MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The nickname for Newt Gingrich that has been buzzing on social media and the web may stick now that the New York Times is running a front page story with the headline, “No More Nice Guys: Fans Love ‘Nuclear Newt.'”

Check it out at the New York Times online.

The nickname cuts both ways. Fans love the bombast, take no prisoners approach.

While Gingrich’s barracuda-like style of disemboweling opposing candidates may have fans, it also has some Republicans nervous. Bob Dole is the latest prominent Republican to urge voters to support Mitt Romney.

Does ‘Nuclear Newt’ have the temperament to be President? Does the nation want ‘Nuclear Newt’s’ finger on the proverbial nuclear button? The conventional wisdom, born out in most polls, is that Mitt Romney would fare much better against President Obama in a general election.

How Obama would fare versus Gingrich in a debate is also a question mark. Gingrich’s candidacy has risen not just on rhetoric, but on capturing the anger and frustration of many voters. The anger is headed our way. Minnesota voters can decide whether Gingrich, nuclear or not, is their candidate the night of Feb. 7, caucus night.

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  1. Balance says:

    Esme, please show you are not a liberal-biased news person and show some balance by writing about “Food Stamp Barack”.

    1. Best3800 says:

      Why would Esme want to insult and disrespect the PRESIDENT of the USA by commenting on a statement so ridiculous.I’m sure old GWB didn’t have anything to do with people needing food stamps Ya-Think!

      1. disgusting says:

        cco is so left wing if they lean any more they will fall over

        1. Best3800 says:

          Fox is so right wing,Oh wait !that’s a tabloid news station,isn’t Rupert in jail yet?

      2. Mayhem says:

        @ Best3800

        GWB was the mothership of stupidity for the republican people, he was their god….no use arguing with ignorance……

        1. Kelly L. says:

          Ignorance is bowing down to the one. Unless your smoking some weird stuff and collecting your check. You lib’s are really a sick bunch.

  2. disgusting says:

    Esme do a story about obama and Bill Ayers (terrorist)in the white house being buddy buddy

    1. Larry says:

      Thats right Esme…lets see you do a story on Obama and his corrupt questionable cronies in Chicago and his own administration,,,believe me, you’d have plenty of material. But then we know you’re very left liberal and like most media will protect your Obama…wheres your fair&balanced reporting…oh yeah you’re from CCO, all left liberal there

      1. Mayhem says:

        You start, Mr. Righty

        I want a full report on the corrupt Obama Presidency on this forum by morning.

        Utilize facts and not opionions, Mr. Righty, cite your sources, etc etc

        TICK TOCK, TICK TOCK TICK TOCK….Mr. Righty….people are waiting……

        Oh, and your wife, Mrs, Disgusting Righty can play along as well.

        1. Ron Paul or Else says:

          Here’s a small report:
          Obama singed the NDAA in secret on New Years Eve allowing the Military to Indefinantly detain US Citizens with out an attorney or day in court.
          Obama chaired the United Nations Security Council in direct violation of the constitution
          Obama Attended the 2008 Bilderberg Meeting In VA, a direct violation of the Logan Act. A felony.
          In conclusion, this man is a puppet of the Military Industrial Complex and the International Banking Cartel, a criminal, and should be arrested for high treason.

          1. right says:

            ron paul is right…but ya think these sheeples care? they still think there is a two party system,not realizing it’s a facade,with leaders of both parties having the same corporate masters.

  3. Steve says:

    I read the comments from both side and have no problem figuring out why our country and political leaders are in so much gridlock.

    God help us all.

    1. bye bye says:

      We get what we deserve. We enjoy fighting with each other more than finding solutions. Extinction of the human race may not be all that bad.

      1. Ryan says:

        Jason Lewis once said that that he would rather win the arguement for the right wing than be correct in what he was saying. Contrast that with what Welstone did after his faux-pas at the war memorial. He said he was wrong

        1. center of left and right says:

          absolutely no disrespect intended, but look where that got Mr. Wellstone.

      2. yes sir says:

        thats the POINT of the left/right paradigm in politics…division

  4. TL says:

    None of the republican stooges have a snowball’s chance in hell for the Presidency.

    Fig Newt-on’s response on CNN’s opening question in the debate the other night was classic politician response to avoidance and side-stepping of the issue(s). If he is going to respond like that to the simpilest of questions, how is he going to handle the tougher questions and issues of the Presidency?

    Thank God we won’t have to find out.

  5. epmill says:

    Esmey is a commie. How can a mainsteam media outlet let someone so narrow minded be such a big part of their program? Is it because they are biased>

  6. ipmutt says:

    esmay has nothing to add but anti GOP rants. What is with this media outlet?

