MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Ron Paul is the latest Republican presidential candidate to bring his campaign to Minnesota.

The Texas Congressman is planning stops in Rochester, Chanhassen and Arden Hills Saturday.

Also, he’ll be holding rallies in St. Cloud and Minneapolis Monday.

The Minnesota Caucuses are Tuesday.

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  1. DEEP says:

    Freedom is popular! The only candidate that openly talks about how the CIA deals drugs, the banks launder the money, the cops are THUGS. The homes of peaceful Americans are being raided, family pets being shot and killed, children, grandmothers, mothers being held at gun point! Children being CPS’d! Divorce, heart break. Arrest! Private prisons! Unfair treatment of minorities and just poor people in general! 47 THOUSAND + DEAD on our border with Mexico!!!???? THE DRUG WAR!!! The guy that openly talks about the real history of the 16th amendment and the Federal Reserve Act of 1913! THE MAN!!!! RON PAUL!!!!!! GO RON PAUL 2012! POWER TO THE PEACEFUL!!!!

    1. Tracy M says:

      Your Right! he is our last hope. We are losing our freedoms and libertys.

  2. See BS says:

    Ron Paul makes “Anti-War” Democrats look really fake. Like President Obama’s “Operation Nobel Peace prize”

  3. insignificant says:

    The citizens outta be laying out the red carpet for this honerable gentleman Dr. Ron Paul…and guard him from any mischief around,wether media or government ops to make him or his supporters look bad .

  4. Bill, of rights says:

    Any of you who never read the constitution of the U.S.,the LAW of the land,you should,as well as your RIGHTS.Any of you who are against this LAW or any of it’s parts are plain and simply Treasonous.This goes for the “talkers in media” who always go for these endless blabberings of establishment politicians , instead of some real substance about real issues,that are effecting so many families today and their standard of living.The “financial helpers” caused the problems in the first place then try to brainwash people that these same institutions are “saving” them..

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