MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — If you like dogs, you might want to head to the RiverCentre in St. Paul, where more than 2,500 dogs will compete for show honors this weekend.

The dogs will compete in various classes, and you can shop for a dog at the show, too.

Gallery: Dog Show At The RiverCentre

Sue Schnarr of Snowshoe Goldens said the show is a great place to meet excellent dog breeders.

“It’s the best place to find a good breeder for the breed you wish to buy a puppy from, because these are all reputable AKC registered dogs,” she said. “It’s not a puppy mill, and it’s not a pet shop.”

While some might be shopping, many will be focused on the competition, in which breeders show dogs to earn points toward a championship. In order to become a champion, a dog has to earn 15 points.

Schnarr says that the competition heats up as the champions compete against each other in the best of breed competition.

“There will be one champion in each breed at the end of a show,” Schnarr said. “Then all those breed winners then go into what we call the groups, there are seven groups…and those seven winners then go on for best in show.”


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