MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – About a week after a Benilde-St. Margaret’s hockey player suffered a paralyzing hit, there could be another player in the Twin Cities metro facing a similar fate.

St. Croix Lutheran senior Jenna Privette suffered a serious injury in her team’s girls hockey game Friday night against the St. Paul Blades. Privette reportedly went hard into the boards by the Zamboni doors late in the third period of the game after taking a shot on goal. Privette lost feeling in most of her body immediately after the injury, according to coach Carl Lemke.

Privette’s father, Dan Privette, told WCCO-TV she was checked from behind before hitting the boards. Minnesota State High School League rules prohibit checking of any kind in girls hockey. Dan Privette said he was standing right in front of where the hit happened on the other side of the glass and is upset because no penalty was called on the play.

Privette’s mother, Penny Privette, said she knew something was wrong when she saw her daughter wasn’t moving her feet.

“We have a rule that if our kids are ever injured that they move their feet,” Penny Privette said. “And this time when she went down, there was no movement.”

Privette was taken off the ice by an ambulance to a local hospital and Lemke said she lost feeling over most of her body.  The game, which the St. Paul Blades were leading 4-3 at the time, will have to be finished at a later date.

The teams met at center after she was taken off the ice for a prayer. Privette had just returned to game action after having to sit out earlier games because of a concussion suffered during their softball season last spring.

Lemke told WCCO-TV that Privette re-injured a back injury that had kept her out of competition until December. Lemke said immediately after the injury she had no feeling over most parts of her body. Feeling returned to her left hand at about 3 a.m. Saturday and to her right hand at about 7 a.m. Privette’s father said she has suffered a spinal cord injury.

Lemke said a team of doctors will be meeting Saturday to determine the next course of treatment for Privette’s symptoms. He said a three-hour MRI performed Saturday showed no broken bones or spinal column. It is unclear if Privette will suffer long-term paralysis from the injury.

Jenna Privette is at Hennepin County Medical Center being treated, and she is in satisfactory condition.

Dan Privette said Jenna has been playing hockey since she was 4 years old, has been playing varsity hockey since seventh grade and organized a memorial at St. Croix Lutheran for Jack Jablonski, the Benilde hockey player now paralyzed after a check from behind.

A few years ago, Privette spent days in the hospital after suffering a check from behind and a spinal cord injury.

Video Of The Game

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  1. Deidre Jewell says:

    It is very unfortunate she was injured. However, she was not checked from behind. I am sure the family and the team are upset and want to lay blame but they also need to remember these are children and the opposing team is not the enemy.

    1. Inkling says:

      How can you tell if she was checked from behind? The net was obstructing view int he video.

    2. Tina Strack says:

      How can you watch that video and NOT see that this girl was CLEARLY checked from behind???? There is no way that the timing could be THAT perfect between the action of the girls stick and Jenna falling…And why would the girl lie and say she was checked??? So with watching the video and the reasonable assumption that the injured girl has no reason to lie about something like this, I think its pretty obvious that she was checked and the girl who did it should be brought up on charges…There are way too many exceptions for all sports this day in age where players break the law and suffer no legal reponsibility for their actions…Since when do our laws not apply to every aspects of life?? Makes no sense to me…

      1. John says:

        I’m not sure if you can even call that a check, a check is where you physically ram the opponet, it did not appear that happened. It looked more like a trip, but the video is inconclusive and there was definitely no ill will attempted during the play. Its a game, these things, unfortunate as they are, happen.

        1. Tinas says:

          The girl didnt have the puk.l..and lets not be so literal here….The girl was hit or pushed in some way you can tell by the natural reaction of her body…When someone just “falls on their own” their head does NOT jolt back violently like that BEFORE they fall…Bottom line is this other player made a dirty move and should be held accountable for her actions on the ice and in court!!

          1. Unknown says:

            Just to make it clear to you in girls hockey checking is not allowed, BODY CONTACT is. SECOND the girl was going to make a hockey play (the puck) and made contact in a one goal game in the third period with Jenna. Personally it could have been a boarding, or trip from the small contact made but it is unclear from the video. With the officials and off ice personnel that were interviewed deeming it was a legal play should silence your criticism. It is a VERY unfortunate incident but this kind of thing happens in hockey.

            and P.S on the issue with charging the girl in court, let me mind you that hockey is a contact sport. By your logic every football player would be in court for their hits. These plays fall with in the MSHSL rule book, unpunished by law. The only plays you could even consider bringing up in court is if a kid swings there hockey stick across another kids face.

