MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – The Animal Humane Society is caring for 107 dogs and two cats after it helped authorities in northern Minnesota recover the animals Thursday evening from a property where two women lived in feces-littered trailers, the Humane Society said.

The Humane Society’s Kathie Johnson said the incident doesn’t appear to be animal abuse.

“They truly, truly loved the dogs,” she said. “This got out of hand, and there’s no way they can care for 107 dogs on their own.”

The rescued dogs are mostly small breeds, such as pug, Chihuahua, dachshund and spaniel mixes.

Beltrami County police contacted Humane Society senior agent Wade Hanson after doing a welfare check of Carol Schmidt and Janice Brown earlier this week. The two lived in separate mobile homes near Bemidji on a property that authorities condemned after Thursday’s investigation, the Humane Society said.  The homes were about 10 to 12 feet apart.

“When we arrived, approximately 50 dogs were running outside … barking, happy, glad to see somebody,” he said.

(credit: CBS)

Hanson described the animals as being in relatively good condition. The condition of the trailers, however, was a different story.

“It was totally filthy, filled with … urine and feces throughout the house, hard to get around because of the junk piled up,” Hanson said. “The ammonia content in the house was strong enough to be able to burn your eyes and throat when you were taking a breath.”

Hanson calls the incident a classic case of hoarding, noting that there was no puppy mill on the property. He said one of the two women opened up to him about collecting dogs after her father’s death.  He said the conditions inside the trailers were ‘very bad,’ and the amount of dogs ‘unbelievable.’

“It’s possible that the loss of her father a couple years ago caused her to need more and more in her life to keep her happy,” Hanson said.

Schmidt, one of the women living on the property, surrendered 48 dogs into the Humane Society’s care Wednesday. These dogs will be evaluated for placement early next week. Schmidt and Brown are being evaluated for their mental conditions.

The remaining 61 animals came to the Humane Society Thursday after Beltrami County Sheriff Phil Hodapp served both women with a warrant to investigate their property and remove the dogs and cats. The 59 dogs recovered Thursday will be held at the Humane Society pending the development of the case, the Humane Society said.

All the animals are being scanned for microchips, provided vaccinations and any other necessary treatments.

The Humane Society says they’ve taken in an unusual number of rescues lately – visit any of their shelters in Buffalo, Coon Rapids, Golden Valley, St. Paul and Woodbury to help out.

To see what animals are available for adoption, head over to the Humane Society’s website. Johnson expects it’ll take several more days for the animals to be ready for adoption.  So far, veterinarians have given them vaccinations, but they still need to do a full medical evaluation on them.

“The process, first and foremost, is give these dogs a few days to settled down.  They’ve been through a tramautic experience,” Johnson said.

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  1. Irony says:

    Contact John Reynolds. Think he needs a new dog.

    1. The Infidel says:

      What a Richard….

  2. Harleyxx says:

    The only reason anyone would bother to watch the video is to see the trailers and the filthy conditions that women lived in. Terrible reporting.

    1. jacob says:


      I’d take the video down out of embarrassment and shame.

  3. desert eagle .50 says:

    Where is J*rkactionhero gonna rent his room now.

    Please be specific.

  4. AAWW CUTE! says:

    I cannot believe some of these gross sick comments on here has nothing to do with this story and or the Humane Society or these poor dogs that needs a new home. I wish I could help but cannot right now. Very cute dogs aaww!

  5. Baldy Kirby from Atlanta says:

    “Hanson calls the incident a classic case of hoarding, noting that there was no puppy mill on the property”.

    Uh huh.

    “The rescued dogs are mostly small breeds, such as pug, Chihuahua, dachshund and spaniel mixes”.

    The $$$ breeds, the most desirable.

    “Not a puppy mill”, my ass.

    1. Smokey the Bear says:

      This is a Occupy camp, not a cat-lady trailer.

    2. chichi says:

      This is an Occupy Wall Street training camp, not a dog hoarder, the journalist should look deeper in the story. the dogs were to be used as props for OWS bums to pal with at intersections holding cardboard “help” “God Bless” signs to get donations.

  6. Jim in Houston says:

    Why don’t they give the trailers to OW they love filth.

    1. Jake says:

      They wouldn’t give them to OWS because that would introduce disease in the trailers. Also, the crime rate would go up in the neighborhood

  7. Jerry Thomas says:

    So the humane society takes in the dogs. After 3 months when nobody when claimes them, they kill the dogs. How does that make things better? In the trailer home at least they had a chance to live.

    1. fact is says:

      oh good greif,like dogs are on the endangered list.millions to many of them allready.

    2. Arline Young says:

      WOW you have no idea how much the humane society does. Most of the dogs that come from these cases get good care, and they never, EVER sit in the shelter for 3 months. You don’t even know what you are talking about, Jerry Thomas.

