ST. PAUL (WCCO) — Police took six people into custody after a late night shooting and police chase in St. Paul. It ended with a surprise for police when they found a teenager bound and tied up with duct-tape in the back of the vehicle they chased.

It all started when St. Paul police officers checked out reports of gunfire near Morton Street and Waseca Avenue at about 11:45 p.m. A 911 caller said two groups of men were fighting with each other, and that one group took off in a silver PT Cruiser.

Police caught up with the car near downtown, but it took off.

Then a State Patrol Trooper later spotted the car and hit it in the side at Jackson Street and Jenks Avenue in St. Paul. The driver lost control, skidded down Jackson Street and finally came to a rest.

“I ran out here, and I see cops everywhere,” said Gary Anderson, who was relaxing in an apartment close to the scene of the crash.

Officers Anderson him to stay back when he came outside to see what was going on, but he stayed and watched. He estimated that three dozen cops and State Patrol Troopers were on-scene, and the situation was extremely dangerous.

“I see them all ducking down behind their car right here, pointing guns at the car. They kept hollering for people to get out of the car, and apparently, they wouldn’t get out,” said Anderson.

One of the men in the car tried running away, but a block later, police quickly arrested him. The man had to be treated for a gunshot wound to the shoulder from the original shooting at a local hospital.

Officers opened the trunk of the vehicle and found an 18-year-old man bound and duct-taped inside. He said he wasn’t hurt, and officers didn’t notice any injuries on him either. They questioned him at least twice on Tuesday and took him to his parent’s home. Investigators aren’t sure still why he was in the back of the vehicle.

In total, six people from inside the car were arrested. Devonte Johnson-Hall, Khalil Zeno, Damon Walker, and Montinez Jiles were booked into the Ramsey County Jail. Police also arrested two juveniles.

The Ramsey County Attorney will soon review the case and decide if any of them will be charged, possibly with fleeing officers and kidnapping.

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  1. Clint's loaded for the hunt says:

    bring it on home to me ,,,,
    yeah, yeah………………….

    1. Walt Kowalski says:

      Get off my lawn!

  2. really people says:

    If you look at kstp website they said there was a kidnapping and they found a person tied up in the trunk. I would say it was a good decision to pursue the vehicle, especially when we do not know how or why the person was kidnapped.

    1. jackactionhero says:

      Where is the trunk on a PT Cruiser? It’s a hatchback…

  3. Mike says:

    I can’t believe it took the cops 20 minutes to catch a PT Cruiser.

    1. Dana says:

      It takes a while to find it..THEN the chase begins…or they pull over when the lights go on. Their choice.

    2. jeff says:

      I can, it take about a dozen of them to figure out how to use the gun first. WHAT GREAT POLICE WE HAVE IN MN.

      1. Andy Jr says:

        And another pathetic comment from someone who either keeps getting arrested because he’s a moron, or tries to get hired as a cop and can’t, so therefore all cops are evil. You sound like a jealous jerk who is angry because he thinks he’s so much smarter than everybody else, yet keeps getting caught. Grow up Jeff.

        1. Andy says:

          Jeff? Read my long response below, great analogy.

          1. Veena says:

            I was pulled over on College Street, by a van full of cops, uceabse I was carrying a video camera. They questioned me as to what I was doing and where I worked. They did let me go, but I was indeed afraid for my safety.I\’ll never trust the Toronto police after that weekend. They were out of control that whole day and failed to protect those who are most vulnerable.

  4. Dana says:

    The sarcasm was pretty thick. Hard to miss. Funny even. But it does trip up those to ensconced in their own prejudices to see what is actually being presented by what flashes by them in life. Its a hard call to make chasing or backing off. Either way there will be collateral damage. Smart cops and smarter supervisors help minimize that. We will always need more of both.