            1. Tinas says:

              Obviously, you should go and REread the article as well as my comments…I do not care what the “officials” deemed it as…It is clear to me and a lot of other people that this girl was hit beyond an allowable level of force game policy etc. So those are the illegal plays in ANY sport which lead to major harm to the other person in which I feel should be charged with…THEN and only then will sports get back to the way they should be…Good CLEAN fun!!!

            2. Tinas says:

              Also, you would be doing yourself a huge favor by going to a Websters and looking up the word Contact Sport…I promise you no where in there will you see that it has excessive force or down right dirty plays as part of the “contact”…So I guess your going to next tell me that all the fists thrown (not including boxing, before u become even more technical on me,.,..) and name calling that goes on, that on the STREETS would get you ARRESTED are part of the so called “contact sport” that your speaking of……

              1. Unknown says:

                Well considering the fact that the officials know more then probably anyone on and especially off the ice they clearly know what they are talking about. It was no where even CLOSE to a dirty hit. The other girl in NO way charged Jenna. you can keep saying that all you want But there was no force contact made. YES the other girl May have made contact with her but it does not at all seem to be a dirty hit. The officials, the MSHSL, AND the coaches (both teams) all said it was clear that it was not a dirty hit and that the other girl will not receive a penalty. and let me just make it clear to you that I DID look up CONTACT SPORT.

                contact sport
                A sport, such as football, hockey, or boxing, that involves physical contact between players as part of normal play.

                so here are the facts again. YES someone probably made contact with her. Yes she might have been pushed, touched, moved into the boards. YES it was VERY sad what happened. BUT IT WAS NOT A DIRTY PLAY. IT WAS NOT EXCESSIVE FORCE, says every high up person in the league of hockey. I promise you they know what they are talking about. ESPECIALLY the officials. They know they make mistakes, They know they miss calls and they DO admit their faults but they are all sure she was not injured by “dirty play’ or “excessive force”. You really think that they would PURPOSELY NOT call a play when a young girl gets hurt or injured. They are there to help make sure that stuff doesn’t happen. and if it does and it was a BAD PLAY, or “DIRTY PLAY” I assure you they will call it either then or after review. And they are still saying it was not a dirty play.

                I am not trying to do anything but give you the facts. again I say it is SO sad what has happened to her and I really hope for the best and that she regains all feeling again.

        2. David G says:

          John you really are blind or must just really not be very intelligent is is VERY clear she was hit. Unless she decided to jump towards the boards at the exact moment the other girl “came near her”. Don’t be ignorant John, you just sound stupid.

          1. Mike Zadra says:

            I watched it 15 times and have to say that it is almost impossible to get a good reading. There is a sound which coincides with the fall that sounds like boards being hit, but I think that is just some stupid noise making. I tried to see if the glass moved, and whether it did or didn’t seems to rely on what you are thinking about before you view the video. She could have been hit. Could have been tripped. Could have fallen on the puck for all we know. If you had to stake a life on the right decision? Inconclusive!

    3. wolvm says:

      Hit from behind. Not a check more of a push to get better puck position.
      This is a contact support accidents do happen. Intentional ? I believe not.
      # 7 you need to offer your support to the family and player.

  2. Journeyone says:

    JJ, I couldn’t agree more. I have never understood this sport, when you watch the highlights of HS or professional hockey, you would think fighting on the ice is the ultimate goal, no pun intended. Please don’t tell me to go to a game, I don’t like boxing wrestling or hockey all three are fighting. This is what sportsmanship is?

    1. Normal Person says:

      You have got to be kidding me. Ban the sport? Really? Yeah that is a great way to solve every problem. Let’s ban eating too, because that kills some people as well.

    2. It's fighting all right says:

      Isn’t football a form of fighting too–tackling, hitting, broken bones, knees and ankles and concussions?

      Ban this sport right after the vikings move.

      1. wheelz says:

        Ban life, life is killing all of us. No one gets out alive, EVER!

        1. Tinas says:

          this is such an unintelligent response…Its one thing to get hurt during a regular play, but this is not one of those cases…Its ignorant people like you who continue to tolerate and accept this sort of behavior that ruins it for others including this girl who was hurt…

  3. its go time says:

    I feel bad for the this family and the Benilde family but what is the shock about? The sport is hockey….its a dangerous sport as are several others. When you or your child play a sport you take on the risks….just like driving a car….you don’t see stories on the news of teenagers who get paralyzed in car accidents. It happens but its an assumed risk of driving so it doesn’t make the news. Sport injuries should be no different. My heart goes out the these people but they chose to play the sport…you never think it will happen to you but these aren’t the first two kids to ever get permanent injuries in sports.

