MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – In a lost season, things are only getting worse for the Minnesota Vikings off the field.

Chris Cook was arrested for domestic assault earlier this season in an incident involving his girlfriend, and now Benny Sapp has been cited with fifth-degree assault and careless driving in connection with an incident Friday morning at Children’s Hospital in Minneapolis involving a 43-year-old man.

Police said Sapp and his 11-year-old son tried to enter the hospital at an entrance that was closed. A security guard instructed Sapp to enter the hospital through an another door, but Sapp and his son returned to that entrance intending to go in whether it was closed or not.

Authorities said Sapp left his son with the guard, saying that his mother was inside and that he had to go to work. When he got to his car, a security guard tried to detain him and an altercation ensued. Police said Sapp pushed the guard out of the way and then drove toward the exit ramp.

Authorities said another confrontation ensued at the exit ramp where Sapp allegedly chest-bumped a guard, then tried to use his vehicle to move the guard out of the way. It isn’t known if Sapp actually hit the guard with his vehicle.

As security guards were attempting to handcuff Sapp, he complied with police orders and they cited him rather than arrest him. A Vikings spokesperson said the team is aware of the incident.

It is unlikely Sapp would face any discipline from the team with just one game left.

Comments (23)
  1. angus says:

    These are our heors and idols?

  2. TPaw says:

    you need to build me a new stadium and give me all the revenue it generates so i can keep my thugs off the street. thanks ziggy

  3. helpermonkey says:

    Thug…thug…Thug-a-lug-a-ding-dong…Thugamin McThuggerson…did I say thug?

  4. TL the alligator says:

    wait a minute…a SECURITY GUARD was attempting to HANDCUFF HIM?…..there is no dam way in hell i’d ever let a security guard cuff me either….i also question whether that guard even had the right to do or attempt such a thing….stay tuned, there is likely to be much more to this story.

    1. thinlizzie says:

      Wow…you must be a very strong man. And super smart!!

      1. TL the alligator says:

        yes, of that i am guilty.

        1. Better to not admit guilt says:

          Security guards can have the power to restrain people. Sounds to me you’re no better than Sapp is if you would resist.

  5. Sick of Vikings antics up North says:

    Well, he was told he couldn’t go through a certain entrance way that was closed. Used his popularity to get his way but since that wouldn’t work, he used his car. What a good example he is setting for his son, who had to stand there and watch his Dad acting like a da** fool.

  6. Ace says:

    Fans treat players like gods or idols and they are worshipped. It’s no surprise that some of them act like they own the world

  7. jean says:

    the SECURITY GUARD is not a baby sister, He was told close entrance,the football player thinks he’s special, NOT but he is foolish

  8. Kevin says:

    Another POS viking in trouble with the law? No way! Are you sure?

  9. Pate says:

    Stop it all ready! Where are they finding these idiots?

  10. Bob the Taxpayer says:

    Instead of building them a stadium with our money, let’s build them a jail…with THEIR money.

    1. Randy Moss Hall says:

      A new Vikings Wing in Stillwater.

      1. me says:

        And the ViQUEENS can play the “visitors” during “visiting hours” …

        However – no road games for 10-12 (of course there is always “good time” )

  11. Jason says:

    Not the first viking to try and run someone down with thier car. Nice play sapp.

  12. NFL THUGS says:

    The sooner the queens leave town and Nation the better. The NFL players have think they can do away with anything because of their money and NFL association. National Felons League is what this league boils down to. These billionaire an millionaire National Felons League owners an players can build their own stadium and prisons to hold their felons somewhere off the planet. Their not even human anymore. No Tax Money to NFL-CARE, No Expanded Government size and spending through expanded Gambling.


  13. g8bbgg says:

    Father of the year, dump your kid with a stranger. God know we need to keep this group of role models here in Minnesoat, let them go..NOW!

  14. Don't just complain - do something! says:

    Better start hounding the politicians as they keep getting closer and closer to using our money to build these lawbreakers a temple – a very expensive temple.

  15. Whodathunk says:

    Gawwwwddamkit – annuder Purple Puke doing the Purple Shuffle huh. I am so impressed.
    .44 to knee cap and save the Purple Puke some money — better yet – just friggen move west. At 6:11pm toningt announce it so it hits news. Thanks

  16. Nickole says:

    A security guard’s responsibility DURING or AFTER an incident/offense has occurred is to OBSERVE and REPORT. Detaining anyone falls outside of that scope of responsibility. Moreover, this article is only news worthy because a member of the NFL was involved.

  17. Laurie says:

    What a SAPP!!! Idiot!!!