MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A key lawmaker said electronic pul ltabs are “gaining steam” as the preferred funding source for a new Vikings stadium.

State Sen. Julie Rosen, said e-pull tabs are emerging as a favorite among proposed funding sources.

“We’ve had many meetings with the [State] Gambling Board and the commissioners from Revenue and Finance and everybody seems to be very comfortable with the figures. So I think — in a bipartisan way — we can move with that funding for a financing option,” said the Republican senator from Fairmont, Minn.

NewsRadio 830 WCCO’s Steve Murphy Reports

It’s estimated that e-pull tabs could generate an additional $60 million a year in charitable gambling taxes.

Rosen is part of a stadium working group that met for six hours Wednesday night. There’s still no agreement however, and Rosen said it’s unlikely they’ll have a plan in place by the time the legislature opens its 2012 session next Tuesday.

A parcel of land near the Basilica of St. Mary in downtown Minneapolis is getting a lot of attention as the site.

The pastor, Rev. John Bauer, has expressed concerns about traffic, construction and other issues and Governor Dayton has indicated he’ll speak with the priest on Friday.

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  1. Real Talk says:

    I would effin glady swap all the welfare and other entitlement programs to fund the Vikings stadium.

    We can reward these lowlifes for having more kids by giving more handouts…yet God forbid we help pay for a stadium to keep a MN tradition in this state.

    These are the exact same morons who were fine letting the North Stars go…then clammored for a new team a few years down the road. Pathetic.

    1. Sarcasm says:

      Well I don’t want to have to help pay fractions of a penny to keep our states football team every time I get drunk and gamble, that’s BS. I’d rather us use all of our $750,000,000.00 in bond money to build a bunch of little stadiums and civic centers, spruce up some of the roads and bridges, and create 22,000 temporary union only jobs because that sounds like a much better idea.

    2. Really, its simple says:

      How about neither. No hand-outs to welfare slobs or million-billion aires? Stop taking tax payer money and redistributing it. Let the free market prevail. How about we focus on those things that really make MN better…like education (once we get rid of the teachers-union, like improve public service, once we get rid of the government-job-leach union and get out state back on track!!!

      1. rick says:

        the free market has spoken, Los Angles is willing to pay and are a long way down the site selection and design mode. Are we willing to match or get close to the free market bid of LA? If not we can root for the LA Vikings, or what ever they will be called, just like most of us root for the Lakers. Let California have the tax dollars and economic benefits of the Vikings and the super bowls that follow a new stadium.

    3. econ says:

      Every one must know that there is a massive economic benefit to having the Vikings here, the question is how much of that benefit are we willing to give back to the team to keep them here? If they leave it will cost us more than if we had funded the entire stadium! The question should be, what is the minimum amount of extra money we can kick in to get them to stay here. The NFL is not expanding so if they leave we will not get a new team. And the NFL has said that one and maybe two teams should be in LA, are we willing to let one of those teams be ours.

  2. Allen says:

    Losers funding losers?

    There’s a certain poetic justice there.

    However, if this scheme doesn’t work, the taxpayers are on the hook..

    Let’s do it this way: If it pulls in 60 million a year, we run it for 10 years and we’ll have 600 million dollars. No risk to the taxpayers that way. Can Ziggy the Pinhead wait that long?

    1. STP says:

      Yea because anyone who actually enjoys watching and attending sports venues must be a complete loser. What makes your preference of entertainment so much more superior to enjoying sports?

      1. Guy says:

        Because !I! pay for MY entertainment instead of asking for everyone else to do it.

        1. STP says:

          Strippers don’t count guy… and if you’ve ever been to a zoo, a museum, a ballpark, a library, a recreation center, a convention center, or if you’ve even driven on roads to get to your entertainment then no… you have not in every aspect paid for your own entertainment.

          1. Guy says:

            Projecting YOUR entertainment critera AGAIN; eh STP? BEEEP! Wrong answer; but here is a cookie for trying. I paid for my chess set (and other games). I paid for my computer & computer games – THOSE are MY entertainment.

            1. STP says:

              Okay, okay. The stripper comment wasn’t necessarily called for, my bad. I guess it was the wrong answer because apparently you don’t get out much. I don’t care for cookies but thanks anyways. Some people have other means of entertaining themselves aside from sitting at home playing chess and computer games though chess is a great game and I have nothing against computer games either. I understand your frustration in regards to this matter I just don’t share it with you. There are plenty of projects that my taxpayer dollars get spent on that I don’t really care for either so you’re not the only one.