    1. Torey says:

      Cause people never think about the risks anymore n when something ends up happening they act like they had no idea something like this could happen n then wanna throw law suits. I feel bad for the family but its a violent sport… you should have known the risks when you signed up for it.

      1. Inkling says:

        I agree. Their daughter had already had a spinal injury from the sport, and more recently had a concussion from a different sport. At some time parents must hold themselves responsible for what they have allowed to happen to their child. They shouldn’t even be allowed to file a suit.

        1. SouthernGirl says:

          I agree with you… She’s already had a spinal injury… why take a chance on being injured again?? Makes no sense to me… but then again, I live in the South, so Hockey isn’t really a sport down here.. 🙂

        2. Tinas says:

          THe fact that the child had been injured previously is irrelevant, it still does NOT change the fact that the other girl assulted her…regardless of of previous injuries…If the girl had not hit her, she would not have gotten hurt point blank and period…

    2. Inkling says:

      Playing in a sport is not even comparable to driving a car. People learn to drive because it is a necessary skill to learn as part of a person’s survival. Playing sports is not. You DO see stories all the time about teens being paralyzed and killed in cars, and many states are making new laws that require teens to go through professional driving courses. There are many other restrictions like making them drive with a permit with a licensed adult, (over 21), for at least one year before they will be allowed to get a license to drive alone. Some states have restrictions that will not allow a teen under the age of 18 to have more than one friend in the car. The point that I am getting at is this; Driving laws have had to change as more knowledge has been gained about how dangerous it is for inexperienced teens, the same should apply to ALL sports. Changes should be made to the rules, (and there have been many), but they are slow to come. It has only been after much spinal and brain injury has occured. The professional sports leagues don’t want to admit that they need to make changes. The bottom line is the almighty dollar, and they are so afraid of losing revenue that they refuse to admit there are problems that need to be addressed.

  4. Another one says:

    Suck it up wh!ners. Life is full of risks. Let’s start a fund for her.

    1. Lets get a fund going and cease the crying says:

      I could not agree more – you play a sport – any sport – knowing there is potential for injury. Walking on ice to your car or home = same potential. Life is a game of risk.
      What I am unsure of is why did she return to a sport if she had just come back from an injury in another sport and it’s to assume THIS sport is the culprit. I get her Dad’s reaction – my son was hurt badly with a compound leg fracture in football. He was out 2 years – he came back knowing it could happen anytime again. He loved the game – you can get injured. In anything

      1. Inkling says:

        Did you miss the part of the story that stated she already had a spinal injury from hockey 4 years ago when she was checked from behind? Who paid for THAT injury, and why did her parents allow her to play when she had already been badly injured in her spine? A better question would be, Why do the leagues allow ANYBODY to play again after serious injury to the spine, neck, or head?

    2. Wow... says:

      Let’s start a fund for me too. Just because.

  5. Sam says:

    The Familys should Sue tha kids the did the hits and the MNHS lige should get sued! The players should get kicked out for life!

    1. @sammydoll says:

      Sam – where you a frustrated runt who played with dolls? I suspect so —- you play a sport you take a chance

      1. anti bachmann says:

        ya i think sam the doll sounds like somebody that wants to breeze through life by sueing somebody (punk)

      2. Tinas says:

        yet another moronic response….Again…if the girl had NOT hit the girl and did such a DIRTY illegal in the eyes of the sport AND the law, then this girl Jenna would be FINE….I do not get why so many people are so tolerant of violence of this degree just because “its a game”…When in fact if this had been an action on the streets, the assulting party would have been charged with a violent crime and served jail time….What makes it ok to behave in such a violent malicious manner just because they are playing a sport??? Its STILL illegal

        1. Duh says:

          She shouldn’t be playing if she has had previous traumatic back injuries.

    2. J-$ says:

      yeah lets sue every time a kid turns their back to an oncoming hit because they are too scared to play the sport right and that’s to play not scared, if you can’t handle checks or bumps get off the ice,

  6. Sam says:

    I An A hockey Player!

    1. @Sam says:

      You must have been hit a few too many times then.

