ST. PAUL (WCCO) — Two state lawmakers say before the legislature focuses on a Vikings Stadium, they should make up for big cuts to child care.

Rep. Nora Slawik and Sen. Mary Jo McGuire introduced the “Child Care Affordability Act” Tuesday, outlining a plan to help parents, especially those living paycheck-to-paycheck, pay for child care and help child care providers who are now receiving less money from the state.

Child care providers who are licensed through the state, mostly those who provide care to low-income families, recently took a 2.5 percent cut in the amount of funding they receive.

The proposed child care act would help bridge that gap in funding, and help more than 7,000 Minnesota families that are currently on a waiting list for child care assistance.

Lawmakers say the cost to help these families would range between $300 million and $500 million.

The authors of the bill also announced two plans to help pay for child care costs. They say they’d like to either tax the rich to come up with the funding or pass a bill that could be attached to a proposed Vikings stadium plan — one where the revenue could come from gambling. They say the money could fund child care, as well as the new stadium.

“How can we look at funding a Vikings stadium for $300 million when we can’t find money for kids at the Capitol,” said Rep. Slawik.

Day care providers stood by as the Child Care Affordability Act was announced, including Sharon Born, who works nights and weekends to try and make up the money she lost because of state cuts.

“I don’t want to work seven days a week, 16 hours a day. I am a single mom, you have to do, what you have to do,” she said.

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  1. The Crux of the Biscuit says:

    Kevin – We can’t do that. We can’t actually expect people to take responsibily for their actions, otherwise who’s going to vote for the DFL? Ok, aside from dead people and felons.

    1. Susan says:

      like building a new stadium for the viking

  2. tom says:


    I agree 110% I’ m sick and tired of people crying that they don’t want to work a couple extra hours to support their kids. If you can’t afford them keep your legs crossed.

  3. See BS says:

    It’s like the opening scene in the film “Idioacracy”

  4. Kathy says:

    I now have figrued it all out! After years of though! The DFL and liberals continue to bring in and beg for every immigrant to come to MN. There are now over 380,000 legal immigrants in the twin cities. All using the system, that we pay for. Now, who do you think these immigrants are going to vote for? The evil GOP who want them to jump into the melting pot and pay their own way? Or the Dem’s who deliver and utilize charman toilet paper on their little soft tushies? Its a no win for the GOP! Our job maket tightens, or taxes increase, and the cost to wipe our as* goes up! I think I should teach at St Cloud state now!

    1. wake up says:

      Okay then, if you do not want to help support all these children, vote to keep abortion legal.

    2. Susan says:

      or have the immigrants live and use charm in at the new vike stadium

    3. Chrissy says:

      Of course no legal immigrants would vote Republican – they might be new to our country but that doesn’t make them stupid! Only a moron would vote for a party of bible-thumping, close-minded, hypocritical bigots. The rest of us vote DEM.

      1. progressive counterpt says:

        And this is why we have bullying in schools…you’re a great role model to kids. Ridicule anyone who doesn’t believe the way you do. Bravo!

    4. Grant says:

      Wow, are you ever a misguided, hateful, and selfish person who doesn’t realize how our country developed because it accepted and helped legal imigrants from all over the world, your ancestors included.

  5. Mom says:

    I have one child – that ONE child cost over $300 per WEEK to have in daycare as an infant. Now she is a toddler and costs $218 per week. And this is the cheapest daycare center in my area! My entire paycheck goes to paying for her daycare. If I was a single parent, I wouldn’t have money for food or the morgage. This is a huge problem. MN is one of the most expensive states in the US for daycare. Daycare cost shouldn’t dictate whether or not I choose to have a second child or not, but it does. Since I am pregnant with our second, I am having to contemplate quiting my job – my career – to stay at home because we can’t afford to have 2 in daycare.

