MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A vote is by no means a certainty, but right now it looks like any  vote that will happen in the legislature for a Vikings stadium would be for a stadium located on, or right next to, the current Metrodome site.

In other words, the site issue seems to be settled, but of course that too could change. How many man hours were spent by politicians, journalists, fans planning, debating and hashing over other possible sites? Stadium debate fatigue is settling in for an awful lot of even die-hard fans.

The enormous cost for the project must still be approved. The toughest sell remains the Minneapolis City Council, whose members want to see a city-wide referendum before any tax dollars go to a stadium. For all the continued wrangling it appears that momentum is building for a vote by the legislature this session.

Could the end really be in site? Maybe soon we can all go on to debate issues other than building a stadium where a team will play ten home games a season.

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  1. JQ Public says:

    This deal will NOT happen. No arrangement that uses City or State taxpayer money will pass. No tax dollars for billionaires! Let Zigmut and the NFL build it themselves. They have plenty of money!

  2. Veteran says:

    The location of the Stadium was never the argument, the argument was, we don’t want to give any taxpayer money to able-bodied men who are already rich when we have women and children needing these dollars.

    If it’s such a good investment then sell stocks or bonds to the public and buy into it, otherwise stop stealing our money to pay for it

  3. John Galt says:

    All I gotta say is it won’t happen so quit bringing it up. If Ziggy wants to make more money then Ziggy can make the investment himself. End of story.

  4. Casey says:

    One has to wonder how Mondale and Rybak et al are benefitting from this stadium promotion/manipulation. Are they receiving money from Wilf to push this through?

  5. Belinda says:

    Don’t let up on the politicians.

    Contact your representative and tell them how you feel: email, phone, fax, it’s all good:


    1. Jason says:

      @ Bel, Agreed 100%! And will do again.

    2. Troy says:

      I will for sure contact them and tell them a stadium is a MUST!

      1. Belinda says:

        You realize you are a tiny minority right?

        “Would you favor or oppose using public money for a new Viking’s stadium?”

        Favor: 22%
        Oppose: 74%
        Don’t know: 4%


  6. Matthew says:

    Not sure if the last paragraph is meant to be a play on words, but don’t shouldn’t the paragraph begin “Could the end be in SIGHT?”

    1. Jason says:

      @ Matt I saw that also. Esme makes no illusion where she stands on this issue. Not really objective journalism. I see we are going to continue misrepresenting the facts regarding whos paying for this mess. Its not about the site. NO TAXPAYER MONEY! Keep contacting your reps!

  7. Rufus Larkin says:

    Why would a society build the stadium and waste land on another site, for a never-win team like the Vikings?

  8. d0 d0 says:

    Tax payer money ? needs tax payer approveal, right? but the political ppl will not allow that to happen, cuz the public is to stupid to jugde this,,,,, so they say anyway…..therefor they will decide 4 U……

    1. Frank Talk says:

      Four Hennepin County commissioners took away the people’s right to a referendum and then raised their taxes for the benefit of the billionaire Pohlad family.

      The voters did nothing.

      So this could happen again.

  9. Penelope says:

    Funding a stadium with public money from any source would be the biggest, costliest, and worst mistake the city council, legislators, or any other politician or commissioner could possible make on behalf of the people of Minnesota.

    1. Frank Talk says:

      That is true. But that doesn’t mean they won’t do it.

    2. Sonjay says:

      Yeah because no one watches football or attends the games or appreciates their philanthropy or oh wait…

      1. Sonjay says:

        I just read my post and realize now how off-topic and stupid it is.

        I apologize to everyone reading.

