MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A warning about your Christmas Tree: Something other than presents could be lurking below it.

The Minnesota Department of Agriculture wants people to be on the lookout for gypsy moth egg masses in the trees.

Two tree lots in the Twin Cities got shipments from an area of Wisconsin under quarantine for gypsy moths. The lots are the Rangers Flying Club in Minneapolis and Brad’s Landscaping in Richfield.

They are no longer selling the trees in question, but hundreds had been sold before the inspection.

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  1. Chicken DNR Liberal says:

    The sky is falling!
    The sky is falling!

    1. MNMaid says:

      Seriously? It is a big deal, you idiot. Those things are highly destructive to trees and other vegetation. You know, trees, which produce oxygen? Which we breathe? Of course, you just may be a waste of oxygen.

      Artificial Trees. Need no water, don’t drop needles, and aren’t a fire or bug hazard.