By Reg Chapman

CAMBRIDGE, Minn. (WCCO) — It was a car ride the Heath family will never forget. A mother, father and their toddler were taking the half-hour trip from their home near Mora to Cambridge welcome a new addition to their family.

But the baby just wasn’t in a mood to wait.

Two-and-half-year-old Maiah has a better idea of where babies come from than other kids her age, after witnessing her little sister Makenna’s birth from the backseat of the family SUV.

Karina Heath said she thought she had time, as contractions were five minutes apart when they left for the half-hour drive from home to the hospital.

“Got closer to Cambridge and the contractions were two minutes and getting strong, and stuff was starting to push on my stomach and … they were getting painful,” said Karina Heath.

That’s when father Justin Heath called the hospital. While doctors got prepared for their arrival, little Makenna began making her way into the world.

“I don’t think I realized it until I could feel the head coming out,” said Karina Heath.

Justin Heath says minutes later, he was a father for the second time.

“She started pulling her pants down and started delivering the baby and it’s all kind of blank from there,” he said.

Justin says he was at the emergency room entrance within minutes of the baby being born. A team of doctors and nurses were standing by.

“Cut the cord and then we had warm blankets and wrapped the baby up and brought it to our team of experts upstairs,” said Allina nurse Lorie Dixon.

“I’ve never seen such a calm mom and dad after delivery in a car,” said ER doctor Lou Sonstegard.

A car that Dad never thought would serve as a delivery room.

“Thank God for rubber floor mats,” Justin Heath said. “We’re looking for a really good detail place.”

Makenna weighed 6 pounds, 12.5 ounces. The family is all doing well. They are expected to go home on Monday.

Comments (3)
  1. Kevin says:

    Could be a new country song.
    Lord, I was born a ramblin’ man
    Born from a Jeep and thank god not a mini van
    And when it’s time for leavin’ I hope you’ll understand
    That I was born a ramblin’ man

  2. GrandmaJ says:

    WELCOME TO THE WORLD NEW BABY! I love it when things like this happen with happy endings. It helps balance the horrid in the world.
    I always lived 1 block from the hospital when my 3 were born. Even at that, almost had the 2nd at home. Just a side ache. (Had been giving 2 yr old piggy back rides up and down the stairs.) Friend made me call, and 1 hr later we had a baby! Never had contractions with my kids–should say, painful contractions that would take your mind of what you were doing.

  3. Karun says:

    Thank God !!!

    Good for the Family!!

    God Bless.

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