MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Some people say the push to get a Voter ID amendment on the ballot in November includes racial profiling.

TakeAction Minnesota and a coalition of other organizations held a news conference on the issue Monday morning.

They say a picture on WeWantVoterID.com is racially derogatory and they want it taken down.

They say the picture implies that African-Americans and Latinos are looking to cheat Minnesota’s election system.

“It’s nothing short of a racist fear mongering that’s designed to promote the very divisive issue,” said Dan McGrath, executive director of TakeAction Minnesota.

TakeAction Minnesota is also calling for an apology and they want the people behind the WeWantVoterID website to stop pushing for a voter ID constitutional amendment.

Comments (81)
  1. Bradley A. Huda says:

    I’m Confused I show my ID evertime I vote.

    1. Grynch says:

      OMG they’re profiling you man. You should never have to prove who you are when you vote to elect a public official.

  2. politicianssux says:

    Forcing people to show an ID to vote will help to prevent fraud. So what do the people want that are against showing an ID to vote?

    1. Iron says:

      That would be freedom from government scrutiny. Less total government rules and restrictions. Faster lines at voting poles. You know, our right to vote in MN as the law now stand.

      1. Delores says:

        We do not want government scrutiny because it is so much harder to use fake names and to cheat if you have to have a photo ID.

        1. pizzedoff says:

          Thank you Delores. Has nothing to do with racial profiling, only crook profiling.

    2. sarn says:

      They want to be able to leave their ID at home when they vote.

    3. max says:

      But, there is little to no evidence of voter fraud in Minnesota and this will cost to implement. It’s like spending money to solve a problem that doesn’t exist.

      BTW – does your Grandmother have a photo ID?

      1. redrider says:

        Nope… shes dead.

        1. Matt says:

          then why did she vote last year?

      2. pizzedoff says:

        You live in la-la land? Plus, seniors are the first ones to pull out ID.

      3. URANIDIOT says:

        Max, the only reason there is “little to no voter fraud in Minnesota” is because NO ONE IS LOOKING FOR IT! If the Minnesota Highway Patrol never looked for speeders, the equivalent to your argument would be that there is little to no speeding in Minnesota. However, that would not be true – you’re using flawed logic. If you don’t look for something, that does NOT mean it isn’t happening.

        1. js says:

          Your logic is no better than his.

    4. Jackel says:

      It prevents them from voting early and often!

    5. Llp says:

      where is the fraud

      1. Dan McGrath says:

        “Where the the fraud?”

        You can start learning about that here: http://www.electionintegritywatch.com/2012/01/26/election-integrity-reports-roundup/

        1. Llp says:

          Where’ truth not there

  3. Bradley A. Huda says:

    I have to show my ID all the time for various reasons. I don’t have a problem with proving who I am. The only reason I see that someone would not want to is if they are trying to get away with something.

  4. See BS says:

    Multi-Culturalism is religion and this ad is “Blasphemy” to liberal bible bangers.

    They use the word racism like a California surfer dude uses the F word in every other sentance.

  5. Bob K. says:

    First of all, I do not agree with WeWantVoterID.com methods of handling the subject.
    However, last week in USA Today, there was an article that stated 1 in 8 votes in last years elections were not correct. The article did not state “fraud”, but what else could it be. However, over the years articles in other papers have proven people going and voting in multiple locations and states – that is fraud. A photo ID card with address would stop that type of fraud.
    In most states you can get a photo ID (if you do not have a passport) for travel by air. So make the ID “free”, this way everyone will have a ID card with photo and address.

  6. politicianssux says:

    the writing at WCC0 has been pretty poor lately, but this is a story why? A group that does not want voters to show an ID to vote wants this whole thing stopped because one supporting group used an image that they find offensive? Really? Using that logic, Hillary Clinton, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Amy Koch, NOrm Coleman, Michelle Bachmann and many others never would be allowed in public.

    1. Dan McGrath says:

      Another example of a well-reasoned and rational argument against Voter ID. Well said.

  7. questioning says:

    Why do Republicans have so much hate?

    1. Brett says:

      Why are democrats so stupid and/or corrupt??

      1. A Voter says:

        Voter corruption started with the Bush administration.

      2. Llp says:

        Because you all have lost you humanity

    2. Matt says:

      Its because their god tells them to hate anyone else that isn’t like them.

  8. stung4ever says:

    “they want the people behind the WeWantVoterID website to stop pushing for a voter ID constitutional amendment.”

    They don’t really care about the alleged racial profiling. They just want to silence their opposition by throwing around the term “racist.”

    Besides, if we need to have photo ID in order to exercise our constitutional right to keep and bear arms, how is it wrong to require photo ID to prove that you are eligible for the constitutional right to vote?

