MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A 33-year-old man is charged with murder for a fatal shooting at a downtown hotel.

Brian Vincent Griffin, of Dayton, Minn., was charged with second-degree murder and attempted second-degree murder for a weekend shooting that resulted in the death of Jeremy Shannon at the Millennium Hotel.

Police say Griffin also shot at another man in the hotel room.

According to the criminal complaint, Griffin, Shannon and two other men were smoking meth in a hotel room. Around 2:15 a.m. Saturday, Griffin stood up and walked to the door, as though he was leaving the room. That’s when police say he pulled a gun from his waist band and started shooting at Shannon and the other men.

Griffin admitted to police that Shannon and the other men were talking about things that made him nervous and he intended to leave but then thought, “I have to do this,” according to the criminal complaint.

Griffin was found hiding in a closet at the nearby Hyatt Regency Hotel in Minneapolis, shortly after the shooting. No one else was hit by the bullets, according to police.

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  1. ed nunn says:

    ..things to do in downtown minneapolis at 2:00 am..

    1. Guns-n-Roses says:

      He’s been dancing with Mr. Brownstone

  2. Andy says:

    Ah meth…does a body good.

  3. Kevin says:

    Crack….not just for breakfast anymore…..

  4. Deep Thinker says:

    By the looks of it, I doubt the shooting took place because someone was trying to take things from Mr. Griffin’s salad plate…

  5. Gov Bill Janklow's Ghost says:

    Is this guy white? I am not so sure. He sort of fooled me at first. But I think he is of color. But from Dayton? There are rich folk in Dayton! Someone slap me into reality!

    1. bp says:

      What does is matter what color he is. Crimes happen in all communties and every race or creed. What an ignorant thing to say. I personally know Brian and he was a good kid, just got mixed up with the wrong crowd and drugs.

      1. Kevin says:

        I just choked on my own puke….my god your a moron….

        1. Obv. says:

          I think it’s you’re a moron.

      2. Cherohn says:

        You are so right bp! I’ve known brian since we were in diapers and this is not the Brian I knew! What the hell does race have to do with anything!!!???

      3. Mishank says:

        TourDeSomewhere on November 3, 2008 Kia is really cnmiog up cheap, powerful and good. This has got to be the one of the best SUVs out of Korea what else is better from Korea?

  6. me says:

    Brian Griffin?!?!? What are Peter and Lois going to think!!!!!!

  7. Yepppp says:

    just smoking meth? come on, that drug is harmless, why would you want to shoot someone when smoking something so natural and non-addictive

  8. big banjo says:

    meth will kill ya….one way or another.

  9. Hyatt says:

    Nice reporting. I’m fairly certain he was found across the street in the Hyatt Hotel.

  10. politicianssux says:

    So, his sister posted the day the story broke and stated he was in his hotel room minding his own business. Is this really societies idea of someone renting a hotel room and minding their own business. I am sorry for the loss the family suffered, BUT that crack does not smoke itself and if you are going to go around doing illegal things, you might think an illegal thing or two may happen to you as well.

  11. Obv. says:

    I think the punishment should be less if you murder another worthless bag of $hit, one less drug dealer addict, I wonder where his siter is, she claimed he was turning his life around.

    1. Haywood Jablome says:

      Yeah. They’re always “turning their lives around.” Same thing is said when the cops shoot and kill some P.O.S. The family goes looking for anyone who will listen and whines about how good they were and how they were getting their life back in order.

    2. jdewittRIP says:

      Really, the punishment should be less if you murder another “worthless bag of $hit”? Being a judgmental, ignorant, heartless puke like yourself is what I WOULD CONSIDER A “worthless bag of $hit”. What made him worthless? That he got addicted to a HIGHLY addictive drug? How does that make him worthless? Did HE commit a crime against another? anyone addicted to prescription drugs, street drugs, or alcohol is still a HUMAN BEING. And I can tell you this with complete certainty, even as a meth smoker, Jeremy was more of a human than you are, and he had so many friends, friends who DIDN’T do drugs, friends who saw Jeremy for who he was, not what he did. He was so much more than a “drug dealer addict”. It is people like YOU who society should worry about- people who have no compassion for others, who think they are so much better and worth so much more than others. Because people like you are Sociopaths, and feel no remorse. That makes YOU the “worthless bag of $hit” that you refer to. Nobody deserves to be murdered the way he was. And someone who can say what you said is someone with no soul, no empathy for others. How do you feel now, knowing that a “meth addict” was more of a human being than you could ever be? You think so little of him, and he was a more respectful, caring, loving human being than you. So…..where does that leave you? You are an embarrassment to every sober person out there. \\

      1. jackactionhero says:

        Well he sure didn’t pick his friends and hobbies well. For such a great person, he sure made a lot of consecutive bad decisions. I don’t give anybody a free pass for destroying their own life while smoking meth. I’m willing to bet he knew it was “highly addictive” before he ever sucked the glass d1ck for the first time.