    2. anti bachmann says:

      to sam the doll
      playing hockey on a air hockey table doesnt make you a hockey player (punk)

  7. Austin says:

    Ohh my 🙁 We just had to go threw someone last week Jack13 #JABS and now this happens to you! Ill be praying and I really hope God gives you a chance to play again. “You dont need to know someone to pray for them”

  8. OC says:

    Agreed. I reduced the rate of the video as well as zoomed in, and she was not cross checked or pushed, it looks like the only contact was with her, the boards and the opposing players stick. She also did try to get up after falling, so the report that she lost feeling is a little fishy. I wish we could get an update from the doctors, not the family.

    1. tr says:

      I think you need to look again…she is drilled by a shoulder and goes flying. Not saying it was on purpose…but the video shows it.

      1. Slappy says:

        This looks like a slow, not very vicious play for such an injury.

  9. devel says:

    reminds me of the Jack-ass movies…..stupid – stupid – stupid…..ppl will do anything for kicks, even play hockey……

  10. TL the alligator says:

    hockey is the only sport where for over 50 years violence is expected, encouraged, anticipated and glorified…..especially the fist fights that are allowed to go on unpunished and allowed…..with this culture of unsportsman like conduct and violence it is no surprise that youths will attempt to do the same…..just look at the last violent goon who died, Booregaard, he had considerable brain damage from his ignorant stupid behaviors and which ultimately cost him his life……the object with many players is to be as aggressive as possible and as physical as possible including checking from behind which is where most injuries occur…..as long as the ignorant aggressiveness is tolerated there will be more uneccesary injuries.

    1. hoolahibiscus says:

      you’re an idiot.

    2. jackactionhero says:

      TL, you don’t have the slightest clue what you’re talking about…


    3. Inkling says:

      To me, it looked like the player that came from the left might’ve caused her to fall, but didn’t have anything to do with the other player’s stick that was standing to the right of her. If that player’s stick hit her it was probably not intentional, but was a result of the player on the left skating between them and the goal..

  11. Slim says:

    All the skeptical comments are being deleted. What’s with that?

  12. self made victims says:

    As another said… It seems fishy. She has a history of being injured. She just came back from another injury in a different sport. It wasn’t a check from behind. The other student is suddenly getting attention and funds.

    1. HockeyPro says:

      Even if it is suspicious, the past history must be examined to know full picture I don’t think that someone would risk or want to get the penalties for medical fraud this will be reviewed by insurance-hospital-and medicare ?

  13. current teammate says:

    I know this girl on a personal level. She is a fighter. Do NOT go discriminating on something you dont know about. At the end of the game we prayed and said for the girl who hit her it wasnt your fault. We do not see them as the enemy. Even so, the opposing team was playing cheap all game and didnt recieve many penalties. Jenna is a loving person and only wishes that we would have kicked their butt the last 1:48 of the game. And as for the toleration of aggressiveness? Last time i heard there was no checking in girls hockey. Get your facts straight.

    1. think about it..... says:

      If she had all these injuries before, wouldn’t it had made more sense to stay off the ice? Yes, she’s a fighter but is this game worth risking a serious injury after she already had a spinal chord injury once? I do pray that she comes out of this ok, I wouldn’t wish something like this on anyone’s child. But with the amount of injuries she has had……alittle common sense may have been the better of valor here….

  14. Unlucky says:

    This girl is snake bit. A couple years ago she spent the season in a wheelchair and neck brace, now this says she missed softball with a concussion and the first part of this hockey season with a back injury. Now a week after the high-profile boys injury, the same thing happens to her. That’s a lot of bad luck right there.

  15. surprise says:

    I think someone is crying wolf

    1. Tinas says:

      Im sorry but I very seriously doubt that a teenage girl would be able to pull off fooling a full Doctoring staff nurses friends family etc…Come on now…Think before you type…

  16. Skeptical says:

    Look at the video again. You can see her lift her right leg and drop it back down after she has been down a couple seconds. Not sure if that is possible if you can not feel your legs.

  17. Thinking before speaking says:

    What is this world coming to? We should be supporting the family and lending sympathy instead of doubting the injury and pointing fingers. We cannot make assumptions based on the video footage in which the goalie is blocking the view. Unless you have figured out a way to run neurological tests through a video I believe we must trust the statements of the family and medical staff.

    1. BiddiBop says:

      Well said! I am shocked at some of the comments on here!!!!