  5. Andy says:

    Haywood you were being sarcastic, but your first two sentences are exactly correct ? Cops have become nothing more than bill collectors stopping people for window tinting violations? Shooting family pets for fear they will nibble you to death? Using deadly force against Sunday school teachers and homeless mendicants is just, I am at a loss for words, unseemly. I cannot imagine going to work every day, looking for a reason to write a ticket to some hapless teenage girl who changes lanes in a way they dislike, or a 5 mile over citation that costs someone a large chunk of their rent money. I would have trouble looking in the mirror. If cops were actually keepers of the peace, interested in helping the weak and defenseless, putting themselves on the line to preserve life, things might be different. But the last 30 years have made them enforcers, tax collectors, symbols of intimidation.

    1. Andy says:

      Nice come back, nothing valid to say as usual. Why don’t you tell Kelly Thomas’s father from fullerton, or the Sunday school teacher who was murdered by the virginia state police how they are the keepers of the peace. Enough said.

    2. can't fix stupid says:

      Hey Andy,
      How would you have felt if the cops just decided to look the other way and the next day they find a dead teenager in the alley. Man you are an idiot.

      1. sadreality says:

        Unfortunately the cops do look the other way when serious crimes are committed all too often. It is easier and more profitable to go after a speeding ticket or DWI than to risk your life chasing a thug.

        This is unfortunate but a reality we face. I have the up-most respect for the ideals that police are supposed to uphold…but these principles and civic service are just not being met anymore.

        1. all the luck says:

          This is very true because the officer plays the averages in what kind of activity they engage in. They are morel likely to get into a dangerous situations that could threaten their safety say if the drive thru and alley at night checking for possible break ins and when they are forced to confront a dangerous situation and after its played out and the threat is passed its easy to find dozens of officers on the scene because they can be “too busy” to do anything else and they get to log it in as a response to a call. I mean really 36 officers responded to this scene and how many cleared immediately after the situation was over? Very few otherwise they would be available for another call that maybe dangerous but then that wold make the departments stats. for the quarter look like they have enough staffing and administrators don’t like that. Why? because if you “need” more officers in order to take the unanswered calls you need higher paying supervisor positions to “manage” the officers.

        2. booger jones says:

          yes they do they look the other way for the serious stuff yet the minor bs they want to take you for everything its bs. sad reality your dead on great comment. then the numbnut calling people names saying he wants to be a cop but they wont let him sounds like you could be one of them cops not saying you are man but just saying we all have our opinions from expreiance and i can tell you chisago county has a few dirty cops if i can video tape a drug deal betewwn a 23 yr old man and an 11 yr old child and they say well there is nothing we can do then the creep goes and tells this guy that i video taped it and he needs to watch who he sells in front of seriously come on too many dirty creeps out there

        3. Growser says:

          It’s amazing how people forget about true heroes like Sgt Bergeron from Maplewood and Officer Crittenden from N St Paul who were killed in the line of duty in 2009 and 2010. Tell their wives and children “These principles and civic services are just not being met anymore” These men made the ultimate sacrifice for their communities. A lot more than the blow-hards on this column,

    3. Ace says:

      It would be a horrible place without cops, In my 81 years on this earth I have never had any kind of problem with cops, oh yeah, I don’t break into houses , rob banks or kill people, I wonder if that could be the reason

    4. Fed Up says:

      @Andy-see the headlines out of California today? 7 marines were killed in a helicopter crash. I’m sure glad we were able to flush millions of dollars worth of equipment and personnel training down the toilet because some hotshot flyboy marine couldn’t do his/her job correctly. I guess that means all marines are incompetent, untrained, bumbling idiots. OR….maybe, just maybe, we the untrained public shouldn’t let one bad apple spoil the bunch. You so enjoy painting all cops with the same broad brush. Maybe you’d agree with the idea that all marines are incompetent idiots who waste millions of taxpayer dollars. Just something to think about….

