LAS VEGAS (AP) — Nevada Republicans have finally finished counting the votes in their Saturday presidential caucuses.

As projected, Mitt Romney won handily, finishing with 50 percent. Newt Gingrich was second with 21 percent, edging out Ron Paul who had 19 percent of the vote. Rick Santorum finished last with 10 percent.

The results were released early Monday, nearly two days after voters began casting their ballots.

Party officials blame the delay on voting discrepancies and their old-fashioned voting method of using handwritten ballots.

GOP executive director David Gallagher says representatives from the campaigns approved the counting.

Only 32,963 voters participated in the caucuses, far short of the 44,000 Republicans who voted in the 2008 GOP caucuses. Romney also won four years ago, during his first run for the White House.

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Comments (3)
  1. G Dog says:

    First Iowa, now Nevada. Can’t Republicans count ballots??? Except, of course, in Florida where “W”, his guerrilla lawyers and the crooked GOP attorney general stole an election.

  2. Swamprat says:

    I think Romney is a decent candidate and one heck of a money manager. I don’t care for his crazy religion but then again all religions to me are crazy.

  3. DEEP says:

    For the most part people just don’t understand what is at stake. Ron Paul gets it. Gary Johnson, gets it. Of course it simply is very controlled. Really this is all about delegates and the game is just started. RP got 2 delegates in NV and will get more and more and more as we go on. Want peace? Want a strong dollar? Want an end to the terror and drug wars? Then Ron Paul is your man.

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