  9. Chaz says:

    You are not legally required to have a driver’s license. And what some people seem to fail to realize is that there are large numbers of people (particularly the poor and the elderly) who don’t have drivers licenses. So wake up and realize there are millions of Americans who don’t “use my photo ID every day”.

    Some states issue their own ID cards, though some of those don’t even include a picture and are just printed on paper. Calling those things reliable identification is a stretch.

    For all those who want to require photo ID, first you need to fund a system where all citizens are given reliable photo ID without significant cost or inconvenience. Otherwise, you are suddenly making it easy to vote if you also happen to drive, but a big pain for everyone else. Pony up the cash to put a program like that in place and then there’s no problem.

    If you’re not willing to do that, you reveal yourself for what you truly are – short-sighted fools who are willing to believe tales about boogey-men and/or the Republican thugs who spread those lies and just want to keep the poor, the elderly, and minorities from voting since they currently tend to vote Democrat.

    1. See BS says:

      Minnesota has a plain ID too — you don’t need a drivers license.

    2. Brett says:

      Hey STUPID, you can get a FREE state issued ID, if you are LEGALLY allowed to be in this COUNTRY. If not, TOUGH BUFFALO CHIPS. Go vote in your native country.

      1. Chaz says:

        Nice, thanks for repeating what I already said in my post – YES, some states have state-issued ID cards. And it’s brilliant how you let your true colors show by inviting me to go vote in my native country, which would be this one you moron. So how about you address the 2nd point in my post, about funding a system to help people get their ID card?

        1. Brett says:

          It’s already FUNDED, STUPID, don’t you think that this legislature figured it out by now, after all of the stupid challenges in all of the other states where it has BECOME THE LAW OF THE LAND, the the Supreme Court’s APPROVAL??? How many times do you have to get SLAPPED IN THE FACE before you finally GET IT??

          1. js says:

            Brett, why are you such a douch? Every post you make on every story is name calling and has no substance. How old are you…really?

        2. Jason says:

          @ chaz The only state we are talking about is Mn. This dosent concern anyother state but this one.

    3. Mr. T says:

      You need a driver’s license to legally drive a car in every state, dummy! Unless you don’t care what is legal, much like fraudulent votes!!!

  10. Tom says:

    Voter Fraud? This is more tripe from the Right to distract from the fact that these TeapubliCON’S have no plan nor clue as to what they are doing…no wonder they were the minority party for 40 yrs in MN…and will be again come NOVEMBER…nuff said !!!

    1. Mr. T says:

      Voter fraud does exist, dummy!

  11. More GOP spending says:

    Another “problem” looking for a solution. How many voters will we need to disenfranchise to be able to stop all this so called fraud, which during the last election amounted to a couple of votes, maybe, out of millions. Think about it, you go in to vote and they check off your name, if there is any problem you could still vote and your ballot would be validated. Then there would be a record of the “vote fraud” that took place. To date = 0. Thank You.

    1. Brett says:

      Complete and total NONSENSE. Cases all over the state, from Duluth to St. Paul to Mpls. to Albert Lea. I’m tired of having my vote “cancelled out” by a fraud, and this needs to stop NOW, and for GOOD.

      1. aintnoangel says:

        Bret, There is your chance to make Thousands of dollars, Did’T ACLU last week offer $1000 for each case of voter fraud you can prove?

  12. Pookie says:

    How can it possibly be profiling if everyone has to have an I.D.

    1. Brett says:

      Exactly. It’s NOT. the democrats can’t figure that out, that’s why they are going postal right now. They don’t have a rational retort to such a logical question.

  13. Reasonable says:

    Massive republican gains in 2010. Voter fraud is obviously the problem there.

  14. Brett says:

    Compete, total, utter, NONSENSE. Google voter fraud in the US, and Minnesota comes up #1 in the NATION. If it was EVER needed, it it needed HERE. Has NOTHING to do with RACE, has EVERYTHING TO DO with INTEGRITY, VALUES, ETHICS, and HONESTY.

    1. Chaz says:

      Wow, you googled that all by yourself? I’m sure you were equally amazed when you googled about your problem and learned there’s lots of 100% legal and effective pills you can take that will instantly make you grow “down there”. That must’ve been a huge relief!