        2. randy says:

          Why do you people always think you’re PAYING for a new stadium? It’s a LOAN just like the state’s given out to NWA, Daytons, the Mpls convention center, etc…… once a funding source has been determined, mostly likely gambling of some sort, the people gambling will pay for the stadium,and the money get’s paid back to the state…….

          1. Crack? says:

            Randy, how stupid are you. The state borrows money, through issuing bonds, then pays the interest and principles on the bonds. The money isn’t free idiot. It is paid back to those that buy bonds…with interest. The “speculative hope” is that the city, county, state, etc. can actually collect the money through taxes. So tax money collected for 30 year is set aside to repay the debt. Gambling will not pay for the stadium.

  3. amos says:

    This is ridiculous. We have to pay for Zygi’s wants while many of our needs don’t get met? Why in heaven’s name do people think the state of MN (ah, that’d be us) owe Zygi a living, much less a profit, much less an EXTRA $41 million a year in profit????

    What is wrong with you???????

    1. Stop Crying says:

      Soooo… you must gamble a lot to be so outraged by this particular option of funding for a stadium. Or did you skip the article and go straight to ranting?

    2. nancee says:

      Inebriated tailgaters have rights too ya know. Look at the revenue the liquor stores would lose. What about the paint stores? Don’t they deserve to make a living? And the pharmaceutical companies, look at the losses they would suffer if the demand for aspirin and hangover medicine declined!

      And there’s employment to be considered. What else would the police do on Sundays? Sure the donut shops may see a slight increase in business but we’d have all these idle cops to contend with. That could spell trouble for some of our relatives.

      And what about our sanitation engineers? Where do you think they would be able to find a comparable amount of refuse to clean up? It would be insane!

      Another thing to consider. Our politicians. Do you actually think they could live on the meager wages the state pays them? They would have to get real jobs if there isn’t a little fluff in it for them.

      No amos, I’m afraid you need to think this thing through. Every state requires a certain level of poverty, pot holes, criminal activity, and greed in order to play in the big leagues. If we lose the Vikings, we will lose that balance in our state, the very essence of being known as rubes throughout the world. We may even lose lutefisk, smelt, goose droppings, hot dishes, and the very fiber that makes us so willing to hand our wallets over to an outstate billionaire and to praise our politicians for forcing the unwilling donators to cough up all they have too.

      Sorry, amos, we can’t let free enterprise get a hold in this state.

      1. GHL says:

        No nancee, we do not need football fans to maintain that balance that you speak of. That’s what minorities are for, and by saying so, I am being no more stereotypical or judgmental that you are.

  4. You're missing the big picture here folks... says:

    Adding a new funding source for anything is nothing less than a new way to grow government. But to what end????

    Sure, today the funds go to paying for a stadium. The next thing you know is there’s a new funding source for people who want XYZ (pick your favorite government program). Once the stadium is built, all that money will go towards the next logical growth idea for government. What happens if that funding source runs out? Who picks up the tab?

    Remember the state lottery? How long did that last before the general fund swooped in and gobbled up that source of income?

    Remember the MN Legacy Fund? It was just a few months before law makers were trying to take from that bucket to pay for their pork projects.

    Remember the state sales tax?

    Should I continue??? STOP GROWING GOVERNMENT!!!

    I think the state has made their case, we don’t want or need a growing government, stop spending, stop picking winners and losers, let the free market decide.

    1. peaches says:

      How will Zygi ever be able to afford a 100 yard yacht when there are people like you who want to rain on his parade?

      How selfish of you. Greed is the American way!

  5. sarn says:

    Hey Zygi… just tell Gov. Dayton that you voted for him and will continue to lend your support and you should be able to get a good $750,000,000.00 for a new stadium. It works every time.

    1. double your cash says:

      And … you can DOUBLE that amount if you tell him he’s doing a good job and you’ll vote for him again.

  6. GIMME A BREAK says:

    Who out there can tell me *charitable* gambling taxes is anyhow *charitable* to the people who really need the charity?!?!??