  18. J-$ says:

    agreed, let me guess j j you play basketball? where you get a penalty when you get breathed on? and a foul is called whenever someone drives the hoop? get a life and leave hockey to the people who have a set

    1. Inkling says:

      Have a set of what? THIS player was a female. She played other sports too. You don’t have to be a guy to love sports or be good at them. All of my nieces played various sports and were excellent at them, (even playing in state competitions and winning). Some people just don’t like sports, others do. My brother played sports, but I’ve never played in ANY sport. To each their own. They have not interested me since I coached them in high school. I don’t understand why some people get so wound up while watching some of them that they get into fights. I don’t understand that mentality. I also don’t understand why some players act so aggressively when they play. It is, after all, just a game…Perhaps the money has something to do with it.
      The player WAS seriously injured in a game a few years ago when she was checked from behind and suffered spinal injury. She should’ve stopped playing THEN. A responsible parent would not allow their child to risk permanent paralysis after a spinal injury, but they took that risk Recently, she suffered a concussion during softball which took her out for a while. It was writing on the wall that her ticket would come up where she was permanently injured. She must’ve felt the pleasure of playing a competitive sport was worth it. I hope she recovers, but I also hope that if she fully recovers that she decides to stop taking the risk and give up competitive sports. Some people need to be smart enough to know when to quit.

  19. Shawn K says:

    In football if you see the back of someones jersey you don’t hit or touch that person at all. It’s an automatic penalty if you hit someone from behind. Football has done a done a good job with this. Everyone knows if you see the players last name on the jersey you leave them alone. Sure it happens time and again but it really has created a good no touch culture.

  20. to J.J. says:

    They ought to ban your comments!

  21. Sgt says:

    Love Hockey, Checking is part of the game. Dont change it.
    Why was this girl given the go ahead to play with old back injures & a concussion.

    1. Pacific moderate says:

      Checking is not part of the girls’ game at any level Sgt.

  22. HockeyLame says:

    Im a Little skeptical, but also hockey is a horrible sport to watch, and any parent that lets their kids play hockey is wasting their time and money, hands down most boring thing in the world. I’d rather be checked in the back 20 times than watch a whole game of hockey.

    1. jackactionhero says:

      I’d rather check you from behind 20 times than listen to your senseless drivel on this comment board anymore…

  23. touch of truth for ya... says:

    Are you kidding me??? This was a shoulder to shoulder hit. Plus, let me get this straight…she had a concussion from softball PLUS a previous spinal cord injury??? What was she even doing on the ice?? My daughter played ice hockey for 12 years and the first concussion she would have been off permanently!! NO sport would be worth sacrificing a permanent injury. These parents need to ask themselves why they allowed her back on the ice. No, there IS no checking allowed (supposedly) in high school girls hockey. But before you pass judgement go see a girls games and you will need a calculator to count the number of checks made during that game. Oh yeah, some parents will say…”MY child don’t check…” yeah right. It doesn’t matter what school or what end of town, it’s going on.

  24. ceazyassnuts says:

    Im disappointed in the lack of compassion here! Not all injuries are visible and how low can we be condemning a kid! Believe me it life is short and things happen! now like my Momma always says, if you can’t say something nice say nothing at all!

    1. Can't believe you all. says:

      Totally agree.

  25. Bob says:

    Looks like a St. Paul player tripped her with her stick and she fell hard. It’s obvious that there’s a lot of tense feelings and her father says she was in the corner and checked from behind. While we all feel and pray for her, when you hear inaccuracies from a parent, that gets the ire of many people. Sucks for her to have had a previous spinal injury from hockey and a concussion from softball. In sports, things happen. Sometimes certain games are more physical than other games. That’s part of the game. I hope she gets well soon as no one wants to see this.

  26. Can't believe you all. says:

    Do all of you really have nothing better to do that criticize this poor girl? No matter what happened she is suffering and hurt. You don’t know her at all, neither do I, but I can at least sympathize with her. Why is it your job to judge her and what she is going through. You don’t need to criticize the sport, nor the girl. Leave her and her family alone and stop accusing her. What is the outcome of saying such terrible things? Does it make you feel better? Are you really that lame? Let her be. Maybe try thinking about other people before yourself. What a concept. It doesn’t matter how it happened or whether or not she got checked, but I do know people that know her and she IS suffering. Next time you’re suffering think about if a bunch of people you didn’t know were skeptical of how you are feeling and what you are going through. Give it a rest.


