DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — Michele Bachmann is reminding Republican caucus voters of her Iowa roots and stiff stands in Washington in her first and only TV ad aired in the run-up to Tuesday’s caucuses.

The commercial began airing Monday, a day before Iowa opens the GOP nominating season. The ad twice mentions Bachmann’s Iowa heritage and calls her “one of our own.”

Bachmann was born in Waterloo but later moved with her family to Minnesota, where she was elected to Congress in 2006.

She is the last of six candidates competing for a caucus win to run TV ads in a state now saturated with them. It’s a reflection of a campaign running on financial fumes.

Bachmann is fighting to avoid a last-place finish Tuesday night.

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Comments (42)
  1. Bye says:

    Michele dear – come back to MN, steal another paycheck and then pack up and move to where you desire to be. They wonderful state of Iowa has many corn fields and hog pens and you’ll be right at home in any of them.
    cya pig

    1. Phiiid says:

      Please stop with the insults, ok?

      1. Dave Campbell says:

        Are you thinking maybe the pigs were insulted by this?

        1. Dave Campbell says:

          Corn doesn’t have feeling and I’m sure the pigs will get over it!

      2. Republicans HateAmerica says:

        She is a public figure, a stupid one at that. The insults are our way of saying that we wish she would go away.

        1. Maybe your left..... says:

          Last time I checked….America was about what MB stood for! A free society where a person can work hard to be successful!
          Maybe I’m wrong….maybe America no longer stands for that…….I certainly know Obama does not stand for that…..
          I guess your right…..Republicans DO hate TODAY’s America!!!
          As soon as people like you understand SIMPLE math… may understand…


          1. Sam says:

            Yep, Michele is all about working hard and being successful… if you start out successful. Oh, and you can leave out the working hard thing. She votes to let big companies fleece their hard-working employees. She votes to let insurance companies fleece their hard-working customers. She votes to let industries rake in the cash at the cost of the environment that a number of hard-working middle class people need, either for enjoyment or livelihood. All so rich people can get richer without having to work any harder.

          2. ralph says:

            Barely did not do a single thing to get where he is today. Must of all been handed to tim. Read same comment, too

            1. I don't get that.... says:


      3. Michele is From Hell says:

        As soon as michele stops insulting america with her run for president we’ll stop insulting her.

        1. Nice comment.... says:

          From Hell? Wow…..really? How do you know? Did you see her there when Obama was talking to Hitler on ways to run a country?

          I figured I would follow a stupid comment with just as stupid of a comment……Simple math equasion! (-+-=+)

  2. Murph says:

    The real stiffs standing in Iowa are the GOP POTUS candidates and Michele’s roots are likely big and gray,since there is no gray matter inside her head,it must be sitting on top it!

    1. Big Empty says:

      Every time she opens her mouth all you can see is hair roots.

  3. Kevin D says:

    At some point she’s going to have to come back to work – you know – representing the district that elected her. Not that she actually ever did this, but when her presidential dreams are finally dashed to dust, back to work it is. She’ll never cope with that. Work? For others? The only thing she’s ever been able to do is promote herself.

    Wake up District 6! You’re the laughing stock of the entire country.

    1. Phiiid says:

      Do you say the same thing when Democrats (e.g. Obama) are off campaigning around the country rather than spending every second in their home districts? Or is it only when it comes to a Republican candidate you don’t like?

      1. @Phiiid says:

        Hold on a minute pal – I said the same on every stinking candidate since the 1970s and detest Obama.
        I am a Republican by nature.
        I detest 90% of what this woman represents too.
        We have choices that are viable. This person is absolutely NOT
        Very similar to the fundamentalist Jews in Israel now, today, who are making a mokery of my homeland too.
        You far out there right wingers are turning off the party members and if the DFL sweeps to victory it will be BECAUSE of you. That be the facts. If that is your intent and desire do not cry to the world next fall. I will assure you though – we will remember you in the years to come

    2. Little Tin God says:

      I expect that she will take credit for getting a new bridge built to replace the Stillwater bridge, despite the fact that most of the work has been actually been done by Democrats since Bachmann has been off in her little dream world of campaigning for POTUS.

