NORTHFIELD, Minn. (WCCO) — At 87 years old, Pat Hanzlik has her fair share of success stories. But there’s one thing that’s eluded her for decades, until this year.

“I’m kind of overwhelmed,” said Pat Hanzlik, who won her fantasy football league.

After a quarter century of playing fantasy football, Hanzlik won her league’s Super Bowl.

“I have no tricks, I’m just lucky,” she said.

Years of experience may have given her an edge.  She understands the importance of pre-draft research.

“I like reading about players. I follow that,” said Hanzlik.

“She did her homework. She’ll be modest, but she knows what she’s doing,” said Kevin Hanzlik, Pat’s son.

Choosing Calvin Johnson and picking up Cam Newton were no brainers that secured the win. If anything, it’s technology that’s been Pat’s biggest challenge.

“Years ago, I went with newspapers and magazines. Now it’s TV and the Internet,” said Pat.

She relied on her son Kevin to guide her through.

“She may say she’s computer illiterate, but she’s got things taped on her computer to go over,” said Kevin.

Some might even call it a conflict of interest. Mother and son faced off in this year’s championship game.

“70-48, that’s kind of a whomping,” she said.

“I was rooting for grandma,” said Quinn Hanzlik, Pat’s granddaughter. “I think it’s cool that my grandma, who’s 87 and female, won fantasy football.”

Like a true competitor, Pat’s already thinking of next season.  But, she’s proven in fantasy football, she is in a league of her own.

Pat thinks New England and Green Bay will win the next round of playoff games. She’s also no stranger to March Madness.

Comments (11)
  1. pammypam says:

    Grandma knows her football, you go girl!

  2. ddddddd says:

    Good for you Granny!

  3. Linda says:

    Oh, Mad Dog, get a life. It’s just a nice story about an 87 year old lady doing something fun! Good for her!

  4. Brian says:

    Mad Dog is only upset because he/she didn’t win.

  5. Laurie says:

    Yeah Mad Dog, just a nice story! Don’t know too many 87 year old women that play fantasy football ~ do you? Good for Grandma!

    1. Mad Dog says:

      No I have better things to do with my time. Like I wrote above it took her 25 years to win. I quess thats better then the Vikings.

  6. ahab says:

    I think Mad Dog is a sad lonely creature, who posts outrageous comments just to get a converstion started. Congratulations! It worked.

  7. Wow what a story. says:

    Let me get this right. An older lady who has nothing else to do pretty much but study football, study players, and watch football wins her Fantasy football league and this is a big story???? Yeah good for her but I seen this on the news the other day and she had an 8-4 record before playoffs. That just shows she’s in a league that people don’t really know what players to pick. The winner of my league had an 11-1 record. Again, good for her but to be on the 10:00 news and on WCCO’s webpage just shows people are looking for a feel good story. Whatever floats your boat I guess. She also goes out on a limb and picks the Packers and Patriots to win this weekend….I bet nobody else guessed that.

  8. ginamarie33 says:

    Personally I liked this story, but I guess everyone can have their cranky moments, too. Kudos to yours.