      1. Llp says:

        did you get you human one

  15. Brett says:

    If you don’t have to show an ID to vote, then you shouldn’t have to show an ID to buy alcohol, tobacco, get on a plane, apply for a permit to carry a handgun, or benefits, or WELFARE, or *FOOD STAMPS*, or ***HOUSING ASSISTANCE***, or

    1. Chaz says:

      You believe the fairy tale pack of lies that poor people, immigrants, and minorities are stealing your money through taxes. Lies told by politicians who promise to stop those problems (easy since they don’t exist) and then spend all their real energy in passing laws to benefit big corporations and the wealthy. And that’s when the real pain comes – there are countless examples in public record of these politicians cutting funding for schools and other public services, services that every tax payer benefits from. But no, you sheeple love a good fairy tale where you get to pick on people who don’t live as well as you, look and talk different than you, and who don’t have the means to fight back when you slander them and pass laws to persecute them. Jeez, try reading the New Testament for maybe 5 minutes.

      1. Brett says:

        I don’t have to reade the New Testament for even ONE MINUTE, you IDIOT. Especially since you are probably one of those staunch supporters of “separation of church and state”, well, DON’T START PREACHING TO ME, SISSY BOY (or GIRL). I don’t benefit from ANYBODY or ANY GROUP who throws COMMON SENSE out of the WINDOW and thinks that teen pregnancy is OK, that thinks that high school dropouts are OK, thinks that legalizing DOPE IS OK, that unemployment should be the newest form of PERMANENT WELFARE, and includes so-called “Social Security disability”, which is the BIGGEST LOAD OF BULL that I’ve EVER HEARD, etc.


        1. Llp says:

          Do you look at your self in the morning a figure out how can I hate today

        2. Matt says:

          caps lock isn’t always cruise control for cool.

        3. Les Johnson says:

          So much anger, so little to say….

  16. Common Cents says:

    No id, no job, no vote. That “right” should be reserved for tax paying AMERICANS

  17. Analyst says:

    I say NOT having voter ID is racial profiling.

  18. John Frykman says:

    A lot of stuff you claim here. Where are your facts? This is such a simple issue: Should people who have no right to vote be allowed to right, thereby cancelling out the votes of people who DO have a right to vote. Dead people, illegal immigrants, felons, and people who have already voted once should not be allowed to vote. What’s so bad about that. There is not a single good reason voters should not be required to prove who they are!

  19. Dems need fraud says:

    The simple fact is that voting fraud aids the Democrats. As the Democratic political bosses of New York and Chicago always said: vote and vote often.

  20. pete says:

    Having a valid ID is just common sense in this day and age,it has nothing to do with racial profiling.Furthermore,it’s a matter of time before the homeland security act will require all americans to carry a valid ID.More laws to protect us from them,or them from us.

  21. Rentacop says:

    I have to show my photo I.D. everytime I vote. Whats the big deal ?
    Racial Profiling ? Thats a stretch !! Looks more like cartoon characters to me.

    1. Me says:

      Who is asking you for your ID? Since that isn’t a requirement in MN, you shouldn’t be handing it out at the polls.

  22. Dan McGrath says:

    Fasinating. WCCO asked for and received a response from Minnesota Majority, but they neglected to include it. I’ll do the job that these journalists refused to do:

    St. Paul – Minnesota Majority president Jeff Davis responded to Take Action Minnesota’s Monday press conference in which they accuse Minnesota Majority of using race issues to advance Voter ID.

    “Race has never been a factor in the Voter ID debate. Only Take Action Minnesota wants to raise that specter. The amendment is about equal treatment under the law and fairness,” said Davis.

    “The people of Minnesota are wise to these old smear tactics. It’s a testament to the fact that their arguments against Voter ID lack any merit when they resort to mud slinging with the old race card. Ad hominem attacks are a sure sign of losing an argument.”

    In opinion polls conducted over the last several years, Voter ID enjoys 80% Support in Minnesota.

    “The only other argument they’ve tried to rest their case against Voter ID on is disenfranchisement. They claim that thousands of voters will be unable to vote. Their problem is that every time their disenfranchisement argument has been tested in court, it’s been disproven. Requiring voters to identify themselves while providing free state-issued ID isn’t going to stop any eligible voter from exercising his or her rights,” Davis concluded.

    1. Jason says:

      Minnesota Majority gets an A+. Nice to get some good info thank you. Not surprizing cco didnt report this, it dosent fit the agenda. Frustrating none than less.

      1. Llp says:

        Ah yes another hate group

  23. Mr. T says:

    The only people against voter ID are those who gain from it! I show my ID to buy beer or cigarettes, get on a plane, vote, when driving (maybe), to rent a car, to buy gun or ammunition, to buy a fishing license or a hunting license, etc… I am a white guy so am I being discriminated against or don’t I count? If the liberals weren’t such a bunch of cheats we wouldn’t need it!!! It’s karma.

    1. Llp says:

      You just don’t ave a clue how sad

    2. Llp says:

      Maybe because some people died to count

  24. Mr. T says:

    We have voter ID because some people are cheats!! Nuff saud.