    1. Steve BB says:

      Knowing that the cost of daycare in MN is in the top 10 in the Nation, and already having a child in Daycare, I will assume that you were bright enough to figure out that you either could, or could not, afford a second child. So I assume you knew you may have to end your career and stay at home to raise your the two children you decided to have. I agree, MN Daycare is very expensive. But that is becuase the tax payers are paying the tab, and Daycare Centers can charge what they want! Remember the days of the govt paying $500 for a hammer? Or $300 for a toilet seat? Same thing.

    2. Commonsense says:

      Maybe you should have checked into daycare costs before you decided to have the child and then knowing that you still choose to have another one. I have two kids and for many years (til they started school) my husband worked nights and I worked days – we didn’t see alot of each other, but we didn’t need a handout to help pay our bills either. If you can’t afford them there is a simple answer – don’t have them – because daycare is a drop in the bucket considering what is to come.

    3. politicianssux says:

      Dear Mom, it is time for some tough love. first of all, if $218 a week takes all of your pay, well then you are only maknig 13K a year take home, that is not a career. My daughter working part time at a local restaurant made more than you did last year, WORKING PART TIME. If you work full time, you are being paid undr minimum wage, file suit. Please share with us all how you ended up at such a high paying career. Did you go to college, if so what degree? Did you finish high school? What career field do you work in?

      In thie end this was all your decision, own it. Did you get a degreee? In what field that you make so little? Why did you choose to get pregnant again after your first daycare expense lesson? I mean really, you have made some really poor decisions based on what you have shared with us all here. Could you not find another way for that very short time of the month that you are fertile to get your and his wants met?

      1. Mom says:

        I work for the state – you don’t want to pay me more – you complain enough as it is, even though my salary is 100% from user fees.

        Secondly, I have two college degrees from a well known 4 year private college. I have always excelled in school and my career.

        And lastly, we chose to have another child because sometimes life is about more than things – sometimes it is about family and love. I didn’t realize waiting 4 years to have another child was so reckless of me. Apparently you only have the one child or are rich so were never faced with the problem of childcare costs. I won’t benefit from the proposed changes, as I am not getting assistance from the state. But the cost of daycare is a huge problem in MN because our laws are stricter than many other states. I don’t want to reduce the standards for our children, but the costs are getting out of control. In the centers in our area there are no families with multiple children enrolled, unless they are on assistance. The rest of us can’t afford it. It seems a little backwards to me.

        1. Grynch says:

          Listen here little missy… A child is a responsibility not just something you do out of love and lust so if you can’t be responsible for it from a financial standpoint then I shouldn’t have to. Having a child is a choice that you made, not me. I should never in any way shape or form or in any situation be financially responsible for your children because they are yours, not mine. End of story.

          1. Susan says:

            gee you pay for schools in your taxes, I think you should notify the state you are no longer going to pay for schools. Listen Missy??? do you know how ignorant that was?????

        2. Angie says:

          I have two children, ages 1 and 2. I bring my kids to a private home daycare and do not have to pay nearly what you are saying you pay. My husband and I both work full-time, and I am in college. We make our schedules work to avoid less daycare. You could do the same. Obviously you are choosing to bring your child to a center and are choosing to pay a higher rate. See the pattern here??? It is all about the choices you are making, not those made for you. Take responsibility for your own actions and quit crying about the wrong that is being done to you. The only wrong here is that you love to complain just like the others who can’t take responsibility for their actions.

  6. whatever says:

    My wife and I were responsible and saved for years before buying a small house we could afford or having kids. Now she stays home with my two young sons, Can I have some sort of handout or credit since she is our child care provider? Why am I being punished for being responsible? Why do the promiscuous, irresponsible people continue to get handouts?

    1. Susan says:

      wow you are so lucky, you get to go out in the world everyday and communicate with adults while the little woman stays home and tends to your castle. lucky u

      1. Still a SAHM says:

        Really Susan? I find your comment insulting.

        I am a ‘little woman’ who stayed home to raise her three kids while her husband worked to support us. The kids we chose to have, the kids that we took the responsibility for. On one salary we sent them to private school and then to college. We made do and did without because the kids came first. They are now 25, 23 and 20. Two have their own businesses and one is still in college.

