STILLWATER, Minn. (WCCO) — A budget committee has finalized another $10 million in recommended cuts for the Stillwater Area School District.

It includes eliminating band for fifth and sixth graders.

The cuts would also increase class size for elementary schools and start charging parents for all-day kindergarten.

A final vote is expected on March 8.

The district has already approved $2 million in cuts, but most of those came through changes in staffing.

Comments (17)
  1. G Dog says:

    Cut all bus transportation. Parents should be responsible for getting their students to and from school.

    Cut all sports and sell all of the equipment.

    1. Bubba says:

      G Dog, why not cut it all except give each student a piece of chalk and a slate.

  2. A Real Solution says:

    Would not be necessary if Teachers and admin salaries could be “reset” like everyone else in the private sector over the past 3 (Obama) years. Cut salaries by 25% and there would be no budget issues.

    1. BABS says:

      You blame Obama, but how about the totally unfunded No Child Left Behind? Seems to me that was Bush!

    2. G Dog says:

      I think your taxes should be raised by an amount that makes you leave the country.

  3. Peace says:

    Why would parents not be charged for All Day Kindergarden? When I started scholld (42 year ago), Kindergarden was not offered at Woodbury. You either stayed at home or went to church school. So many people think they are owed everything at no exspense to themselves.

    1. speaking english says:

      How come you never hear of them cutting an ESL program???

  4. Peace says:

    OK, misspelled school….please calm down spell-check police.

    1. spellcheckpolice says:

      Way to show them, Kindergarten*

  5. MKIA says:

    Home or Private schools only. No more taxpayer money wasted.

  6. Chitwood15 says:

    OMG, I cannot believe I live in society with these people that value a high-level education SO LITTLE….and yes, band, sports and other extra curriculars are part of that education. Come up with real answers instead of flippant, smart-a## comments. You waste my time reading your non-sense.

    1. tan pup says:

      Don’t feel bad, these comments are just and example of the same district who voted for Michele Bachman – three times! What is even more interesting is the level of “experts” we have. I believe only, 1, person has ever been involved in any education. All the others believe that a one room school house for K-12 is the solution. Unfortunately, most of this district feels that working at McDonalds is a “good job” and are too scared to come out of their fall-out shelters to notice that there is a really big world out there that requires a lot more thinking than they are capable. My solution; stop procreating. No babies; no small childen to educate and then with no small children, there will be no future teenagers to scare and intimidate old people or work at Micky Ds and then, these narrow minded individuals could always have a job and wouldn’t have to pay taxes for all those worthless kids that just disrupt their nap schedule.

    2. Eric says:

      There are only two options to solve this problem and its as simple as that.

      1. Cut Spending

      2. Raise Taxes

      1. Common Sense says:

        How about cutting back on free school lunches, breakfast and other subsidies; these are what the problem are. The people creating this crisis don’t pay anything in anyways but they sure are taking it.

        Ya, great idea! Raise taxes on working people and cut spending on schools so the kids who want to better themselves and learn and have fun have even less. Punish working people.

  7. Bubba says:

    The people who have so little regard for education are usually the ones who don’t have more than a h.s. education. If you want society to progress rather than regress, you need to invest in education. The reason the U.S. spends more per pupil than the rest of the world, is the education system is asked to do more for the students. Everyone castigates the U.S. for lacking the rest of the world and in the same breath brutalizes socialistic Europe. You want more for your kids, it costs more. Last thing, teachers for the most part haven’t raises about 1% over the past 8 years, usually zero. Cut more and that will ensure the smart and motivated will want to become teachers, so they can be bashed. Get a clue!

    1. Citizen says:

      Although it is true that most teachers haven’t had much of a raise for some time. It is also true that most teachers did not get their salaries cut like many of us in the private sector have had in recent years. So you’re not going to get much sympathy from this tax payer on that point.
      Motivation – A teacher will get the same raise every year no matter how good (or bad) of a job they do. So where’s the motivation in the current system that is dictated to us by the unions? Perhaps if their salary was based on how well they did their job, they just might be “motivated” to do their job better.

  8. Reality says:

    I swear I just read a article the other day saying how Stillwater is going to raise property taxes so they could build a new fire station for the new national guard facility going up. Hmm I guess the planners still need money for that project so there taking it from the school. Does not really matter since there is not much of a future for the young kids since we are headed down to a police state because of all the fear the media and government has put out there since 9/11.

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