BLUE EARTH, Minn. (WCCO) — One person was killed and three others were injured in a home invasion that happened early Monday morning in Blue Earth, Minn.

According to the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, the home invasion was reported to police at 12:30 a.m. on the 400 block of 4th Street East. A masked man entered the home and attacked residents inside.

Police say they still aren’t sure if this was a random attack or if anyone inside the home knew the suspect.

A 38-year-old man was killed in the attack, and three women — one of whom was a juvenile — were seriously injured. The three women were taken to St. Mary’s Hospital in Rochester.

The body of the man killed has been sent to the Ramsey County Medical Examiner for an autopsy that will be performed Tuesday. Officials say they need to confirm the identity of the man and determine a cause and manner of death.

There was also a 6-year-old girl in the residence, but she was left unharmed.

It was not immediately clear how the suspect killed the man. However, Public Information Officer Jill Oliveira said the occupants were attacked, not shot, with an unknown object.

Oliveira said they still don’t have information about the suspect but warns the public to remain vigilant.

The Blue Earth Police Department and the Faribault County Sheriff’s Office are also investigating the incident.

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  1. Brett says:

    Keep a gun near you at all times possible. Especially in your own home. With the “economy” in the “great” shape that it is in, this is likely to become more common as time goes by.

    1. Marcus Bachmanns says:

      Elect Shelley. We believe a gun in every persons hands, good and bad, young (down to age 4) and old (no limits), Better yet – no eye test even required! Vote for Sheely Bachmann for President. Or any office you are willing to.

      1. Marcus Bachmanns says:

        I got soooooooo excited I boo-boo’ed and done wrong with typo’s. Being in the closet all the time, well…..I get rusty

        1. Brett says:

          Keep that big bag of glitter at the ready Marcus, it will do you a lot of good…..

    2. Rob Swart says:

      Fool too much FAUX, crime in MN is way down.

    3. Zing says:

      I agree. Those obstructionist GOP politicians are bringing this nation down all for partisan gain. They are truly terrible human beings.

    4. agree says:

      I agree thst we should all or most of us should have a gun with how things are know a days yes I feel like if you do not have kids in the house or somewhere to lock up gun you should get one.

    5. jackactionhero says:

      The economy?

      Why would the “the economy” make people do home invasions and kill people?

      Did you even think about this comment before submitting it?

      1. desert eagle .50 says:

        Because, genius, the poor economy means that some people are in need of money. Did you even think about your unspecific comment before having someone post it for you?

  2. Marcus's "good friend" says:

    Hundred dollars says it was about drugs and there were plenty of guns in the house.

    1. nonsense says:

      You would win the hundred!

  3. Jen says:

    The city of Blue Earth, Minnesota is not in Blue Earth County, it is in Faribault County.
    WCCO: Come on news people, get a map or just wiki the blessed thing. Go beyond a guess on your tag list.
    Here are some more, just so you know this isn’t that strange in Minnesota:
    The city of Mankato is in Blue Earth County, the city of Faribault is in Rice County, and the city of Rice, Minnesota is in Benton County, the city of Sherburn is in Martin County, and Sherburne County is where you can find the city of Elk River.

    1. jensuxhard says:

      well aint you a smarty pants. effu!

    2. effoff says:

      well aint you just a smarty pants

    3. Obv. says:

      The article clearly states Blue Earth is in Faribault county why are you trying to correct someone who is correct?

      1. Jen says:

        If you look at the tags on the left, Blue Earth County is on the list.

        1. Wow says:

          Well, I, for one, appreciate correct information on a news site…

  4. Mr. T says:

    There should be a law requiring every home to have at least one forearm available to its residents. Think of what it would have saved in the case!

    1. Obv. says:

      Every person has 2 forearms, therefore we’re safe.

      1. Richard in Minneapolis says:

        Not every person has (had) a forearm. Lord Nelson and Stonewall Jackson come immediately to mind.

    2. T-Rex says:

      Forearms much to scrawny……mouth full of 6inch teeth much better…..grrrrrrrrr…….Roar.!!!!

  5. Buc says:

    Thanks for pontificating folks. Is this your standard ramble because it’s an election year? Just trolling the news to support (and then share) your politics?
    Have you done ANYTHING to look at the details of this? Demographics of the city? Location of the home in town?
    Let me share, because I grew up less than a mile away from the home where this occurred.
    Blue Earth is the largest city in the county, just over 3,000. It’s a rural area, so it is likely there are are guns around because hunting is a common pastime. NOT because people expect to be attacked at home. Since it is the County Seat, it is the base for city police and county sheriff. The new police station is less than 2 minutes away. Law enforcement couldn’t get much closer.
    The house is near the middle of town in a single-family home in a single-family-home neighborhood. The home is probably owned rather than rented.
    Drug runs are much more common in Albert Lea – near Interstate 35, 40 miles away. Interstate 35 goes from Lorado, TX to Duluth, MN.
    The emergency call was just after midnight. There’s a chance people were asleep.
    So, small town, not a lot of locked doors, after midnight in a house in a quiet, residential neighborhood. With kids in the house, guns are probably locked up, safety, and probably not loaded.
    Masked intruder is probably not a stranger, didn’t seem to hold anyone hostage, and left the smallest person alone. The injured were big enough to fight. Murder, no hostages – fella was an intended target for murder. It might be because he was the biggest, but more than likely he did something to upset the criminal.
    Two adult women and a juvenile woman. My guess is that one woman is deceased wife, both adult women are mothers, and one of them doesn’t live there. Could she be hiding out there for some reason?
    Masked attacker because the criminal knows s/he might be seen. Masked because lots of people know each other or know a cousin, or other family member. Family resemblance is strong in rural areas.
    My guess is that one of the women in that home “wasn’t supposed to be there” and the murderer went there to do something about it, damaging or destroying anyone who got in the way. More likely drunk than drugged up.
    Spin that. Which politician is at fault for that? Which politician could have prevented it from happening. I can’t wait to see how this coulda/shoulda been handled differently. Ready, set, go…

    1. Buc says:

      Called it – ex husband did it.

  6. Brett says:

    Go ahead, marcus, bust into my home. I’m reminded of a song that goes:

  7. CJ says:

    I carry a gun because I can’t carry a cop. Now, if only the lame duck State Congress could send H.F.1467 into law and allow us to police ourselves without fear of endless civil litigation the State would be a much safer place.

    1. gandydancer says:

      cj. right on target…no pun intended. civil litigation. our homeowner policy will not afford coverage including defense costs because of an intentional act (of self defense) go figure.

  8. Dale Gribble says:

    I carry legally and I feel safe because of it. The only state in the union that you can’t carry is Illinois and guess where Barack Hussein Obama is from? Get this POS out of office he is destroying this country while all you sheep just sit there and watch, how pathetic.

    1. The Architect says:

      It’s Obama’s fault Illinois residents don’t have a conceal carry law? LOL


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