        I, like ‘whatever’, am sick and tired of people having kids then wanting the state to raise them.

  7. Lean Mean Fighting Taco says:

    Do these morons understand that we are tapped out? That they can no longer keep increasing our taxes? That we are loosing jobs, our homes, and our sanity? Do they not see Greece? Do they want me to start making plans to burn the city like they are in Greece? If I do start to riot, I will be sure to take out the Occupy wussies at first torch! Will the rich elete from Hollywood then come and support me? Gov Google eyes marched in the Gay Parade, will he now march with us?

    1. honestly says:

      Wow, a lot of republican hate there.

      1. Bonks ↑ on the head! says:

        Oh shut up!

  8. @whatever says:

    This moron is the reason you are being punished.

  9. Bill says:

    @whatever! Here is your sign!

  10. Tax the rich, Please! says:

    Remember, Save taxes for the wealthy, thats they way so they can invest overseas.

    1. pity says:

      Oh get off it. The wealthy are not hoarding all the cash. There is plently of money that can be made in this country. Those rich demons, the DFL loves to create a demon for all you poor people to hate. Here’s a thought, report all the illegals, report all the fraud you know of, then there will be enough to go around.

    2. Susan says:

      no save taxes for the new vike stadium,

  11. sarn says:

    Mom is uneducated due to having children before she finished high school and can’t get a decent job. Daddy is in jail and incapable of paying child support. Mommy doesn’t really want to work because EBT and welfare are already enough to support her needs and now mommy will be getting more at our expense and mommy doesn’t even pay taxes. When does the madness end?

  12. Real Talk Snitch says:

    Somebody introduce this dumb broad to a freshman Econ text book.

    As well intentioned as Nora is….she is the root of the problem that is crippling America. Such ignorance it really is remarkable.

    Guess what…..if you can’t afford child care….then no child care. Just like i cannot afford a Mercedes…thus i don’t drive one. If you cannot make a living providing child care…..then time to find a new living. Just like i used to do shoe repairs….but that didn’t pay the bill so i found something else. But having the state provide handouts to keep this broken business alive is not only irresponsible, it is dangerous as it stymies the creativity and ingenuity of our citizens by creating an un-even playing field.

    1. Reverend Phelps says:

      That isn’t what she is suggesting.

      You did shoe repair? LOL! Why??? Did someone (anyone?) tell you there was money in it?

  13. Reality says:

    Republicans are all about no one having an abortion. Some one has to pay for all those kids. Either pay up to help raise them or become a liberal and support abortions and a woman’s right to choose.

    1. sarn says:

      Last time I checked abortions are legal and a woman can have one anytime she chooses (they’re obviously not choosing to do so) so that is obviously not the issue.

    2. progressive counterpt says:

      @Reality So you want no consequences in life for your actions? You want to have sex…which the consequence can result in a child, but you don’t want the consequence, so you want abortions. If you decide to keep the child, the consequence is…it costs money to raise a child, but again, you don’t want the consequence, you want someone else to pay for raising your child. I support the woman’s right to choose….but it comes before the possible consequence. You should have the right to chose whether to have sex or not to have sex. The resulting consequence is your responsiblity. Now that’s a reality check!

      1. aborted one says:

        You got it. And now with Obama care, we get to have you bible thumping conservative saps pay for that too. Ain’t the progressive mind set beautiful.

  14. MN Atheist says:

    Not everybody can be successful financially. Somebody has to work at McDonalds and Super America. I don’t have a huge problem with helping out a family who is struggling to make ends meet, as long as they stay responsible while on the states dollar. Have another kid? Your help doesn’t increase. Quit your job because you are fed up with it. Too bad, no extra help. And the system should try and push people to better themselves and get off the welfare. My wife and I got pregnant right before I was about to start college. I put school off for a year to keep working full time but eventually I started. We needed some help to stay afloat for a couple of years. I graduated and immediately got a job in my field and no longer needed support. In fact we were off again on again with the help the whole time I was in school due to my night job. I have no problem helping those in a situation like mine or where they need some help through bad times. But I can’t stand those who use the system for years on end and expect the help!

