WINONA, Minn. (WCCO) — A “Happy New Year” text landed a Minnesota woman in jail for two days.

Jennifer Bartsch, 39 of Winona, said she sent out a mass text to everyone in her phone. That happened to include a man who had a restraining order against her.

“Due to that Happy New Year text it wasn’t so happy after all,” said Bartsch.

On New Year’s Eve, Bartsch’s entire contact list of more than 50 people, received a “Happy New Year” text from her. One of those people wanted nothing to do with her well wishes.

“The next day I received a pounding at my door saying I was being arrested for violation of an order,” said Bartsch.

The violation stemmed from a restraining order Bartsch’s ex-boyfriend has against her. She said the two owned a house together, but broke up last April. Bartsch said they argued over the property repeatedly, he got a restraining order and a mass holiday text that included his number was all it took to violate that.

She’s spent the past two days in jail.

“It felt like an eternity, but it was only two days,” said Bartsch.

Bartsch got out of jail Tuesday afternoon, and has since deleted her ex-boyfriend’s number from her phone. She claims she didn’t know it was still in her phone and calls it a simple mistake. She’s hoping a judge sees it the same way.

“I work full-time, have children and I abide by the law. I can’t believe this is happening over one text. I felt I had kept my end of the bargain and hadn’t talked to him in months. Now this happens on New Year’s,” said Bartsch.

Bartsch’s next court appearance is Jan. 12. She could face a fine or more jail time. Her ex-boyfriend could not be reached for comment.

John Lauritsen

Comments (28)
  1. Billy says:

    What a joke…She spends two days in Jail for that?

  2. Billy says:

    Now-A-days you really gotta watch what you do if you don’t want to get in trouble, its like walking on egg-shells now-days.

  3. Dean says:

    w a break law enforcement and coarts dont have better things to do rather then to waste money on this and the whole time they are dealing with this there is drug dealers and sex offenders walking the streets

    1. Billy says:

      Exactly, its pathetic, isn’t it?

    2. Bud says:

      You should focus on spelling/grammar when leaving an asinine comment like that.

    3. charlie says:

      … maybe the court system has additional information about the case that makes this kind of response a “kind and gentle” reaction. Say, for example, she had last said “the next time you hear from me your family will be d3ad!” Would that justify 2 days ?

  4. Bud says:

    Nobody lost their life or was physically hurt

  5. Blog Ref says:

    Looks like Bartsch is up to her old tricks again. Court records show she was convicted of violating an order for protection as recently as June, 2011. Looks like this isn’t the first time she’s “accidentally” contacted someone she wasn’t supposed to.

  6. Just sayin says:

    Lets not blame law enforcement for this one… here’s how it works.

    Once a restraining order is signed by the Judge, it pretty much instructs a cop to arrest the violating party if the order is not followed. When she sent that text and her x-boyfriend turned her in, the cops had no choice. If they did not arrest her, the cop would be in violation of the judge’s orders. She probably spent extra time in jail because of the weekend and federal holiday.

    The cops played this one by the book…..

    1. kate says:

      Amy hasn’t been convicted. That is why the ‘book’ is different.
      If this was a man that texted a woman that had a restraining order would you have responded differently?

    2. Jay says:

      Sensers court date is Feb 6… which has NOTHING to do with this incident!

  7. Cathleen says:

    Judges do not just issue restraining orders for fighting over property. There is more to this story than she is saying. Why go on the news about it and say anything about it anyways. Sounds like she violated the order already. Stupid woman!!!

  8. Jean Zarzycki says:

    If I would have departed from someone I would have deleted that persons phone number immediately and made sure it wasn’t there. Also where was she when she sent the text to everyone. Thats a good guestion too. And I agree with Cathleen about the restraining order that there is more to this story than what has been told. Even restraining orders yes they have to do what is told but also they check to see what is on the restraining order too and that decides when and what the officer will do.

  9. idea says:

    She got her face time and now is in need of that lovable judge who shares her whims.
    Maybe we could text her and tell her to do a Monica ? But what if its a female one ? lol

  10. The Analyst says:

    This is obviously a case of too much government.

    Don’t worry, they’ll be knocking on your door soon.

    1. Frankie says:

      Spoken like someone who has no boundaries and has an order or two against them. Oxymoron for a name there buddy.

    2. mark says:

      Restraining order violation, enough said. A judge saw fit to issue one, likely over physical threats or violence and she violated it. She made an easy mistake, but that doesn’t make it any less of a violation. When you get a text it doesn’t say it was a copy all. If I got a “Happy New Year” text from an ex that had threatened me I would probably interpret it as “Here’s Johnny!” and call the police too.

      1. She's Whack says:

        That’s right, she had a restraining order against her for a reason. I say lock the crazy lady up!

  11. KegHead says:

    Another drunk.

  12. Whoops my grannie's behind says:

    She knew exactly what she was doing and she was also thumbing her nose at the judge. This is NOT her first rodeo, not even close.

  13. SP says:

    This woman spent the time in jail due to the holiday. She had to appear before a judge. Same as any one else who was jailed for any reason over the holdiay weekend. I sure am glad to see that some officers take restraining order violations seriously. I had a restraining order against my boyfriends (now husband) ex-girlfriend back in the mid 90’s. She violated it repeatedly, and nothing ever happened to her.

  14. Kevin says:

    This chick is nuts…..and not hot….who cares?

    1. idtapit says:

      Dude, who cares?….after a sixy, I’d hit it anyway.

  15. Erik says:

    Truly amazing world we live in, frivolous lawsuits, neighbors complaining of lawn shavings from each other mowing, receiving a text from an unwanted individual w/ no follow thru, parents hitting their kids as they tell the child not to hit their sibling, road rage, child obesity and only exercise is at school in phy ed while parents do nothing at home with them, and Caroline Rice (innocent mother serving time in Carver Jail) many many more.

    She should bring along the cell phone statement showing all individuals were sent a “said” text at given time… if this story is true. Her two days have been served.

    Not saying the process isn’t working, just more a nuisance as part of all this little stuff in life.

  16. Jay says:

    Personally, I think this was very vindictive of the poor x-boyfriend. Pretty damned petty. Wonder if he whines and cries about everything that doesnt go his way.

  17. yes says:

    We know nothing about the situation. It is being presented here as this guy being a big jerk but for all we know she has threatened him with violence or something…

  18. Auds says:

    I couldn’t get past the fact that she only has around 50 contacts on her cell lol