MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Police are investigating after a man said he was carjacked by two men who answered his Craigslist ad.

The man told police he placed an ad on Craigslist to sell his brother’s vehicle and was contacted by two men, between the ages of 21 and 25.

The 30-year-old victim said the men asked him to come out to Brooklyn Park so they could do a test drive of the vehicle. The man met the suspects around 5 p.m. last Saturday and rode along with them as they test drove the vehicle around Minneapolis.

The man said they drove to the 5100 block of Humboldt Avenue North. That’s when one of the men pointed a gun at the victim and demanded his money, cell phone and for him to get out of the vehicle.

The man complied and the two men drove off.

The victim said the vehicle belonged to his brother, who confirmed he purchased the vehicle from the St. Paul Police Department.

The victim said both men had handguns and said he personally lost a $200 cell phone and $2,000 in cash.

Comments (13)
  1. Gary says:

    what idiot brings 2,000 in cash to do a craigslist deal?? He wasn’t the one buying the car so why have that cash? Darn criminals though!!!

  2. markH says:

    Who walks around with $2,000 in cash? There is likely more to this story than is being reported here.

    1. Casey says:

      People with more money than you.

      1. Aaron says:

        More like idiots and drug dealers.

        1. SBCEEME says:

          I agree with the others here. There is no way you bring more than $50 in case you agree to a lower price. It only makes sense if it was a drug deal. Let’s see someone’s going to pay me for something and I drive __ALL__ the way there. I don’t think so.

          Only way he had that much cash on him was if he just went to the bank and cashed his check and on his way home got a msg on his $200 smart phone and said he’d meet the people right away.
          If he had the cash already at home, then 98% chance it was a drug deal. The other 2% is because maybe he was going to go buy something after this transaction, which I’ve done before on CL, but it’s very unlikely to time everything like that. Of course if this all happened after 11pm, then 100% drug deal.

  3. Peace says:

    Sounds more like a dumb lib to me.

    1. Dave says:

      Speaking as a lib in a war zone protecting you. I currently have over 4K in six different currencies, so what? The current Repube mantra continues to constantly blame the victim. Prove me wrong hippie!

      1. ZZZ says:

        Keep thinking you’re protecting me, you’re not, you can leave Afgan. i’l live. Worthless war

        1. Dave says:

          Another proud and selfless American ladies and gentlemen. It’s an honor to defend such brilliance.

  4. Billyboy says:

    dumb doper got dealt a losing hand by the dealer(s)…tsk tsk

  5. Brilliant says:

    Lets review this mans decision, he receives a call from 2 men in B. PArk, thats the 1st red flag, they want him to drive to them to show him the car, that’s 2nd flag, I mean who doesn;t know someone to drive them to look at a car? The 3rd and most glaring, who meets 2 men they don’t know in North Minneapolis because thats what B Park is, and says hey I should bring 2k to the meeting, even though they ‘ll be paying me, obviously it’s a drug deal gone wrong.

  6. stop the censorship says:


    1. Amy_C says:

      @stop Help me understand, please. Where does the article say Brooklyn Center?

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