    1. Mayhem says:

      Well its because the GOP open themselves up to rants….and not just to media outlets….to everyone.

    2. who runs mainstream media says:

      consolidation…the main stream media is consolidated and owned…cheese,wake up

  7. Balanced Beam says:

    I was expecting more of an attack on Newt based on the headline. I actually think Esme simply reported on the basic perspectives on Gingrich that are out there. It is true that Republicans, including Pawlenty, have raised questions about Gingrich. The fact that Esme proposed that Newt is capturing the feeling of the voters is likewise a reflection of what seems to be happening.

  8. See BS says:

    Newt is pretty smart — he’ll be a good debate against Obama.

    Ron Paul is my favorite, he makes anti-war democrats look really fake.

    1. Hal says:

      “Ron Paul is my favorite”
      Loser backing a loser

      1. @hal says:

        Paul not being elected…we ALL lose

    2. The Crux of the Buscuit says:

      Ron paul says he wants to cut $1,500,000,000,000 from the Federal budget the FIRST YEAR he is in office. If the average worker makes 80,000 in pay and benefits, they would need to eliminate 18,750,000 jobs. Yea, that’l sure help the country out…….

      1. Ron Paul or Else says:

        Its 1 Trillion not 1.5. All cuts to non-productive government jobs that contribute nothing to the GDP. In addition, by reducing income tax to near 0%, most real economists agree that it would return millions of jobs from off-shore to our country again.

      2. crux says:

        cruxi…your post lacks honesty…do some research,dont learn from MSM like any See B.S. source

  9. Independent Tim says:

    Ahhhhh politics. There are no honest politicians, except for Nixon. “I am not a crook.”

  10. maxey says:

    Newt has a better chance being voted husband of the year.

  11. Jason Kahl says:

    a lot of idiocy on this thread

  12. Jason Kahl says:

    a lot of name calling at esme’s expense. no real substance in any of “their” “arguments” as well. sad sad sad

  13. Ron Paul or Else says:

    Newt World Order Gingrich, NO CHANCE in MN!!! History shows that any nation thats debt exceeds its GDP will collapse. Once again, WCCO like the rest of the presstitutes does not report on Ron Paul, the only candidate with a written plan to reduce spending. Get out there and vote for Ron Paul folks!

  14. whatever says:

    At least the mass media outlets have given up the absurd and transparent facade that they objective truth seekers. WCCO is a CBS afflilate and is therefore a liberal mouthpiece. If you want a conservative viewpoint, go to a Fox affliate. For a total nut job left wing perspective, go to MSNBC. This blog is a lazy cheap shot to make her choir feel comfortably smug on a Sunday morning.

  15. center of left and right says:

    You are like sheep being lead to slaughter. The media imploded MB, but not like she had a chance anyway. Now the media with stories like this are imploded Newt, who does have a chance, but not if the media turns on him. So, you will get a candidate coosen for you by the media. Is that how you all want to go down, being lead down a primrose path with a howitzer at the end of it?

  16. richard says:

    Let’s see…Esme asks a question about newt and the “no minds” don’t respond to the question…they just attack Esme and wcco???? I guess they couldn’t think of any rational defense of newt. I can understand why that would be a challange. Newts a ledgend in his own mind. Other than that there’s not much to say.

    1. desert eagle .50 says:


  17. desert eagle .50 says:

    There are only 2 things wrong with Esme’s work; the style and the content.

    And for the love of Pete, STOP saying “I mean, you know” and “I’m like” on tv.

    If you can’t express yourself better w/o the teleprompter get out of “journalism.”

  18. Ordinary Guy says:

    Newt and the rest think that if ordinary Americans will work for less and expect less, all will be well and prosperous. Obama is afraid to defy conventional wisdom.

    China and India’s fortunes have risen in the last 15 year, and American’a have fallen, why? Republicans and Democrats can’t face it or cure it, though there are ways. They just have to act. They are cowards, and fearful of their greedy importing supporters. We must build our own products, employ all of our able citizens doing it, and fill our budgets with profits from it. We must simply make imported goods bear their share of the free market’s overhead. That’s their share of the taxes, otherwise our producers pay double.

  19. StraycatStrut says:

    Esme….I like your article and the name given to Newt….probably fits. So….. Question…. when are you going to blog on Bumbling Obama on the Fast’n Furious or Solyndra / Solazyme……… or maybe how the Sourthern border is so bad… we now have reality TV shows about the Boarder Patrol…? Would love to hear your comments.

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