      Remind me again of one bill that she has sponsored in her 5 years in office?

      1. Two Job Tom says:

        I guess…just like a typical Democrat…you have NO WAY of comprehending a person’s ability to work hard at MORE THAN ONE THING!
        Just because she is campaigning does not mean she has abandon her post in Dist 6! It just means she has “TWO jobs”!
        Some people do work harder than others you know…..and they should be rewarded for that!
        Darn it…I’m sorry….Democrats are incapable of thinking this way….I’m sorry….I have to remember who I am replying to here….

        1. Ineffective Rep says:

          Back to Little Tin Gods comment….MB has not championed one (not one) piece of legislation in her 5 years as a Congresswoman. Amy K. took her to school on the Stillwater Bridge Bill. And as much as (darn it) this will kill you even Franken writes and gets laws passed. Stick a fork in her A$$ – she’s done!

    3. i like her alot says:

      she’s beautiful

  4. Bob says:

    Maybe those of us in District 6 can take up a collection for Michelle so she can buy more TV time. The only requirement would be that she run the ads in Minnesota too – maybe if we get a good enough look at her here at home we won’t vote for her either. And there would be much rejoicing!

  5. Terrace says:

    Wow, fallen from 1st to last place. Good for you Iowa in showing some common sense.

    1. smb says:

      Let’s wait and see who actually wins before we praise their sense.

      1. She's a Poser says:

        You are turning blue!

  6. steve says:

    If Bachmann has Iowa “roots” why doesn’t she just moved back to her hometown? Let someone who really will represent Dist 6 the job.

  7. Desmo is Back says:

    As much as I like her vision and some of her ideas……there is NO WAY she has a CHANCE in this race! (She is not a “likeable” person on TV)
    It even makes me laugh all of you lefty’s get all worked up over her! It just proves to me all you want to do is complain like your party has done for YEARS!
    Bottom line is….the Democratic Party is NOT a viable modern day Government way!
    OK…I’ll give you Clinton…he was the best thing to come out of the left side since….since…..well I can’t think of anything….and I know the “Bush” party was not a whole lot better, but I PROMISE you Bachman would have done a MUCH better job of RUNNING (not RUINING) this country compared to our current leader…and I mean the string at the end of a fishing pole!
    Face it…the Dem’s FAILED, and the Repub’s are a little discombobulated right now….but the future of this country is running in Iowa as we speak…….and it’s about time the County understands that…..

    1. Repeat says:

      We know who will represent us in the election. When (if) you get it figured out bring it on.

  8. Swamp Rat says:

    My, My, My! Aren’t we beating a lost cause into the ground today? Now, if only, MB would get the message. Let’s hope this is her last hurrah in the political arena. She won’t have her die-hard political base in the new gerrymandered MN 4th Congressional District in which she will have to run again for Congress. [If she does again]

    It’s too bad she made MN the political laughingstock of the US. At least T-Pawl had the sense and grace to withdraw when he saw the light of his foreboding GOP prospects. Pawlenty had his faults but he didn’t try to hurt his political future or the state further by running. Bachmann doesn’t have the common sense to see the personal political disaster she is causing for herself and Minnesota. Too bad her campaign motto is “Stupid is as Stupid does!”.

    1. Flush..... says:

      I am guessing you are one of the people who elected Dayton into office?

      Trust me…..the rest of the US is laughing at us for that move! MB is a small spark in a big fire……After Iowa she will quit and it will no longer be an issue….

      But our Country/Future being in the toilet will still be there……Then what?

      1. Sean Kelly says:

        I am from the “rest of the US” and I applauded that election of Dayton. I am always amazed by posters with very little real knowledge who talk for “the rest of the country”..

        1. Good for the Goose says:

          So the point about Dayton is invalid…yet you can defend the use of it for Bachman?

