MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The mothers of two murdered children came together in north Minneapolis over the weekend to bring attention to their unsolved cases.

Quantell Braxton would have turned 15-years-old Saturday. Last August, he was playing in the street with his friends when he was fatally shot in the head.

Braxton’s mother, Cindy, promised her son a birthday party; and she delivered on that promise near the spot where her son was shot and killed.

“I’ve always promised him a birthday every year, and even though he is gone I am going to give this to him,” Braxton said.

Friends of Braxton also came to the vigil to share in Braxton’s grief.

“All we can think about is how can this not happen again,” said an unidentified friend of Braxton.

Marsha Mayes, another mother who knows all too well the pain of losing a child to violence, also attended the birthday vigil.

In December, her 3-year-old son, Terrell Mayes Jr., suffered a gunshot wound to the head after a stray bullet broke through the wall of his house and struck him while he was on the staircase.

“I’m here to give my care, my love, my hope for her,” Mayes said.

Mayes said she and Braxton want the same thing: justice for their sons, and for the violence to stop. Both mothers hope the birthday gathering will spark someone to come forward with information that leads police to the gunmen.

“Nobody knows how it feels to have half your heart gone, Mayes said. “Nobody knows how it feels to wake up in the morning and not see that 3-year-old or that 15-year-old in your presence.”

Crime Stoppers is offering rewards for information leading to arrests and convictions in both cases. Also, a fund has been set up to help find Terrell Mayes’ killer.

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  1. No More says:

    You people created this mess. NOW YOU are going to clean it up (and pay for it). No more help from us.

    1. helpermonkey says:

      I agree!!!! Its about time someone said it, too. Down with ignorant, affluent white men!!! Wait…that IS who you were talking about, right?

  2. Sonjay says:

    So at these “Vigils” do they actually talk about WHY this happens in this area and not only look at the OBVIOUS symptoms. We have to start saying and BELIEVING that is abusive to bring children into this world you CANNOT SUPPORT. Because as we see here these children of the “children” run around this city both North and Downtown as though it’s a playground. This is the mentality these kids come to understand when their is no stability at home.

    1. alligator says:

      agreed……when people start telling and saying it like IT IS then maybe , JUST MAYBE these people will get it thru their heads…..parental involvement and ability to provide seems to be a foreign concept to many folks……and for all the morons who wear pants that dont fit and hang —dont be offended when anybody regards you as idiots, when you present yourselves to the world and look and act idiotic dont be surprised when people treat you like the idiot you present yourself to be……..same goes for “rap” , its not even close to being music and never has been.

    2. s.rena says:

      The mother of Quantel has work on her job in the same for of 10yrs and he came from a stable home … So who the hell are you to pass judgement on her !!!!!!! You people are ignorant………………

  3. JS says:

    Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!

  4. mark says:

    what a joke, enforce the laws, and parents to your job! your child will thank you

  5. McKMN says:

    No More:

    Really-“you people”?
    And I suppose if Terrell hadn’t been playing inside his own house, this would never have happened.
    He was only 3 yrs old!!!

    Sonjay and Alligator:
    So this only happens over North or Downtown because they can’t support their kids? Tell me, how is a kid in Golden Valley or Eden Prairie who comes home after school to an empty house because both parents are working to support her anymore supervised and cared for that Terrell was? Pull your heads out of ur butts, this is NOT about skin color!

    1. mark says:

      yes it is, check the crime reports!!

    2. Sonjay says:

      What was Terrell’s mother doing when he was shot? Why was he even awake that late at night as a 3 YEAR OLD as you point out?

      1. s.rena says:

        You idiot this was in the middle of the day !!!!!!!!

  6. gloria says:

    I See The WORLD Is Just Full Of Ignorance… Just Read These Comments And Judge For Yourself…

    1. Kevin says:

      I know right? I mean all these people speaking the truth. How dare they! I mean how can they not just turn and ignore all these issues…you know like the media, liberals, and the black community itself. You know “if we ignore it…it will fix itself”….and if not “we can just continue to play the victim”. I mean the #1 cause of death for black men under 30 is murder. Detroit, Chicago and Philadelphia have turned into war zones with the mayors begging for help. 70% of black mothers are single parents. Pregnancy rates of black teenagers is many times higher that all other races. Oh and 4% of MN is black, yet 45 % of MN prison inmates are black. Oh and the unemployment rate of the black community is the highest in the MN. Oh the the use of entitlements (per capita) is grossly higher in the black community, over all other races. Gangs, drugs and poverty have gutted the black community. It is now to the point that Mayor Nutter of Philadelphia is now blaming the parents of the “victims” and the shooters! But your right Sonjay! Lets just keep ignoring the issues, they will go away! I mean we dont want to discuss them! That is racist!

  7. Jasper says:

    Heyba manba – waats kan i doo to hep?

  8. Kevin says:

    How the fu*k can you even compare a community that has kids killing other kids…all the time….a community of gangs, guns, drugs, lack of parenting, entitlments……to a child injured during a hockey game….your a fu*king moron….

    1. s.rena says:

      thank you Kevin

  9. Get the facts says:

    On a hot summer night in August at 11:00 pm in the evening Quantell Braxton was shot in the head. The community asked how could this happen again? What is a 14 year old child doing out that late? No one will say if it is gang related. No one will say what they were doing before shots rang out. When they had a vigil for this kid someone was injured by a bullet. The answer is very clear, where is the parental involvement in this child’s life? You can’t expect the Boys and Girls club of America to raise your child.
    It’s pretty clear that I am a white male, racist to the rest of you.

  10. What Next? says:

    I am thinking there has been more “hype” for the “kid who got injured during hockey” than the “these young kids”. Obviously you haven’t been paying attention to the media for the past three weeks.