MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Former auto mogul Denny Hecker has been moved to a new higher security prison — this time to Wisconsin.

Hecker was moved to central Wisconsin after a short stay at the Federal Prison Camp in Duluth, Minn. — a minimum security prison.

The Federal Correctional Institution in Oxford is located about 60 miles north of Madison, situated off I-39 at the intersection of County Road G and Elk Avenue.

The FCI Oxford is a medium security institution for men.

Hecker is currently serving a 10-year prison sentence for bankruptcy fraud.

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  1. Huh? says:


    1. kate says:

      There is a racist that uses the name Kevin that keeps posting “isn’t diversity grand” every time the criminal is other than pasty white. But he is nowhere to be found on any story where the criminal is white. So they are pointing out his stupidity.

      1. fred says:

        don`t forget all of those nice folks that chime in with full support of the nastiest street thugs…..unless those perps are white

  2. dumbdealer says:

    Ten years ago i bought a truck from his Forest Lake dealership…omg what a nightmare customer service and stuff…good ridance

    1. tan pup says:

      No kidding! His Ford dealership in Stillwater was the worst! Came in at 7 am for an oil change and the “B” took my brakes off and told me I needed new ones and would not put them back on until I took out my cell phone and dialed the cops! Rot Denny Rot.

  3. Murph says:

    Hopefully Wisc Gov.Walker will be his cellmate soon! They can put their heads together and anything else they choose,to try to figure ut what went wrong with their scams!

    1. Reality says:

      Are you serious. Why don’t they throw away the crooked union leaders to who cost America most of our manufacturing jobs because they demanded crazy wages and benefits that companies could not afford. At least Gov. Walker balanced the budget and put a end to taxing regular middle class people so public unions could have more money to blow.

      1. TPaw says:

        Really Reality, really. Do you really feel unions are crooked, why because you work or suck off the system for next to nothing. Your ignorance and lack of knowledge shows through and through. Quit drinking the kool aid and get on board the winning team.

        1. Duh! says:

          That would be the losing team. More money please not. Notorious B.I.G. said it best. More money more problems. Why does everyone need to make tons of money. Why do you assume I am on welfare. Sorry I am white and came from middle class and have a collage education. I do not agree with unions forcing people to join their union to work at whatever job I may get that has a union in it. I should have the right to choice if I want to join the union and if I choice not to I should not have to pay any dues. Unions are very outdated and crooked. I still remember clearly the Northwest Airline Mechanics striking because there union told them to. Hmmm what happen they all lost there jobs replaced by people who where willing to work for less.

          1. midge says:

            You’re an intellectual midget that has absolutely no idea about what they are speaking of.

          2. JJ says:

            What ‘collage’ did you go to????

          3. David J. Conklin says:

            >Unions are very outdated and crooked.

            Companies are worse–that why unions were created in the 1st place.

        2. markH says:

          Unions have outlived their usefulness to the working class. Their continued existence contributes to protecting mediocre education (Teachers Union), over-paid public service workers (police and firefighters unions) as well as the high cost of cars and trucks (UAW). I applaud Gov. Walker for attempting to “pop” the over-inflated balloon of union entitlement; which, in the end, costs us all dearly. Peace.

          1. no unions says:

            Well said markh

  4. mwallek says:

    Enjoy Denny, you earned it.

    1. idtapit says:

      Good, now i can spend some good quality time with Ms. Rowland

  5. joe says:

    Tell Them Denny Sent You!

  6. Ha ha says:

    Good people helping good people.

  7. Swamp Rat says:

    Why is this news except to say that Heckler should be in solitary confinement in a US super-max jail hotel like Marion or Joliet! Then we would have years of quiet forgetting about Heckler and his misdeeds.

  8. aethelbert says:

    What will we do about all these crime-committing whites?

  9. ANNIE says:

    ya but…wheres his lovely wife????

  10. jj says:

    You before prison .

    You after prison *

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