MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — If you can read this sentence, it could be because you live in Minneapolis. Well, maybe not, but it’s worth noting that the city was ranked the third most literate city in the U.S.

According to the survey by Central Connecticut State University, St. Paul isn’t too far behind, ranking 13th on the overall list.

Since 2005, Minneapolis has ranked in the top three every year in this survey. However, this year marks the first time St. Paul has dropped out of the top 10 within the same time period.

Washington D.C. was at the head of the list, with Seattle ranked in second place. Atlanta and Boston rounded out the top five.

The survey’s results were based on how well citizens used a number of tools to boost their literacy, including Internet resources, newspaper circulation, education and booksellers.

Dr. Jack Miller, who conducted the survey, said this year’s study also took a look at whether a city’s overall wealth could be connected to its literacy.

“Wealthier cites are no more likely to rank highly in literacy than poorer cities,” said Miller. “If cities are truly committed to literacy, they can find a way past poverty and other socio-cultural challenges to create and sustain rich resources for reading.”

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  1. Spooky says:

    If one is honest – this is truly terrifying. #3 ?
    Imagine how pathetic #10, #20, or #30 must be.
    Now I get why the punks don’t ever show up for class or the court dates they have. They cannot read or tell time most likely.
    God Save America! – please please help us!!!

    1. Double check says:


      A ‘punk’ can be a general term for any individual who does these things. I’ve known MANY so called ‘punks’ that didn’t show up for class OR court. They were white.

      You’re assuming being black means people see you ass illiterate and irresponsible.

      Unlike you, I don’t adhere to stereotypes. You shouldn’t either.

      *You* sound racist.

  2. Fantastic ! says:

    shows only one thing – these reports are a joke and a waste of taxpayer money. Just like the Mpls school system.
    Yep – IQ and intelligence off the charts , every one of them are scholars and totally dedicated students. Every one – has to be to rate so high now, right!?

    So stop this open enrollment and bussing to my ‘burb. You got it all and do not need to bring your high quality “culture”, aka ghetto slumming, to us here.

    1. ONLY IN THE BURBS says:

      Ghetto Slumming ??? Guess that should be a step up from Burb living and molesting children High ! Is that what they are teaching now in the ” BURBS “

      1. N side and see it all the time says:

        I live on Penn N and tell you what – all I see daily around me is “ghetto slumming”.
        There is no reason to say this phrase is specific to the suburbs. Minneapolis is the ghetto slummers paradise. Why work when you can suck the system, deal your dope or pimp your neighbor. If you get extra lazy (often) you rip off someone or break into a home. Try mine out someday ghetto slummers – I got lead a waiting.
        Racist ??? I guess it may be at that – I don’t see to many ghetto slummers who are white. Matter of fact I don’t know of any at alll around me. But black ones ….. I struggle to find more than 1/3 that work. The truth hurts huh

        1. ONLY IN THE BURBS says:

          Not EVERYONE on the N side ghetto slum. I live over N also and I work 40+ hours a week, live in a nice house and my neighbors do the same. You can live in the burbs and still slum, that’s ALL I’m saying. And not ALL whites work either, that’s why they rob banks and break into houses also. Truth be told !

      2. Load up says:

        I live in this fu**in war zone that you and your liberal views have created! I deal with it everday! Hear are some facts reported by WCCO….there are now 390,000 immigrants in the twin cities…that is more than the city of St Paul….we are ranked 39th in the Nation in Education. We are ranked 7th in the nation for taxes….The St Cloud school district now has over 37 different languages spoken….4% of MN is black while 47% of MN inmates are black….blacks unemployment rate is twice that of whites in MN…I work in N Mpls….I have for years….do you know how many blacks have applied for work at my company? None…zero…not one black has stopped in to fill out an application…but why should they…ITS ALL FREE…See I live in the diverse world you have created with your liberal bs…..diversity is great until it effects you….and trust me…it will soon….then dont cry to me….Ill be too busy reloading…

        *******wish I could take credit for this gem

  3. Anne says:

    I think they meant 3rd most LIBERAL city.

  4. See BS says:

    We have the most sophisticated truck stops in the world.

    1. good one says:

      Now that’s funny. I have noticed however, that the graffiti in MN truck restrooms is much more sophisticated than that of other states.

      1. good ta git back says:

        ya’ll got more hos and crack in em than Iowa to ya lucky devils. nuttn better than packin on puddy in the hoody coming home. me misses the hood me duz. bb tomorow nite

  5. Rufus Larkin says:

    “Literate” don’t much refer to reading books any more. It more means to know online lingo and to be able to do texting.

  6. Huck Finn Jr says:

    I stop by when the current allows to score some junk and party at the party hut but things have changed so much.
    The street signs that got me to Memorial Drive now are called Ho’s Curve, Crack Street, Pimp Hollow, Gunsmoke Court, DeadEnd Curve, Welfare Avenue, FatnSassy Hilltop Pl, and all kinds of other things with these funny squibbles and sign like things on them. Very confusing and I became lost. Eventually the pop-pop-pop of gunfire made me realize I was headed to it so I was nearing my raft on the river. Oh so I thought – suddenly they were firing on all sides and directions. Holy carp – I thought it was a civil war!!!!!! A civil war … wow. So yesteryear

    1. Paddle on says:

      LMAO – wait until the next time you stop in. You may see smoke 1000′ in the sky and think it’s a big pow-wow, only to find the Blood and Crips had a date the night before. Don’t know who they are ???? You one lucky son of a gun. My advise …. keep moving elsewhere on that river or the ghetto folk will get you sooner or later.
      I fled the Banger City after a few holes appeared in my garage. The nightly shots are chilling but when they actually hit your place …..adios.
      Best and smartest thing I have ever done in my 37 years on earth

  7. Kevin says:

    Yup…..wet backs, somali, and hmong all speak perfect english…..

  8. Kevin's Dad says:

    R U Fu**ing kidding me??

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