s busy. Keeps the traffic moving and much safer. Watch the semis, they are really the only ones who do it correctly. If you’re going to ride the right lane, then be prepared that you will need to allow people to merge.

  7. JB says:

    If I have learned one thing from battling terminal cancer is to slow down and not race everywhere I am going! If someone wants to drive faster than me I move over, if they want to change lanes in front of me I let them, and if they want to merge in front of me I give way to them. I will let them win and get there first because it just isn’t worth it!

    On 94 at 11pm a car merging shouldn’t get into an accident! The person driving in the slow lane could have moved over sped up or slowed down to let the merging driver in! Even though slowing down would have delayed there arrival by less than a minute it would have been worth it!

    Final comment: Being wrong and avoiding an accident beats being right and arguing who was “entitled” to that space and getting into an accident!

    1. JackieM says:

      Totally agree JB!

    2. carlos says:

      JB – According to the Mn Drivers Manual -” To avoid disrupting traffic flow or “cutting off” other drivers when you merge, try to adjust your speed to accommodate vehicles already on the freeway. You must yield to other vehicles when you are merging”

      Yes, out of goodness and commonsense, cars on the freeway should adjust their speed and/or move over to accomodate. But the law is clear that cars on the freeway have the right of way over those on the entrance ramp. (Thanks to CommonSense for the blurb from the drivers manual)

      1. JB says:

        The law is clear! Too bad that not everyone follows the law!

        I look at it this way! If a semi loaded with a trailer is coming down the ramp I’m going to move over and get out of his/her way! Why wouldn’t I do the same for a smaller vehicle?

        Top Gun Quote! LOL
        A moment of choice.The F-14 is defensive. He has a chance to bug out right here. Better to retire and save your aircraft than push a bad position.

        I’d rather let you merge, change lanes, drive faster than me then follow the rules in the MN Drivers Manual! I would rather make it to my destination than have my car totaled out!

        1. Carlos says:

          As to your left paragraph (and your other paragraphs too) — I agree – as the guy on the freeway, I take those actions too to make the merging person’s job as easy as possible — realizing that he/she has poorer visibility (a side view mirror that may no be well-angled, having to look over his shoulder — than I do (being somewhat behind the merging in car). I’m saying the person merging into the freeway had better follow the rules in the MN Drivers Manual and not just come out into the freeway thinking he/she is the king of the road. And by the way, it is not any violation of any Driver’s Manual rule for the freeway car to take any of the actions you mentioned (adjust speed, change lanes to let the merging car in), but rather it is commonsense and defensive safe driving.

          1. Joyce says:

            Yes, this boy from Michigan had no doubt read the MN driver’s manual before heading home for Christmas. Yep. Sure. Uh-huh. His death had nothing to do with an alleged drunk driver speeding into an accident scene, or do people in MN plow into stopped vehicles and run people down when they are sober? You people all sound so arrogant and righteous.

            1. John O says:

              Uhhh, I can assure you it is not just Minnesota law that says the cars on the freeway have the right of way. It is universal. If he’s driving, he needs to know the rules of the road. As far as “his death had nothing to do with an alleged drunk driver”, only you have made a statement like that. As far as “arrogant and righteous”, your post is the perfect example of that

  8. Truth Master says:

    Says right in the handbook. You must yield to traffic while entering freeway. This means while your diving down the ramp entering the freeway. Speed your slow lazy non attention paying ass up and merge with traffic at the same speed. Doesn’t mean casually enter freeway at your own pace with no regards to the people already on the freeway.

  9. George says:

    I don’t mind if they kick up the penalty for drunk drivers. My friends and I all drink but we take turns driving, the other day I was the designated driver and had NOTHING to drink at all and I think I had much more fun not drinking and watching everyone else.

  10. jackactionhero says:

    So the pickup driver caused an accident, stopped to help, was declared dead at the scene, and was later arrested for DUI. That’s a heck of a night, but I think the story might be wrong…

    1. Brett says:

      Ah, no, the pickup driver who apparently caused the accident, tried to help the people in the car that was rolled, and another driver, who apparently was drunk, crashed into all of them, and that’s when the fatalities occurred.

      1. jackactionhero says:

        Ok. The story above is NOT the version I initially commented on. It seems they are updating the story with correct information. I wonder why they’re starting now…

  11. Brett says:

    Many people don’t know how to merge, either getting on or getting off a freeway in this area. If you are trying to merge on to a freeway, you are supposed to accelerate to the same speed as the flow of traffic in the acceleration lane, then merge into the right lane where an opening exists. Part of the problem are people who are always TAILGATING one another, so a merging vehicle has no space to move left. If you are merging off of the freeway, you should not begin to slow down significantly until you merge into the DEceleration lane, leading to the OFF ramp. If two vehicles are close, where one is trying to get on the freeway and another is trying to get off, the vehicle entering the freeway should accelerate hard to get ahead of the exiting vehicle, which will be braking for the exit ramp.

    1. Cassie b says:

      I agree. I often have to slow down on the off ramp because there are just no openings.

  12. Just saying says:

    Their needs to be a book printed DRIVING FOR DUMMIES,
    Most of the posters need to have a free copy so they can learn how to drive.
    Or a law passed that they cannot renew their license without a written test.
    Maybe they will learn how to drive.