  15. Grynch says:

    Or perhaps it’s because people like him and I are fed up with being forced to financially support a bunch of losers that intend to do nothing to support themselves.

    1. @ Grynch and Kevin says:

      The negativity that you and Kevin constantly type about any subject would lead me to believe you lead a sad, pitiful existence. As the two of you cycle down into the depths of depression do not worry, the state will have a bed for you in the newly remodeled St. Peter Hospital.

      1. Grynch says:

        So when union protesters express their anger towards certain political agenda are they leading a sad and pitiful existence as well? Will they all fall into a deep depression? It sounds to me that instead of posting something meaningful that has anything to do with the article what so ever you are just using a defense mechanism to combat those whose views differ from yours by stating that people like us are pitiful and depressed.

      2. Grynch says:

        Since when does expressing frustration over political agenda and using your amendment to freedom of speech directly relate to depression?

        1. d.f. grynch says:

          You are so stupid you could not even figure out how to attach your comment to whatever the heck you are talking about

          1. Susan says:

            you are such a loser you are on a computer at eight o’clock on Valentines day evening

        2. Susan says:

          since you started expressing. lol

          1. Susan says:

            I did hit reply, usually works, this was for grinch. sorry brunch ,, sorry Grynch

      3. or maybe says:

        Or maybe Kevin is sick of paying taxes that subsidize irresponsibility and sloth.

  16. GH says:

    As sad as your story is, that is not the norm for most people getting assistance. I know a couple of women who won’t marry their men because then they will be making too much money to get government money. It makes me sick that the majority of people on the system are leeches.
    These programs are for families like what you came from, people who fell on hard times by no fault of their own and are working night and day to get back on their feet. Anybody who thinks of these programs as income deserves to be kicked off asap!! I’m sick of people saying we should tax the rich to pay for stupid people. My husband and I were responsible about school, children, buying a home, etc… These people think because I have money in the bank that I’m rich enough to pay for their mistakes! STOP TAKING MY HARD EARNED MONEY YOU LEECHES!!

  17. Max says:

    Thank goodness both my mother and sister run licensed daycares out of their homes. I’d be broke if they didn’t.

  18. says:

    What? more tax so people can afford daycare?

    1. Susan says:

      no, so we can afford a new vike stadium

  19. RIII says:

    I see no reason responsable taxpayers should pay for other peoples children, welfare leaches or stadiums. If you are irresponsable enough to have kids you cannot afford put them up for adoption.

    1. Susan says:

      just use our money for a new vike stadium

  20. Kevin says:

    Say here is an idea! Since right now over 30,000 families are getting my tax dollars for day care……why dont we send them all condoms and tell them to stop! I know this is a difficult idea for sackless liberals to understand…..but if you can not afford a child (or 10 )…..DO NOT HAVE THEM! Why the he** should we have to pay for your children! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!!!

  21. Greg says:

    I always look at it like this. $300/week is 7.50/hr. That’s what you’re paying for a kid to be at a daycare. Is that too much

  22. Kevin says:

    @whatever….this is another moron who punishes you!

  23. Kevin says:

    @whatever……more punishment for you….you better work some OT to pay for the others daycare….Remember Hillary C..”It takes a village”….of course…Bill was tyring to make babies on a blue dress in the oval office at the time…..See Liberals….even Bill Clinton just said no to making babies….he just spewed on blue dresses…..and anything else he could spew on….

  24. Susan says:

    pay gabillions for a new Viking stadium, pay for daycare, where are our priorities

    1. Tired says:

      So why should be pay for daycare???????? They are your chidren…..

  25. sam says:

    Smart, responsible, professional women have children and need daycare. Period. Most women at this age are just in the beginning of their careers and on the bottom rung of the payscale. However, in the years to come daycare won’t be as much of a burden than in the infant years. There is nothing irresponsible about working full time and expecting affordable daycare. Perhaps hers is the career that carries the health benefits for the family? Not everyone is looking for a govt handout for daycare, just some affordable daycare.

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