      1. Mynameiscommonsense says:

        Umm Jerry Thomas is correct – I have to wonder what happens to the dogs that are not adopted – I guess the SPCA will care for them by euthanizing them – how nice

    3. glenp says:

      let’s fill your momma’s basement with turds and urine and see how you like living there

  8. BDDD says:

    Perhaps the trailers were dirty; but the dogs seem well. Not starved, beaten, no scabies, mange etc… . They all look healthy. Leave the women alone. They want to live in filth, let them.

  9. BDDD says:

    Hate crime! HAAA! But some gubmint dallaz would help them feel betterz! HAA! We need mo’ lawz!

  10. Hunter Todd says:

    Both women are obviously crazy as a bedbug.

  11. truther says:

    so thats not animal abuse? that many animals in a trailer? can i please ask what animal abuse is because i consider my old neighbor who kept 3 large dogs 2 dalmatians and 1 mutt in a 2 bedroom apt animal abuse… and my local authorities agreed about it so…

  12. potvin says:

    I smell a new A&E reality show.

  13. j speedbag 64 says:

    why don’t they use their ebt cards to buy food for their dogs…

    1. marcy says:

      Yet another stupid comment fro you. Dog food is not on the EBT card list. What a Yutz.

  14. James says:

    These people and others like them must have some sort of psychological problem. A love of animals is one thing. This is something entirely different. I love dogs, yet I don’t have 107 of them living in a trailer with me. See what I mean?

  15. Becka says:

    What kind of an ignorant statement is this? Pull your head out of your racist backside and grow up, you tool.

  16. Michelle says:

    I guess I feel better about having 4 dogs. I just can’t turn away a needy dog. My family has banned me from going to Pet Smart on adoption day. But one day, I want to have about 10 acres to have an animal shelter on.

    1. LFMayor says:

      This is how i t starts

    2. Meester Bibbs says:

      10 acres? Your neighbors are going to love you. /s

  17. perseus317 says:

    These women obviously have psychological problems. As the article says, it is a type of hoarding. Sadly, there are similar cases all around the United States. One can only hope that neighbors and local authorities can spot these problems as they are developing, and take steps to intervene. The cable TV show “Hoarders” shows how obsessive these people can be, and that some sort of intervention is the only way to deal with the problem. It is a shame that animals have to suffer terribly because of some human’s psychological problems.

    1. Mynameiscommonsense says:

      It’s not the government’s job to “intervene” in a case like this. To do so is classical OVERSTEPPING BOUNDARIES. This should have been handled by social workers and the families PERIOD. These ladies have issues but the Gestapo like way it was handled – do you REALLY want to live in a country like this???? What’s next – you have too much FOOD in your house so you must be crazy?? First they came for my neighbor – then they came for me

      1. paul2321 says:

        Yeah, the way the Gestapo stepped in to rescue those Jews against the will of the people was awful. Good analogy.

  18. Mike says:

    I dont feel sorry for the women ! ! This is not the first time they have done this ! ! The first time was several years ago when their trailer caught on fire.Some of the dogs didnt make it out and were killed because of the condition of the trailer . They removed quite a few dogs then . Now they removed over a hundred dogs again ! ! !

  19. Lisuous says:

    Oh god. Your father died. GET OVER IT. Don’t hoard animals. I’ll never understand these lunatics.

  20. j speedbag 64 says:

    bekka that’s your granma…i’m sorry my bad….

  21. Jim Dea says:

    So, what happened to the people? No mention of whether or not they went to sleep in the terrible conditions after they were “mentally evaluated”.

    1. Mynameiscommonsense says:

      “being evaluated” means they were committed involuntarily – another term is “being 302’d” – isn’t it nice that the SPCA can come into your home and have you committed to the looney bin for their definition of “filthy” conditions and too many pets…. That will now be on their records and follow them to the grave – a “mental illness” mark on them. This tactic is used much too often by our oppressors. It’s what they use to get rid of troublesome citizens….

  22. titainiumman says:

    Leave it to a liberal nutjob like yourself to make it a racial issue.
    Is there any topic that liberals can’t make into a racial attack,me thinks not.

    1. Jethro says:

      Shoot, you Republicans do it all the time. Y’er jist to damn dumb to realize it more Ron. Shooot, you even spelt titainium wrong, its titanium yer more Ron.

  23. OMG (Oblamer Must Go) says:

    Wait…isn’t this an “Occupy Minnesota” camp?

  24. Joseph says:

    Just in time, the dogs were only two cats away from starving.

  25. Mynameiscommonsense says:

    Although I don’t agree with them having so many dogs and it was out of hand for them – how many dogs exactly ARE we allowed to have SPCA? Is it two? Is it three? What is the magic number after which we will be carted off to the looney bin for having “too many” hmmm? Part of me says – if the dogs were healthy and seemed cared for – what business is it of ANYONE but the families of these ladies? The SPCA has become like the Gestapo

  26. Romney Michael Vick Devotee says:

    Don’t give any of those dogs to Mitt Romney or his Stepford wife.

