WEST DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — Michele Bachmann told a small group of supporters Tuesday night that she’s staying in the presidential race as the only true conservative who can defeat the sitting president, despite a bleak showing in the Iowa caucuses.

The Minnesota congresswoman was running in last place among six candidates as returns came in from the nation’s first Republican presidential nominating contest. But she told an anemic crowd of just a few dozen supporters, “There are many more chapters to be written on the path to our party’s nomination.”

“I believe that I am that true conservative who can and who will defeat Barack Obama in 2012,” she said.

“What we need is a fearless conservative, one with no compromises on their record on spending on health care on crony capitalism on defending America on standing with our ally Israel,” she said.

Shortly before Bachmann spoke, her campaign manager suggested she might leave the race. Asked if he could say with certainty whether she would go forward with her candidacy, Bachmann campaign manager Keith Nahigian told The Associated Press in a telephone interview, “I don’t know yet.”

He added, “It’s hard to tell, but everything is planned.”

But shortly thereafter he said she was going “full steam” ahead.

Bachmann’s showing was a sharp turn after she finished in first place in the Iowa GOP’s summer straw poll.

Before the voting began, she traveled to the backyard of her childhood to make her final appeal for support, imploring voters in her native Iowa to “reclaim our country.” But the caucus site was hardly unified. Bachmann would need more than hometown connections to pull back into contention.

“I feel sorry for her,” said Randy Herod, a retired business consultant. “She’s real nice, but this isn’t her time.”

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Comments (53)
  1. G Dog says:

    I do believe that miracles happen.

    Not this time, Michele. After you get creamed in Iowa, please take it as a sign from above.

  2. Bye bye says:

    “All the seeds we have sown ….. ”
    The weetch ate every seed in the state she could get her lips around and it still won’t be 2% lmao

    1. Bye says:

      The pitiful Red Tailed Michele Bachmann was thrown to the pigs by her own devils
      I want you to stay out the gurl ……. keep us laughing and the jokes a comin’ to the Weiny State. We got the Twins, we got Purple Mutts, and we got The Red Tailed Beetch ! A run of 100% MN Losers. yipppppppppeeeeeeee

  3. The Jig Is Up says:

    Gurl, it is SO OVER.

  4. Sick of MB up North says:

    Pack yer shi* and git!

  5. b says:

    she does she know about running a country actually what does a republican know about running a country besides giving the rich more money and giving corporations tax breaks

    1. Don't Tread on Me says:

      Ahh, the all too common short-sighted liberal argument. Never ceases to amaze me how little they will search for a comprehensive answer. The most convenient answer is always subject to change when you realize the bigger picture.

      1. Pity ya Don't says:

        They rounded her UP to 5% —— you indeed are dead on. She knows nothing and the “home state” knew it too.
        Are ya per chance a 6th District Lobotomy Job? 😉

  6. ? says:

    how come every time I see her name and read her comments I have to go take a dump?

  7. tan pup says:

    Wait folks – she could be talking about using the “Putin” method.

  8. well says:

    I really think she is mentally challenged.

    1. Dr. says:

      LOL. That’s an insult to that particular population. I would put a flat out mental illness diagnosis on this one. Something like, schizoaffective disorder secondary to grandiose delusions, NOS.

  9. Ace says:

    I wonder if there will be an earthquake, flood and tornado if she loses?

  10. See BS says:

    Michelle Bachmann is the butt of jokes on all the late shows,Jimmy Fallon, David Lettermann, Leno, Conan, Saturday Night Live and so on.

    Of course Fascist media corporations don’t want us to take Herman Cain and Michelle Bachmann seriously.

    1. Yes says:

      She’s the brunt in all places and earned every bit of it too.
      Cain – well, the prince of abusers has taken his rightful place. proof there is a God at that. 😉

    2. frankie says:

      @ SayBS. The media does not want a dictator. Dictators are generally unfriendly to media types so therefore media cannot be fascist. Now if you look at the evangelicals you might could make a fascist claim as there is little tolerance for thinking outside of their narrow lines.

      1. See BS says:

        Corporate media control over our election process and public opinion is Fascism.

        Lenin was a news paper journalist and he killed 10 million people. Benito Mussolini was a news paper journalist too.

        Adolph made movies like “Triumph of the Will” and employed mass broadcasts on Television.

        1. snowfire says:

          MB covered Iowa in person, for several months and the results tonight are a direct reflection of her in person efforts in front of her own party in the state she was born in… didn’t have anything to do with the corporate media, fascism, Lenin, Mussolini or Adolph. What’s next on your list, voter fraud?

          1. See BS says:

            You missed my point — I’m saying she has been the butt of jokes on all the National TV shows for the past year more than anyone.