    Who can tell me how millionaires and billionaires need *charitable* gambling taxes?!?!?!?!


    This is Gov. growing bigger an becoming evolved with a private for profit business. Every thing conservatives preach against. This is a NFL bailout to the core!

  7. V is for V says:

    Millionaires and billionaires with a need *charitable* gambling taxes?!?!?!?! Whats next?

  8. Redneck Purist says:

    Pull tabs: A tax on poor fools.

    1. NAS says:

      So basically the money that taxpayers spend on poor people’s public assistance checks will eventually end up in Zygi’s hands after they gamble it away on pull tabs.

  9. Rasputin says:

    Kick that RINO Julie Rosen out of the Republican party!

    Come on, she’s a liberal Democrat!

  10. RacinoNow says:

    Since every bar seems to have pull tabs already, I’d like to know how changing them over to electronic pull tabs is SUPPOSEDLY going to generate that much more revenue? Not to mention, what happens to the local charities, community organizations who already rely on that source of funding?
    Time for you legislators to STOP protecting Mystic Lake and put a Racino at Canterbury and Running Aces. For any job that is SUPPOSEDLY lost at an Indian casino, those people can work at a Racino and be treated a whole lot better.

    1. Tom says:

      I agree 100% on a Racino. It not only helps finance the stadium but also the horse racing industry and pays back money the state borrowed from Education.
      E-Pulltabs will not generate that much revenue because it is a dying form of gambling and will put Pull Tab Sellers out of work.

  11. Peoplepay says:

    Why should we pay for this stadium? like the team don”t make the money. My work has to pay there own way as a business to update.. why should the people pay for this stadium..?? Its gust a business… Why give any money an set them up to make billionaires an billionaires more off THE PEOPLES money…..? An WHAT DO WE GET…… pay billionaires more another date…

  12. Samel says:

    If the state decides to take money from poor stupid people using pull tabs, why should Zygi get the money? That money could be used for seniors, education, health care, property tax reform, etc.

    Give it to Zygi? What an immoral idea.

  13. the count says:

    And the list grows. Dayton, Rybak, Ortega, Bennett, Rosen, Mondale …….. all have joined the Zygi bandwagon and all will throw you and I under the bus in a heartbeat if it gets them another two cents to flush down the toilet for a stadium.

    And, I love this part, the big supporters from the “common man” group are the beer swizzling, loud mouthed, obnoxious, misbehaved adult children to whom tailgating, whizzing on tires, and barfing behind the grill is a more desirable goal than getting admitted through the pearly gates. For them football is nothing but a reason to tailgate.

    Wow, we have so much to be proud of in Minnesota lately. How else could we spend money we don’t have?

  14. Jen says:

    what are e pull tabs? a central server with multiple terminals, individual machines, or on line access from computers?

    1. Nate says:

      It’s a pull tab vending machine that puts that depressed looking, chain smoking pull tab lady out of work, not that it’s all that glorious of an occupation anyways. The bright side is if you win big you don’t have to tip anybody.

  15. Zygi Wilf says:

    Give me your money.
    I’m not kidding.
    Give me your money.

  16. Brad says:

    I like the pull-tab option. Maryland used state lottery to build Camden Yards. If you don’t like it, don’t gamble. It is that simple.

  17. TO says:

    As a former Minnesotan and Vikings fan, I wish you guys would all just belly up to the bar and pay for a new stadium. I’ve got no skin in the game and I really don’t want my Vikes moving out of state cuz then I wouldn’t be able to see a game when I visit back home. Shut up and pay!!!

  18. James Masters says:

    I’m very Poor, also I’m 73 years old. Losing my house which I have owned since 1971 that has been paid for since 1990. The problem is, is that The “PROPERTY TAXES & WATER BILL takes up half of my Social Security Check. Can you please Sell some Pull Tabs to help Pay my Taxes????????
    You don’t even have to Buy me a new House. JUST QUIT RAPING ME TO BUILD A BUILDING FOR A BILLIONAIRE, for MULTI-MILLIONAIRES to Play in.

  19. David Schimelpfenig says:

    We don’t need taxes or a casino. I could find 5-10 billion in pork that can be cut out of the budget in about 5 minutes. In 1990 it was 10 billion, now it’s over 30 billion. How many residents have tripled their incomes yet the state keeps growing it’s socialist cancer.

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