ST. CLOUD (WCCO) — Police arrested a Waite Park man suspected in a burglary thanks to the help of a person who interrupted the incident, according to St. Cloud Police.

On Dec. 21, 2011, police were dispatched at 7:33 p.m. to the 700 block of 8th Avenue South for a burglary in progress call. Upon arrival, officers spoke to the victim, who told police he or she had interrupted a burglary at the residence.

The victim got into an altercation with one of the male suspects, was assaulted and items from the victim were stolen. The victim, however, was able to help police by observing the license plate of the suspect vehicle.

Later, the suspect vehicle was located by police at an apartment on the 1000 block of 7th Street North in Waite Park. There, 23-year-old Titus Cole was arrested and the stolen items were found, police said.

Cole was taken to the Stearns County Jail where he was held on numerous charges, including burglary, simple robbery, terroristic threats and interference with a 911 call.

Police say the investigation remains open and other arrests are probable.

Comments (5)
  1. Bill S says:

    O Titus, bring your friend hither…

  2. Just Sayin says:

    “Helps with arrest”??

    Sorry… the headline made me think that the victim actually helped physically arrest the siht for brains crook.

    If this is what “helping with arrest” is, then everyone who tells the police a description of the crook or a car should get the same headline.


  3. Jay says:

    How far do you think the police would have gotten had not this man gotten the license plate number?? Mind you, in most cases, this is very difficult. In this case, by having it, they were led right to the crooks door! The guy HELPED solve the burgularly in a very timely manner, which otherwie could have taken weeks,months ,or even years. He saved law enforecement a lot of valuable time. Good job!

  4. Nixon says:

    Jay-you are 100% correct in your explanation of it young man and great job. Like you said, just think of the time and expense he saved the taxpayers.

  5. fedup says:

    who would name their kid Titus, probably what led him to be a criminal.

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