MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Three people suffered gunshot wounds Monday evening in North Minneapolis, authorities said.

Minneapolis police say they received a report of shots fired near the intersection of 35th Street and Knox Avenue North at 6:30 p.m.

At the scene, police found three adult victims: two male, one female.

Two of the three victims have non-life-threatening injuries; the condition of the third is unknown.

Sgt. Stephen McCarty said he believes all the victims were transported to North Memorial Medical Center.

The shooting is under investigation. Authorities are trying to determine the circumstances of the shooting and number of suspects involved.

Comments (8)
  1. sad but true says:

    Sounds like more uncompensated care given away at North Memorial.

  2. say what! says:

    You so crazy!

  3. 600xcsp says:

    People get desperate waiting for that welfare check to arive. Just saying.

  4. I LIVE HERE says:

    Those of us that are law abiding citizens that own their homes in this area are NOT laughing. Some of us have homes that are not worth what are owed on them and CANNOT get out of this area. If you’d like me to buy a different house in a different area and then let this one go back to the bank, that’s an option. Just remember that the next time you go for a mortgage that it’s going to cost you more because I walked away. So go ahead and make your jokes. There are a lot of people that have good jobs and good incomes that bought homes in the area 10 or so years ago and the neighborhoods were nice. I think it’s time that EVERYONE in Minneapolis takes crime seriously no matter where it is.

    1. Adult says:

      When are you going to stop blaming everyone and everything for these behaviors of the children and thugs in your neighborhood? If you aren’t calling and working with the police, you’re part of the problem, not part of the solution.

    2. Tom says:

      I let my house go in N. Mpls. I have young kids and had to get out. I got a second job to make the move and have never felt safer.

  5. Adult says:

    Gun shots in north Minneapolis? I’m shocked!!!

    This is not about house values and mortgages. This is about how that community refuses to take responsibility for how they raise the far too many children they have and cannot afford. We don’t want you to leave that neighborhood. It would mean you move to another, safer neighborhood, and bring your culture of violence with you. And don’t tell me it doesn’t happen. We see it all the time. What we want you to do is (1) to start parenting like responsible adults; and, (2) to start speaking up and working with the police investigations to clean up your neighborhood. Your neighbors refuse to talk to the police, yet they know which teen is carrying guns or drugs. For that YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE. That’s one of the differences between your community and ours: WE CALL THE POLICE AND WORK WITH THEM. When are you going to stand up and be responsible neighbors??? Praying is going to get you nowhere. Doing something, will.