EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. (AP) — The Minnesota Vikings figured to be as vulnerable to the effects of the NFL lockout as any other team, with a first-year head coach, a rookie quarterback and a new offense to install.

They had a lot to lose during the dispute and lose is exactly what they did once the season started. Their 3-13 record matched the worst in the franchise’s 51-year history.

The roster needs significant upgrades. Coach Leslie Frazier’s staff could turn over. Big changes on offense and defense will be considered as quarterback Christian Ponder preps for his second NFL season.

The team is counting on having running back Adrian Peterson ready for next season after reconstructive surgery on his left knee last week. And there are big questions on defense.

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Comments (17)
  1. j speedbag 64 says:

    did i miss the headlines where frazier and his staff were all fired this morning…..remember going out on the field and firing mike tice at 9-7 ziggy a few years ago….sell the team locally and get the freak out of minnesota…..

  2. No reason to feel bad ... is there? says:

    Personally I like the guy but did you hear his comments last night? He said the team had no reason to hang their heads. Good gawd man, there’s practically good reason to hang their necks!

    If they don’t feel bad about the season, including Frazier, then none of them deserve to be on the payroll.

    Hopefully it will all be moot anyway because I’m still praying they will leave MN.

  3. Awe, please stay? says:

    I know a few Class A high schools who would love to rent out their outdoor fields if the vikings could fill the seats…

    Maybe they could scrimmage against the women’s underpants team? That way it’d be an even match.

  4. alfred beilin says:

    hi there hope yous had a nice xmas and heres to the new year
    a beilin

  5. What Next? says:

    Someone please explain the great need to rid the state of the Vikings. Beyond the stale argument about the new stadium I mean. If they leave, there would be, I feel, more harm than good. If you like ’em, cheer for ’em. If you don’t, don’t. But leaving is not MY first option. I could be wrong, but I have been wrong before. I have enjoyed the Vikings since they came here (or at least mostly enjoyed them).

  6. Best3800 says:

    Those that would want the Vikings to leave are not true fans of any sports of any team we have hear in Mn. They’re only concerned about that 5 bucks of their taxes will go to paying for a new stadium. Probably the same ones that wanted the Twins to go away and now love going to watch baseball on a sunny summer day

    1. What Next? says:

      @Best…THANKS! I was guessing that! Some people would not be happy if the sun rose in the east! Like I ALWAYS say, there are MANY things that my money goes to that I don’t care for, but I pay it anyway. Also, from what I can gather, public money may not be part of the new stadium package anyway. I keep will goin’ and I will keep cheerin’

      1. Northern One says:

        I am a true fan, and I support them, even through the bad times. Here’s to them staying and eventually winning a superbowl in the near future. Also, I’ll give twenty bucks out of my taxes for them to keep entertaining me HERE in Mn.

        1. Jason says:

          Go ahead give them $. Nothing like giving $ to millionaires and billionaires…..INVOLUNTARILY…. Get a clue.

        2. Simple Math says:

          Twenty bucks?

          After four Hennepin County commissioners took away the people’s right to vote, they shoved a tax for a Twins stadium up the people’s butts. It’s estimated to cost each person in Hennepin County close to ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS ($30 per year for 30 years).

          You can pay my share. How does that sound genius?

          1. What Next? says:

            Thank you for any compliment regarding IQ. Supporting something that you don’t believe in is not a function of intelligence, it is an indication that we differ in ideas, likes, dislikes, etc. Do you get it, “genius”?

  7. Kevin says:

    Better luck in 2012 in California!!!!!!!!!!

    1. v says:

      I heard your point only matters if you use 11 exclamation points.
      You only have 10. Get some passion, will ya?

      p.s. ALL CAPS makes people read louder, too.

  8. Best3800 says:

    Northern one, what next, You sound like true fans! Nice to hear some compassion instead of Whinning about who’s going to pay for it

  9. xxx says:

    To be a champion ship team the team needs the following:
    Talent –
    Talent on the field.
    Talent on offense,
    Talent on defense.
    Talent on special teams.
    Talent on the part of the coaching staff.
    Finally – perfect execution on the field.

    When these things are all met each and every week, a team will win every game.

    1. Obadiah says:

      What kind of a game does a ship team play?

  10. orrest says:

    In all the comments over the recent months only one person identified themselves as a season ticket holder. Live and die by something you follow on TV, radio, internet, or newsprint? What difference then would it make where the Vikings play?
    For a team to move to LA consider that the Rams and the Raiders both left. There is a common thread between those teams and the other poorly attended sporting events in LA, they were losing teams. The Vikings will eventually sell there 60000 tickets so there is not a blackout. In LA will a losing team sell out. Look at the history in LA. The Vikings will be here in 2012 and you have the porous secondary and oline to thank.

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