    They think it is JUST FINE that they stuck their Irish Setter, Seamus, in a crate on TOP OF THEIR CAR CLEARLY a dangerous thing, for a joyful 12 hour drive at 60-90 MPH down down busy highways when they moved one year. When the dog in terror released its bowels and the mess rolled out the cage and down the windows, Romney pulled over cleaned the window and kept going. Romney is RICH and could have FLOWN his dog to its destination or rented a car and had his wife drive the dog following his vehicle. Romney told the pres – his dog ENJOYED IT. But then, Romney also thinks RomneyCare is just fine and his staff just came out and said ObamaCare is NOT going to be completely repealed. It won’t if RomneyCare is elected.

  27. Stay outta people business says:

    whether they be crazy or not they didn’t abus ethe things, they tried best as they could and I dunno – now they go to the HS where if they not adopted they get put down. If you was one of them dogs what would you prefer?
    I think freedom and a home vs a cage and prolly a needle at some point.
    just the facts folks, just the facts

  28. fishfinder911 says:

    So he loves pets! Just a few 100 more then the average physic patient.!

  29. TonyTonyTony says:

    You make a fine fine point. There has been far too much contentiousness about the life styles of different races. This story has absolutely nothing at all to do with race…However, on a side note, I think Blacks and Hispanics are bad. Good evening sir.

  30. Pat says:

    The Animal Humane Society, a local shelter, is not to be confused with the Humane Society of the United States, a scam charity with no pet shelters at all but lots if deceptive advertising.

    Reporters need to make these distinctions clear to readers. This piece includes just one mention of the local shelter’s name and several references to “the Humane Society.” Feed a pet, not a lobbyist.

  31. Steven says:

    Minneota is a leftist, marxist, commie state, with random acts of freedom or justice. I got the hell out 39 years ago, escaping the gestapo unions and Democrat hack politicians. There are free states in our union. Try one, you’ll like it.

  32. Marcy says:

    What the heck are you talking about???? Have your ever seen Hoarders??? I have NEVER seen anybody but WHITE people on hoarders…..no, maybe once. You are a stupid racist. Why does race have to be brought into every little subject. Usually, by someone just like you. You are the reason our country is so divided.

    1. Kelly says:

      This has nothing to do with anything, but I’ve seen several black people on Horders. Granted I hardly watch it anymore so I haven’t kept a running tally of black vs white.

      1. christine says:

        what is a “horder”?

    2. glenp says:

      that’s because this is normal trashy ghetto living conditions indahood—nothing special to film

  33. don says:

    why waste goverment money, just shoot the dogs…

    1. glenp says:

      dogs get adopted!! shoot the HOARDERS

  34. dog lover says:

    put owners in dog pen for week see if they like it..

  35. Doug Rose says:

    Must have been a “OWS Protester” ….? LOL

  36. sanford says:

    107 dogs at 340 bucks a pop. Nice cache for the ‘shelter.’

  37. lombardsoup says:

    Good to know the Humane Society can just grab a warrant and take my animals. I’m not in a situation quite as bad as this, but I take care of enough cats (21 outdoor barn cats) that the Humane Society just might come to ‘rescue’ them, even though I pay for both the 50 pound bags of cat food AND the medical care.

    1. Pat says:

      Local shelters generally do not do this but the Humane Society of the United States does. They are currently being sued for a raid in South Dakota that was later deemed illegal by a judge. 272 animals were confiscated. HSUS raised money off of it but did not provide funds for the animals’ care and many of them died. They did the same thing in Arkansas, seizing the well cared for horses of Denisa Mallot and then dumping and abandoning them. Mallott has won the first round in her suit.

  38. john says:

    This is what OBAMA cash gets you!!

  39. William says:

    Darn cats……

  40. Japes Macfarland says:

    I have a dream that someday people will be judged by the content of their character and not the color of their skin. I know, call me crazy, but I really do long for this. You leftists wouldn’t understand.

  41. Dave VonSmith says:

    The are all going to die, so weather the flith kills them or the vet at the pound kills them, either way these dogs are dead.
    They problay would have been better off being left alone.

  42. ThomYorke says:

    And the cat’s names? Chuck and Norris.

  43. glenp says:

    and people think it’s BAD LUCK that tornadoes wipe out trailers?

  44. glenp says:

    this is an OWS detail shop for the protestors , getting it ready for them

  45. glenp says:

    I wonder how thet are going to cleanse the WHITE HOUSE of the turds and ammonia stench after Nov.

  46. Dennis Boehmer says:

    All of your dog are belong to us.

  47. Russ says:

    I imagine this is what the inside of our White House is like

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