MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Many of us struggle with balancing family and work responsibilities, but it’s been a different balancing act for Minnesota Congressman Chip Cravaack.

He is running for re-election in Minnesota’s 8th Congressional District. But Cravaack faces the daunting prospect of working in Washington, living in Minnesota and commuting to see his wife and sons — who are age 8 and 10 — in New Hampshire. The move came after his wife’s promotion.

The move has some critics wondering how Cravaack can handle it all. Opponents are expected to attack Cravaack on the issue.

“It’s not unlike working for the airlines and being a military reservist,” responded Cravaack on WCCO Sunday Morning. “I would come home, switch uniforms, go out and do active duty in the Navy for four or five days.

“We are used to this lifestyle. I had to support my wife. She does very well at what she does. She is a career woman,” Cravaack continued. “She tried to commute from the east coast. It just didn’t work. Our kids suffered for it. We decided we are parents first, and we are going to do what is in the best interests of our children.”

Another hurdle Cravaack faces is that he doesn’t know what his district’s boundaries will be, but there at least he has company. A five-judge panel will be announcing new boundaries on all of Minnesota’s congressional districts by Feb. 21.

Comments (6)
  1. Mark says:

    Dear Chippy;

    Don’t worry. You will be able to move yourself to New Hampshire very soon to be with your family. The citizens and families of Minnesota’s eighth congressional district deserve so much better than the (lack of) leadership you have shown our state.

    1. Vince says:

      right…… another tax and spend spend lib would really help us.

    2. dan says:

      Oh please open it up for Oberstar to run again.

  2. Georgia says:

    His personal life is in New Hampshire so that’s where he lives. He can surely run for office there if that’s his choice of occupation. It seems apparent and I’d say the same thing if he were a Democrat.

  3. MAJ says:

    Oberstar’s personal life is in Maryland and you 8th District people kept voting him into office. He only used the family homestead as an address in the 8th District.

  4. frozenrunner says:

    Any member of congress really lives near Washington DC as hopefully the majority of the work they do should be in Washington. Congress has become a year around job. Cravaak’s justification for continuing to represent the area is flimsy at best. So is Tarryl Clarks. That is politics at a low point. They will do anything for power. See the story on the GOP finances

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