MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — If you can read this sentence, it could be because you live in Minneapolis. Well, maybe not, but it’s worth noting that the city was ranked the third most literate city in the U.S.

According to the survey by Central Connecticut State University, St. Paul isn’t too far behind, ranking 13th on the overall list.

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Since 2005, Minneapolis has ranked in the top three every year in this survey. However, this year marks the first time St. Paul has dropped out of the top 10 within the same time period.

Washington D.C. was at the head of the list, with Seattle ranked in second place. Atlanta and Boston rounded out the top five.

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The survey’s results were based on how well citizens used a number of tools to boost their literacy, including Internet resources, newspaper circulation, education and booksellers.

Dr. Jack Miller, who conducted the survey, said this year’s study also took a look at whether a city’s overall wealth could be connected to its literacy.

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“Wealthier cites are no more likely to rank highly in literacy than poorer cities,” said Miller. “If cities are truly committed to literacy, they can find a way past poverty and other socio-cultural challenges to create and sustain rich resources for reading.”