MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Minnesota Republicans are still reeling from the scandal that forced Sen. Amy Koch to resign as Senate Majority Leader last month.

New Senate Majority Leader David Senjem will not only have to address the Koch scandal as the session begins but issues like the Governor’s bonding bill and the Vikings stadium.

Sen. Senjem appeared on the WCCO Sunday Morning show. Watch the video to see his interview with Esme Murphy.

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  1. Sean says:

    Unless he want’s to destroy the Republican party in Minnesota, he better put the kibosh on any public money going towards a stadium for the billionaire Wilf.

    1. The Fan says:

      Lets see last time I checked the GOP is still around. They raised taxes to build a stadium for the Twins and the world has not ended. So lets just get the vikings their stadium and be done with it.Otherwise if they leave like all you idiots think will happen the state will just tax the hell out of everyone to compensate for the LOSS of revenue from all the taxes the Vikings and the NFL already pay to the state.

      1. lol@the fan says:

        @the fan – and idiot calling the rest of us idiots.. where do you think those taxes come from – the revenue the team generates . where does that money come from – people that are willing to pay for entertainment … well guess what if the vikes leaves, those people will find other things to spend their entertainment money on you idiot.. they will just shift that spending.. econ 101 – instead of watching a bunch of sports – go pick up a book!!

  2. angus says:

    Gee censored. Must be a person or machine that says, “That *&(&%$ liberal is against the stadium. Delete his message.”

  3. snarky says:

    1. If it is such a wonderful idea why don’t the fans and the rich pay for it instead of sticking it to the poor and the middle class?

    2. Cincinatti and Chicato built stadiums because they ahd wonderful data of income projections to pay the bill. Projections did not come true. Now they are in a desperate struggle to pay the bill.

    1. Freddie says:

      I am about as middle class as they come. I do not mind help fund a stadium. I don’t complain about theaters using my tax money or millions going to the Zoo, which i never go to. If a racino is what funds the stadium, then I’ll go there instead of those indian ran casinos that have no regulations or I’ll start playing electronic pull tabs. So please do not speak for us all.

      1. lol@the fan says:

        Freddie – then just write zigi a check – For all the people that want this so badly – send your money straight to zigi.. end of story!

        1. Exp says:

          They tried that… It was a failure of spectacular proportions and they had to send the money back. They only really want the stadium if they don’t have to pay for it out of their own pockets, just like Zigi.
          Why people would pay $100 a ticket to go freeze their rears off watching people beat the tar out of each other still mystifies me. And we say that we’ve come such a long ways from the days of the Roman Colosseum.
          I’d rather fund a zoo, a cultural theater or a museum any day. At least there’s a benefit to our culture perceived in the transaction, and it isn’t a private business.

  4. kp says:

    If ziggy wants a new place to call home, then build it but don’t ask tax payers to pay for it so you can buy a new condo in the sky in aaaaaaaaaaaaa NEW YORK CITY When he bought that I was done. If he cared about Minnesota he would have bought a place in Minnesota. No stadium with our money.

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