When I was younger, going to the bowling alley was commonplace. My friend’s parents were in bowling leagues so we’d just tag along and hang out for a few hours.

Back then, a plate of waffle fries served as our babysitter and occasionally if we looked especially restless, we would score chicken fingers and cherry Coke, making us very happy.


(credit: Crystal Grobe)

Luckily for my adult self, I don’t have to eat chicken fingers and waffle fries to enjoy the bowling alley; there are so many more options now. Flatbread with chicken, bacon and avocado at Pinstripes in Edina, The Nook’s Juicy Lucy at Ran-Ham Bowling in St. Paul and WCCO gourmet popcorn at Memory Lanes in south Minneapolis. Elsie’s in northeast Minneapolis is hard to resist too, especially when their website boldly asks, “Do you think that all bowling center food is the same? Think again.”

Sure there’s still the traditional bowling alley serving the food we enjoyed as kids, but it’s nice to know the alternatives when looking for not only a fun game of bowling, but a great meal as well.

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  1. harry says:

    “The Best Kept Secret,” which it should NOT be, in Northern MN. at Park Rapids is Lori-Lanes. Not only is there great bowling lanes, excellent pizza and chicken, but in one portion of this large building is a Superb Authentic Mexican delight called Chalupa Charlie’s. It features the tremendous tasting “El Grande Burrito.! On the menu are other wonderful Mexican dleights such as, Porquito Special Plate, Enchaladas, Mexican Rice, and flavor filled beans. Once one “Savors The Mexican Flavors” of Chalupa Charlie’s the taste buds will zing with excitement. In the mood for bowling and a great dining experience? Then head for Park Rapids, MN, just a little South of Walker, MN, and treat yourself to Lori-Lanes. This is an unforgettable experience one will come back to time and time again. Pack up the family, ready yoursef for authentic Mexican flavors, spicy hot or to your taste, and get the “Taste Buds” available for a superb treat.

  2. Crystal Grobe says:

    Fantastic! Thanks for sharing, Harry!