MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Police are looking for a man who drove a white and black car with a red light on top and allegedly pulled over a woman in Corcoran, Minn.

Hennepin County police said a female driver reported that she had been pulled over for a traffic stop Thursday near the intersection of County Road 116 and Larkin Road by a man with a red “bubble” light on top of his dalmatian-painted car.

After interviewing the driver, police determined that the man who pulled her over was not a police officer.

Police described the man as 6-feet tall, in his mid 30s, with a medium build, dark hair and a salt-and-pepper beard. He had no mustache, but he did have red, puffy skin around his eyes and a low, raspy voice. He wore a dark shirt with no markings.

If you know anything about this police impostor, call police at 763-525-6220.

Comments (6)
  1. X-Puffer says:

    A fake cop. Nothing worse than that.

  2. hate the system says:

    There are applications you can download on smart phone to mimic a police light, looks just like it if you put it up on the window of your car at night. I’m surprised I don’t hear about stuff like this more often haha.

  3. Kirk Allen Larson says:

    She probably deserved a good talking too anyways.

  4. Manny says:

    Check the donut shops and he should be there!!!

  5. Not her fault up North says:

    Typical Kirk, blame the woman because this guy is a fruitcake left over from Christmas.
    If the woman had been your wife or daughter I bet you wouldn’t be talking this way.

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