    1. jackactionhero says:

      Your comment is out of line. “All of us” are not criticizing anybody.

  27. annoymous says:

    I feel bad for her, I really do but I went to school with this girl and to be honest she was always the type that craved attention from many people. I am not saying that she is faking this or asked for this, but if you know her…well it is safe to say that this is typical for Jenna. I will be praying for her though, I feel horrible about the incident…she recently had a cuncussion back when she played softball and now this…yikes

  28. Steven says:

    The truth will come out eventually with those in the wrong exposed. Important to make sure this girl is OK first of all and refs at the game saw it first hand calling penalty. After all, they were watching puck play – tracking along where puck goes Rely on them and hope for this to be a non-long term injury

  29. Dean says:

    Look up Munchhausen Syndrome.

  30. Really says:

    Have dealt with this family = skeptical.

  31. The truth says:

    Evidence shows there was little or no contact, no check from behind, the side or front.
    The “Livid” reaction from the family is revealing. This type of defensive reaction usually means someone is hiding the truth/caught lying.
    Something is just not right….someone needs to dig into the history people have mentioned above. Given enough time people usually trip up on the pile of lies they leave behind.

  32. Stan says:

    The sad reality is that the family does need help and the recovery is very, very long. As a practicing psychiatrist the hallmark signs of MSbP. DSMIV(Below)
    In the Munchausen by Proxy syndrome, an adult care-giver makes a child sick by either fabricating symptoms or actually causing harm to the child, thereby convincing not only the child but others, including medical providers, that their child is sick. All of the reports, family history and recent events confirm that this family is and likely has been sick for years.
    I am sad to see another case and am concerned for all that have been fooled by this latest “Sickness”.

  33. chris says:

    So you all say she was not checked? Please, explain to me how her body went flat up against the glass and then down to the ground? Last time i checked, if you fall on your own accord you fall to the ground. Not flat against a vertical object then go to the ground.
    Then all you people whole love to be internet tough guys calling people idiots for expressing their opinions are just as l”idiotic” then.
    Also if she got turned around and then got slammed into from behind that should be allowed? Nothing to stop the other player from at least attempting to stop, especially since the player that got hit didn’t even have that dumb black urinal cake with her. So i hope every time you are out on the ice so one checks you from behind into the glass and maybe one day your opinion may change.

  34. Steve says:

    So the one girl comes in behind her from the right, slams her from behind into the wall, and that’s not a check from behind?

  35. Craig J. Workman says:

    First and foremost I hope that both of these young athletes who were injured experience a full recovery. Not all people care for, or enjoy all sports. I’m not a big hockey fan – but that doesn’t mean I want the sport banned. What’s important is that all sports have proper rules and equipment to keep the participants safe and free from serious injury at all ages and levels of play.

  36. JULIE says:


  37. Gary says:

    All you need to do is watch her head as it snaps bach , ,
    looks like a bad case of whiplash to me and her head was
    a bit down when it hit the glass . . She was back checked
    for sure ..

  38. John says:

    Definitely leg-hooked. Caught her as they skated by. Too bad but that’s the game.

  39. John says:

    She was clearly hit . It may of been more from the side and leg than back but she was hit.
    If she lost feeling shortly before she should not of been playing to begin with. Her parents need to get her into something else if it is not too late already

  40. It doesn't matter says:

    I think she messed up when she tried to save herself on the boards [read: speculation]. Clearly the video is poorly shot and optical zoom really shouldn’t be used.

    The only point worth making is that the parents need to support their daughter. Being upset with the officials, other players, etc is a waste of your time.

    I read that she had suffered a similar injury four years ago, and it left her similarly unable to move for a couple days. Wow, bravo parents. BRAVO.

    Whether or not she was hit is irrelevant.

  41. Jmom says:

    Hmmmmm, Everybody needs to watch the first video, not the second one, they make it in slow motion and clearly shows she hits the board, the smaller video is so quick and small you can’t tell, but the other video clearly shows she hit the board.

  42. krystal says:

    Am I the only one that thinks that the “if youre injured, move you feet” rule is bull? If you’re injured you should NOT be moving unless an EMT or Athletic Trainer says so. I understand that the parents want to know if theyre okay, but any movement if youre injured could make an injury worse.

  43. Dave Angelo says:

    It says something when there is NO checking in girls hockey. If she was already had a spinal imjury, why would this be no surprise? It’s super unfortunate, but she should of never been cleared to play.

  44. natural links says:

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