            Of course she’s a joke

  11. Truth be says:

    what she is really – Butt UGLY

  12. debby says:

    SURPRISE BACHMANN…we don’t want you…please STAY in Iowa when this is finished, since you love it so.

  13. Give me Liberty says:

    I just love Michelle because she bugs liberals so much.

    1. go michele says:

      I love her because she’s the right “man” for the job, and her g@y husband is the right woman to be first lady.

    2. Iconoclast says:

      When a crazy person of limited intellect is in Washington representing you I think it’s ok to feel a little bugged by that.

    3. frankie says:

      A powerless windbag does not bother liberals. I would rather think the liberals want to keep her around to keep the GOP fractured and spending tons of money on primaries. “Give me ” must be one of the handout takers.

      1. @frankie says:

        how about when this powerless POS bothers us Republicans ?
        are you truly an idiot or just acting like one?

  14. Lori says:

    I want her to stay in the race. The longer she does, the longer she stays away from MN. Nothing could be better! I can’t wait to see her shrivel into a blubbering pool. Like the wizard of Oz!

  15. Incredulous1 says:

    The only surprise here is that ANYONE considers her a Presidential candidate at all.

    Obama O12!

  16. Kevin says:

    Wow…so many castarated liberals…so little time…..you know youd all smack that as*! Even lori and debby get squishy!!!!!

    1. Kevin says:

      Sorry…..I have a cold and accidentally took a pill meant for my dog. Rrrrrrr………rrrrrrr…..

  17. Cindy says:

    Thank God for Michele Bachmann and people like her who can save this great country.

  18. AWOLGolfer says:

    I still can’t get over that she had the stones to compare herself to Margaret Thatcher. Listen Mickey, you will never be able to hold a candle to Margaret!

  19. Rockford says:

    This is the person who would like to be in charge of reviewing our national security and then making a reasonable determination of what the signs are pointing to? Yikes!!

  20. newcraft says:

    7:55 p.m. and Fox News projecting Michele will be LAST. Not a joke. First time I’ve seen someone predicted to be last place. By a conservative media outlet, no less. And 5 minutes before the official votes were to start coming in.

    I project we’ll hear her drop out later tonight or tomorrow.

  21. Surprise!!! says:

    She’ll be the one with the surprise. Surprised that she’ll be sent packing back to her district. Fear not, she’ll still be pleasantly delusional.

  22. The Truth says:

    She is absolutely correct! I am surprised by the results so far. A month ago I never would have predicted Santorum would be leading. That’s good news for Obama, since he doesn’t stand a snowball’s chance in hades of winning a general election.

  23. Crazy Joe says:

    She has it right this time, GOD told her he made Marcus gay and she was surprised GOD has a better sense of humor than she does.

  24. crazyassnuts says:

    I like her because she makes me look smart! ouch!

  25. Jerry Frey says:

    Alexis de Tocqueville observed:

    “I do not know if the people of the United States would vote for superior men if they ran for office, but there can be no doubt that such men do not run.”


  26. TL the alligator says:

    as a concessionary offering for her failed efforts i would like to grant her one free side order of tube steak.

  27. Em's Mom says:

    She is delusional, and her advisers are doing her a disservice if they encourage her to continue. What she needs to do, if she plans to be a serious contender for the WH in future, is to go back to work and put her money where her mouth is. Having strong opinions & convictions is not enough. She needs to prove she can get stuff done. Personally, I think she’s a nut case, but she is committing political suicide if she continues, IMHO.

  28. A Voter says:

    Why start doing the right thing this late in the race?

  29. Albert Einstein says:

    Insanity: (n)
    Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results

  30. Brerwster says:

    Delusions of grandeur!

  31. anti bachmann says:

    dumb b**ch go home already it’s over

  32. Marcus says:

    Don’t worry about running home Michele, I am having a stay over souffle party for the men’s knitting club and I don’t need an angry bee ruining the atmosphere.

  33. The truth hurts says:

    Don’t blame mb, blame the nut job GOP of IOWA who just a few short months ago thought that she was the greatest thing on earth. What a shame. It’s time to start looking at the facts, not what some nut job radio show tells you.

  34. smb says:

    She’ll stay in the race. Not because of the iron in her will but because of the lead in her brain.

  35. Russell says:

    Keep burning your bridges with the GOP Michele. Hopefully people in the 6th district will finally realize how far out there you really are. Most of the angry “me-first” voters who elected you will be in awe of your selfishness on the campaign trail while there is important work to be done on Washington.

  36. Wild Ass Idealistic Liberal, WAIL says:

    You cannot fault her enthusiasm or dedication: but, she is like a clueless cheerleader shouting from the sidelines with no idea what the game is about or how it is played. She is not a player and God knows she is not fit to be the captain of the team.

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