  25. Me says:

    The last case of voter fraud I read about (about 2 wks ago) was the Indiana Republican Sec. of State lying about his residency so he could collect a $1k a mo. stipend from the city council.


    1. Dan McGrath says:

      And you would prefer elected officials committing voter fraud with impunity?

  26. josie says:

    Every time the Democrats do not agree with something, they scream racial something or other. I am totally sick of it. Common sense is, if you want to vote, show an ID.

  27. Step says:

    Looking at most comments… Voter ID is targeting groups that share habits. You need your Photo ID consistent with your address or your not going to vote. College students, many people of color moving from home to home getting shifted through Public Housing, people moving every year, senior citizens, etc…all target mostly democratic votes. The percentage of people updating their license every time they move is low. So yes, people, it’s different than just showing your ID at the gas station to buy beer and cigarettes, do your research!

    1. hunnybear18 says:

      The percentage updating shouldn’t be low, as it is MN law that you update your address on your ID within a certain time frame. If they are not doing it, they are breaking the law.

    2. Jason says:

      People moving alot mmmm. Even more important to have a current id. Why have people voting from other districts voting on items only concering yours?

  28. Republicanus says:

    “Voter fraud” is a red herring presented by the Republicans. This is now and has always had to do with voter suppression. The RNC had a voter suppression unit a number of years ago and one of its primary vehicles was to adopt photo id requirements. This was because of the simple fact that those least likely to have a photo id were those who tended to vote for Democratic candidates. It’s really pretty simple. The voter id requirement is just another tool that the GOP uses to suppress votes, much like the robocalls and flyers that are sent to Democratic voters giving intentionally erroneous information about the time and/or location of voting locations (and let’s not forget the “phone jamming” ploy). Isn’t it interesting that every single voter id law that has been presented in this country have been by Republicans. And don’t try to tell me that this has to do with their heightened concern for “fraud.” After all the GOP is the party that brought us Nixon, Duke Cunningham, Jack Abramoff, Bob Nye, Tom Delay, etc, etc.

  29. Bye GOP says:

    The Republican plan = BLOCK THE VOTE if the demographics don’t favor you.

    The good thing is the population growth will continue to favor the democratic party. This country will be choosing between a democrat and an independent soon. The republican/tea guys will be a regional party. They will be in the southern states with all the morons who vote against their own interest.

    Why no ID in the republican primaries?

    OBAMA/BIDEN 2012 and HILLARY 2016!!!!!

    1. hunnybear18 says:

      I’m sure MSNBC didn’t report this, so you wouldn’t know, but they did pilot the ID scanners in some precincts for the caucuses.

  30. Commonsense says:

    I’m amazed at the amount of arguments over this. One commenter used the excuse that people move around alot – that may be true, but you also are legally suppose to change your address on your ID within 30 days of an address change. If you do happen to move and you haven’t bothered to change your address there are still ways to vote. The problem here is that you have an ID stating one thing so you can go vote in that area and then as long as you have a current utility bill in your name at your new address and have someone to vouch for you at the polls you can than vote in that area also, so how can that not be construed as voter fraund. Maybe by requiring valid id to vote you are in essence stopping that possibilty and if your too dumb or lazy to update your ID than you shouldn’t be allowed to vote.

  31. Get Real Voters says:

    I’m a registered voter and I have to sign my name next to my name in the register.
    If you’re not registered before a given date, you don’t vote.
    I have never had anyone else sign my name ahead of me, nor have I ever heard of any one having that experience. This make believe problem that the GO-Pee has come up with is a clever way of drawing voter attention away from the real issues that need to be dealt with…

    1. Dan McGrath says:

      You’re mistaken. Minnesota has Election Day registration, and no ID is required to register and vote on Election Day. One voter could easily vote in multiple precincts under an assumed name and it would be impossible to catch and prosecute him afterwards.

      1. tom joad says:

        The Minnesota County Attorneys Association’s (MCAA) executive director John Kingrey says:

        “County attorneys take voter fraud very seriously; there is no discretion for county attorneys in this manner.”

        Dan McGrath: ” One voter could easily vote in multiple precincts under an assumed name and it would be impossible to catch and prosecute him afterwards.”

        We have 87 County Attorneys in Minnesota. The 2008 elections generated 165 investigations for double voting. No convictions.

        In order to register and vote sans any ID, the voter would need to be vouched for. The investigation of fraud would begin with the person that was recorded as “vouching”. You describe the process as if a stranger could walk up, request to vote, and a ballot is handed to them, the election judges powerless over the situation.

        There is a registration process for registering at the polls. McGrath’s description implies that process is not utilized. This being the case, the fraud is perpetuated by the election officials, and no amount of ID will change things.

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