  10. Sonjay says:

    “YEAH that Tax free stadium with the non-tax paying people attending 80 odd games downtown pay money to a person who pays zero taxes.” This is liberal agenda to a T. These winners who post on here how billionaires are given free money will never pay in their lifetimes what a person like Pohlad pays in 1 year. So I’m not super rich but I’m not so deluded as Frank here

    1. Michele says:

      I’m not a fan of making the burdened taxpayers of Minnesota pay for this stadium, and I’m certainly not going to defend billionaires and their “hard-earned” money (Sonjay, reality check: how many billionaires send their kids to defend this country and die? Most of the soldiers come from poorer places. So it all balances out. Oh, WAIT! NO, it DOESN’T!)

      But I do want to remind people here that the players pay state taxes every time they play here. Just to be fair.

      And I agree that this should go to referendum.

      1. Nazir says:

        Raluca, particularizezi. 🙂 Nu am scris eniaciri ca trebuie sa faci echipa cu oricine. Spuneam doar ca fara o echipa (de orice fel), esti nimeni. Insa responsabilitatea alegerii echipei iti apartine in totalitate. Tu trebuie sa decizi. Daca nu decizi tu, va decide altcineva in locul tau.

  11. Neal says:

    At what point does R.T., the politicians and legislators understand that THE PEOPLE DO NOT WANT A STADIUM!!! I think ‘The San Fransisco Vikings’ sounds pretty good right now. Let them GO! They have sucked us dry long enough and it’s time for someone else to enjoy the pleasure of paying for a Billionaire owner and Millionaire Players to pretend to entertain their puny minds. Yeah NFL! NOT!

    1. angry Minnesotan says:

      Here is a list of people that do not want this stadium: Ziggy Wilf, All the players, All the staff that have homes here, all the executive staff that live in Edina by the practice facility, all the employees of the vikings that live here, all the support staff that work keep the done and practice facility going, all the charities that sell food at games to raise money for their cause, All the charities that the vikings give money to, all the vendors that sell food to the charities to sell at the games, all the vikings fans, all the police that work OT and get to watch a game, the Medical staff, the Physical therapists that help the players, the local bartenders and wait staff, the star tribune that owns most of the ground lots around the dome, the local media that cover the team, the bar and restaurant owners, the Choo Choo drivers, the bus drivers, the “light” rail drivers, The hotel staff that work because of the player and fans that come into town, the hotel owners, The airlines that fly teams too and from Minneapolis & St. Paul, and of course the politicians that collect a tax from every one of the groups I just mentioned. I have never paid to watch a game, but I like having a team here, so I too muct be included in that list of people hat DO WANT the team to stay here and not on your terms Neal.

  12. gh says:

    Taxpayer money, never, no-way. Maybe Minnesota could reach the top of the list as the highest taxed state to live in.

  13. Sean says:

    I believe toll booths should be installed at the Stillwater, Interstate 94, and Hastings river crossings; charging a $1 toll to come in and out of Minnesota. This will result in a large sum of money to use on the stadium, or other projects for the good of Minnesota. This is evidenced by the mass amounts of Wisconsin residents congesting Minnesota roadways.

    1. Jim says:

      Why should Zygi the Pinhead get that money?

      What about education, seniors, healthcare, balancing the budget, tax relief…?

      Zygi is so far down the list, he’s not even ON the list.

  14. Taxed to Death says:

    Dayton and Ryhack are union stooges and will push anything that lines their pockets.

  15. Swamp Rat says:

    “YAWN!!!” Enough is enough. Build the new stadium anywhere that makes money for the people and the Vikings. Pass the legislation or not, I don’t care anymore. Just say Good-bye to the Vikings and be done with them. If not, if you want the team good-or-bad just build the stadium and people will come. Meanwhile, make money doing so.

    The Viking stadium debate debacle is tearing this state and the Twin Cities asunder. Why can’t everybody and everyone get together on this issue? This debate is showing the nation that we are a backward bush-league state. Enough said.

    1. Swamp Rat says:

      Where and when will this stadium be built here in the Twin Cities? I still think Hell will freeze and the Devil will be throwing snowballs before it is built!!!

  16. Larry Spooner says:

    Naysayers, pick your next anti-thing, The stadium IS GOING TO BE BUILT!

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