    1. jackactionhero says:

      Better print it in about 9 different languages…

    2. Joyce says:

      How about a book printed NOT DRIVING (DRUNK) FOR DUMMIES? Just saying. A drunk driver killing someone is not an accident. It’s termed criminal vehicular homicide under state statute in MN. It is a felony. Causing great bodily harm to another while driving a vehicle while impaired is also a felony under the same MN statute. Just saying.

  13. Carlos says:

    According to the Mn Drivers Manual -” To avoid disrupting traffic flow or “cutting off” other drivers when you merge, try to adjust your speed to accommodate vehicles already on the freeway. You must yield to other vehicles when you are merging”

    Thanks Commonsense for posting that. I can’t believe there are people who think the car on the entrance ramp has the right of way. Unbelievable.

    1. @Carlos et al says:

      Carlos – if I am coming off a ramp and you have room to the left use it to make a change yourself. Be smarter than dumber and pay heed to the right around a ramp and this stuff rarely will occur. Or be dumb and if the merger doesn’t see you I guess you need to pray he’s driving something smaller than my Suburban as many stand no chance.
      Everyone be smart and drive defensively and stay alive. It takes all eyes being aware – not just “following a law” that many do not or don’t know of or understand.
      common sense….just sayin’ maybe use it. 😉

      1. Carlos says:

        I agree about the defensive driving aspect of it. If I’m the guy on the freeway, I try to make it as easy as possible for the car merging in to merge in safely. In the vast majority of cases the car on the freeway is traveling faster and so is somewhat behind the car trying to merge. Being behind the merging in car, I realize that I have much better view of him than he has of me where he’s looking into a side view mirror that might not be angled right, and glancing over his shoulder. (Generic he meaning he or she).

    2. Joyce says:

      Carlos, I can’t believe there are people in MN who think the car with the drunk driver has the right of way (to kill and maim). According to the MN driver’s manual, I’m pretty sure driving drunk is AGAINST THE LAW. I’m sure it doesn’t say “To avoid disrupting traffic flow for drunk drivers, try to adjust your speed to accomodate drunk drivers on the freeway.” Or, “You must yield to drunk drivers if involved in an accident by making sure all vehicles are off the roadway, because drunk drivers will kill you if you’re not.” And all you people can focus on is how to merge? I can’t believe there are people who can only remark about whether or not a car on the entrance ramp has the right of way or not. Unbelievable.

      1. Carlos says:

        Please see my post below (search on the phrase “hypercritical monomaniacs”). You’ve made about 5 posts on this thread ridiculing me and anyone else who would dare comment on any aspect of safe driving other than drunk driving. By the way, most highway fatalities don’t involve alcohol or drug impairment

  14. Obv. says:

    This was at about 11pm I doubt there was so much traffic he couldn’t merge safely, also some of you make it seem like the guy that was killed was being a good samaritan by stopping to help, um he caused the crash so I hope he would stop seems obvious.

  15. mr obvious says:

    Can’t we just shoot drunk drivers from now on.

    1. Carlos says:

      Likewise, people on cellphones.

  16. God bless Andary. A long lost cousin I never knew. He died trying to help somebody out, there is no way more noble to die. Cheers to a young man who lived and died for a cause.

  17. Leah B says:

    My heart goes out to the Andary family and all those who were affected by the events from last Sunday night. I wanted to extend an invitation to those of you who were there and assisted with the victims, in those first few minutes after the crashes, to connect with me through Facebook if you’d like to talk about your experience. It was a very traumatizing chain of events to witness and be a part of, and it might help working through it all by sharing your experience with others of us who were there and understand. You can find FB connections to me through the comment feeds on the other local news sites covering the accident.

  18. Jess says:

    I can’t believe the comments here. After everything that happened that night and is still happening to us all you people can talk about is what MN needs to do to on ramps and how you think the proper way to merge is!!! Some people lost family members who were very young and others are waiting for family members who are hurt badly and in a way that will change the rest of their life!! None of this would have happened if that DRUNK DRIVER would not have gotten behind the wheel and tried to drive! Because of him children not have to spend the holidays along with many other days without their father.

    1. Joyce says:

      Jess, pretty pathetic isn’t it. This is how to merge, no, that is how to merge, no, I’m pretty sure this is how to merge, no, that ramp has a yield sign, no, that ramp doesn’t have a yield sign, no, you don’t yield, yes, you do yield, you accelerate, no, you don’t accelerate, etc… I won’t ever spend time or money in MN. The people of this blog have really left a negative impression of MN for me.

      1. Carlos says:

        Joyce (and Jess), I don’t know where you are from, but I have an impression that wherever it is, it is full of hypercritical monomaniacs. Can’t people ever talk about any other aspects of safe driving than drunk driving? Did you know that most road fatalities don’t involve alcohol or other drugs? And why, in your mind (and you’ve made about 5 posts ridiculing anyone who would dare talk about any aspect of safe driving other than the drunk-driving aspect) is it such a crime against humanity to comment on merging? Particularly considering that some people think they have the right of way when merging from an entrance ramp onto a freeway — NOT! Improper merges are a leading cause of highway deaths, particularly because of the high speeds involved. Myself, I am apprehensive about merging when I drive. And yes, drunk drivers are especially prone to crashes and fatalities for misjudging / mishandling merging situations, and I worry about them a lot in this and other situations.

  19. Unknown says:

    This is a lie he did not hit the other car i know the family and the police report says no paint transfer his truck didnt have a single scrach. This is what happened he was driving onto the off ramp or on ramp and he seen a vehicle on it side so he pulled over and so did the car behind in they got out of the car and were tring to get the person out off the car when they were both hit.

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