          Thank you for killing the points on BOTH! Because I have to agree……the “rest of the US” is a tough statment to use… I think you need to make sure Swamp Rat knows his comments are about as worthless as the above……..

      2. Swamp Rat says:

        Don’t ‘assume’ you know my politics! Bachmann is a big spark in a conflagration of present American politics! I’ll lay odds you have NOT read latest news dispatches that MB along with Perry are going to the Carolinas instead of New Hampshire to carry on their election campaigns. I hope MB quits before that, but, who knows what she will do?

        Too bad your moniker–“Flush”–is appropriate to the GOP political mess at present. It’s unfortunate that the country has forgotten what being a true Republican or true Democrat really is all about. We need political leadership to bring us all together in a united country again.

        The present political “toilet” that you allude to isn’t helped by the present extremist viewpoints on the American political scene or the upcoming 2012 Presidential election campaign. Just look closer to home in St.Paul and the messed up Legislature. I rest my case.

        1. I live in a pool says:

          “I’ll lay odds you have NOT read latest news dispatches”

          From who….MSNBC? The NY Times? No thank you….

          And I think my moniker fits the WHOLE political system right now…..I just have to say the GOP is a heck of a lot more in line to what the modern day state needs compared to the Dem’s…..

          It’s tough to defend your love of the DFL…..(or can I not “assume” I have you pegged for a Dem…..) with people like Michael Moore out there and all of the idiots involved in Occupy Wall Street.

          Sure Bachman may be more “right” than even I am comfortable with…..but I PROMISE you if she were in charge we would NOT have the same issues your “Main Man” Obama put us in…..or Dayton for that matter…..

          Tax and spend….tax and spend……

          The US does NOT have a Tax problem……it has a SPENDING problem….

          You can NOT Multiply Wealth by diving it!

  9. iluvbears says:

    Has she done anything beneficial at all for the state of Minnesota in her capacity as a Minnesota congresswoman? Talk about living off the gummint!

    1. Good Question says:

      Name one politician who has!

      Proof we need LESS Government….Not MORE!

      1. Swamp Rat says:

        The good politicians have been stomped on by the extremists and the the T-Party! The government can’t work with and in all the present malicious political gridlock gumming up the wheels of Progress.

        Your governmental size comments can’t be relevant when the present system is in such political disarray. We have “LESS” government in many quarters, especially in MN, but it isn’t working. At the rate you speak of can I presume you want Anarchy which is the ultimate “Less” government available?

        1. it's 2012 not 1912 says:

          WHAT? “We have “LESS” government in many quarters especially in MN”

          HUH? And where would THIS be?

          We are a TOTAL “babysitter” state!!!

          I also love your statement…”I presume you want Anarchy”…..So like a typical left winger you jump off the deep end and assume the WORSE!

          Tell me the last time the Republican Party started anything as violent and damaging as the Occupy Wall Street movement?

          The bottom line is your political party is outdated….if we were all farmers and working on assembly lines it still may fit, but this is the 21st century…..time to get a party that is in with the times….

          1. The Truth says:

            Yeah. When I think of a political party that is “with the times”, I think of the progressive Republican Party.

            Do us a favor. The next time you get the urge to say something, don’t. I am stupider for having read it.

  10. j speedbag 64 says:

    good for you iowa… can you just keep her there….damn she is way beyond stupid…..

    1. Proud to be a drunk? says:

      You are a moron…….

      “now can you just keep her there….damn she is way beyond stupid…..”

  11. Kevin D says:

    Conservatives are like parrots. They just repeat over and over what they’ve been told to repeat without a single thought as to what they’re actually saying. That “You can NOT Multiply Wealth by diving it!” statement is one of the dumbest things I’ve heard lately. And I’m sure they will be repeating it over and over and over for months to come. Why? Because they were told to do so.

  12. Saner up North says:

    Bachmann must have quoted that and got it wrong… don’t you mean “dividing” and not diving? She’s about to dive off the deep end.
    Never seen someone so dense and believes every word she says.

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