  12. Kevin says:


  13. Ataz says:

    It makes me very sad the out look that the public has on addicts. Jeremy was NOT a “worthless bag of shi#” he was a father, a brother and a friend to many. He had a disease called addiction. Wake up people, your ignorance disgust’s me. Addicts do get clean and become a productive member of society … I guarantee that you work and live amongst us. I never choose to be an addict but I am and always will be. Today I have over 8 years clean and you would never guess where I work or what I do every day for people. Think before you judge someone and call them a worthless. He was not worthless he was a good man that suffered from a very sad disease. RIP Jeremy … I will pray for you, your children, family and friends.

    You may or may not know me.
    I destroy homes.
    I tear families apart,
    I’ll take your children and that is just the start.
    I’m more precious the diamonds, more valued then gold.
    The sorrows I bring are a sight to behold.

    If you need me I’m easily found
    I’m all around you in every city and every town.
    I live with the rich I live with the poor.
    I live down the street even next door.

    I’m made in a lab just not the kind you think,
    I can be made under the kitchen sink.
    I can be made in the closet or in the woods.
    If this doesn’t scare you to death it certainly should.
    I have many names but one you’d know best
    My name is Crystal meth.

    My powers are awesome just try me and see.
    Try me twice and your soul will belong to me.
    Once I possess you, you’ll steal and you’ll lie
    You’ll do what it takes just to get high.
    The crimes you’ll commit for the high and fame
    Will be worth millions once I get in your veins.

    You’ll lie to your mom and steal from you dad,
    When you see their tears you won’t even be sad.
    You’ll forget your morals and how you were raised,
    Once I teach you my worthless ways.

    I’ll take your friends, your control, your pride,
    But I’ll always be with you right by your side.
    You’ll give up your friends, your family, your home,
    When you run out you’ll be all alone.
    I’ll take and I’ll take till there’s nothing to give,
    And when I’m through you’ll be lucky to live.

    You can try me for fun but I’m no game.
    Giving the chance I’ll drive you insane.
    I’ll give you nightmares while you lie sweating in bed.
    I’ll be the evil voices inside you head.

    You shouldn’t have tried me how many times were you told?
    But you challenged my powers how could you have been so bold?
    You couldn’t say no, and just walked away.
    If you could do it all over again what would you say?

    I’ll be you master you’ll be my slave.
    Don’t fear being lonely I’ll walk with you to your grave.
    I’ll show you more pain then your deepest betrayal
    So come take my hand as I lead you to HELL.

    1. Brett says:

      Ah, it has been said time and time again, that DOPE, especially crack, meth, heroin, and some of the other HARD DRUGS are absolutely POISON, to the body and the mind. Try, use at your own risk. These are not “harmless” drugs in any way, shape, or form. I don’t feel the LEAST bit sorry for ANYONE who messes with this stupid stuff, even if a dead guy happens to be a dad (might actually SAVE his kids without is idiotic influence) or the shooter (I hope he gets LIFE, without parole). So, you want to do some hard drugs AND carry a gun (I wonder if he had a carry permit, I doubt it)? Just watch though. The shooter’s parents probably have a lot of money, will hire an expensive lawyer, and this guy will probably only get 10 years, maybe LESS.

      1. Cherohn says:

        Ummm no Brian’s mom does not have alot of money. She is a hard working woman who tried her best to raise her sons right! Brian fell into the wrong crowd and this is no excuse for what he did but This was not how he was brought up!

    2. jackactionhero says:

      Being an addict is a conscious decision. The stuff doesn’t buy and smoke itself. There is always a choice. He chose to be a meth smoker. That cannot be refuted. His life ended up exactly as you would expect it to, considering his lifestyle.

      1. RIPJS says:

        You are a very ignorant person. Maybe you should do some research on addiction before you create an opinion. I also was a meth addict, I have been clean and sober for almost a decade. I can tell you from experience that I never chose to be an addict, I could also tell you about the cunning baffling and powerful obsession that I had. Getting clean was by far the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. I did not wake up at 15 years old and tell my self, “I think I want to be an addict , I am going to make a conscious decision to use drugs and slowly kill myself” Do you know how stupid that sounds???
        Before any of you make false accusations and assumptions about a man you never even knew ….. Do some damn research …. addiction is a disease …. take a look at your family and friends guarantee you will find an addict (meth heroin, crack, weed, prescription pills), alcoholic or a gambler… I guarantee you love them, Put your self in the shoes of his family and friends ….. would you want some to judge and say hurtful things??? Keep your side of the street clean … you never know when you get to see the big man in the sky.


        1. jackactionhero says:

          I’ve done the research, trust me. I’m not ignorant. Labeling yourself as helpless against the power of meth is simply a copout. It didn’t “make” you do anything. You always had a choice. You were still responsible for your actions. And now you’re just making excuses. Both pathetic.

          1. respectothers says:

            What is your “copout” for being a complete disgrace to the human race. You are making the choice to respond like a complete ignorant fool. If you act like this in society, believe me, the day will come where you have to be responsible for voicing your despicable shallow opinions.

    3. jackactionhero says:

      Only liars and thieves lie and steal.

      1. respectothers says:

        Again, a remark as stupid as the author.

  14. Realistic1 says:

    Go to mncriminals.com and type in Jeremy Shannon you will see this man is no one to do life for…he has multiple charges for Harm with the intent to kill not to mention domestic violence and drud charges!!! the most recent charge was just this past December and if I’m not mistaken it was a felony why the hell was he out on the streets!!! come on people his record speaks for him.

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