    5. Thomas Berg says:

      Hey tough guy… bet you couldn’t be a cop for 30 sec. At 2am when the tint is pitch-black on a car that even your spot light wont allow you to see in… That blows… Top that off with being out in the middle of nowhere and wondering if there is someone in the backseat pointing a gun at you… Now we got one big problem… But hey… you just stick to your 9 to 5 and know you ALWAYS get to go home to your family at the end of your shift… I’m completely cool with you hating cops… However, the next time you need emergency help… We prefer you call a creak-head, not the cops 🙂

      1. Andy says:

        Hey fake tough guy was a marine for 14 years, 2 in Iraq one in afghanistan. I don’t call cops. Had someone break in and held them at gunpoint, and told them and his friends never to come back. Guess what been here 10 years and that was the only time someone tried to break in. I don’t need you. What’s creak head?

        1. Karl W. Chimplemann says:

          Think about this: Wandering thru Germany in ’44-’45, coming across Ditches full of Women and Children! Have respect, life can be pretty short. I thank all of our Civil Servants. Without them we would be somewhere real dark!

        2. alright says:

          Andy..have you ever heard of PTSD….Post Traumatic Stress Disorder? I work in the healthcare field and you might want to see a doctor.

    6. joe says:

      Andy cops have become nothing more than bill collectors, BECAUSE of you bleeding heart liberals, teachers, tree huggers and Obama lovers. The cops have no more power. Welcome to the “Change” people like you have created.

  6. sayin says:

    Oh boo.
    Mr know it all doesn’t agree with a comment on the forums.
    So cry about it.

  7. Criminals Rule says:

    Andy- So you feel we shouldn’t have any laws?? That tells all of us where you stand on your viewpoints of society. I agree there are some bad officers out there, however; there are also bad doctors, nurses, tv anchors, reporters, bartenders, servers, bank tellers, and etc…….. If you messed up and got caught by the police, it’s your own damn fault for messing up and not the cops. Oh and since you want to bring up shootings across the country, how about the washington state trooper who was killed today while on a traffic stop, or better yet how about a few months ago when a Kansas officer was investigating a nuisance call was ambushed by a killer, or you know what how about several years ago when four officers where killed while preparing for their shifts at a coffee shop and were murdered because they were cops. Maybe you should take a walk in the shoes of a cop before passing on your anti-cop hate. Now let me go get overserved by some bartender and get arrested for DWI and blame it on the cop.

    1. Tom says:

      you forgot the POTUS and most of congress

  8. X-Puffer says:

    Imagine the nightmare for the kid in the trunk!
    Could you imagine what the conversation that he heard in the car for the twenty minute chase. He probably thought he was doomed.

    1. Chigger .44 Stoppers says:

      sumptin sadly tells me he still is ….. takes an army to wipe out the bastids that run the streets.
      Nice job coppers ! I noticed nobody said it yet so here it is again ___

    2. jackactionhero says:

      Then why, after being questioned twice, do the police not have evidence he was kidnapped? Something’s fishy there. Almost sounds more like a gang initiation.

  9. Kevin says:


    1. Conrad says:

      Hmmmm…….. Yep.

  10. Lakewood 4 are burning says:

    Yeah Clint I am a criminal. Actually clean record never been in trouble. I get that comment from ignorant tools like you when you have nothing to say so you attack the poster. Let me guess the next comment will be how I don’t have a job right? Make an intelligent argument, or get lost.

    1. Clint R says:

      Actually, I think you’re full of it. Somewhere along the way, some cop did his job and cuffed & stuffed you for something you did. Must be nice to make comments you know you can’t back up with fact….unless you wanna post your last name and your birth date…..didn’t think so.

    2. Lakewood 4 are burning says:

      When did I ever say I hate cops? I think they need to be held more accountable. I’ll be like you guys because you can’t make an intelligent argument. So there ya…idiot duh????

      1. Dirty Mary says:

        My suggestion is you worship them. I got no trouble sending you to see your Great Grandpappy….none at alll

  11. sackless wonders says:

    freakin’ wow!

  12. lvc says:

    I am actually troubled to see that someone could say something negative about a police officer. Shame on You! God Bless our brothers in blue

  13. kevin says:

    I mean really. With out all this great “diversity”…….our police force would have nothing to do…..thats why sackless liberals love diveristy….it gives the Police unions something to do………

  14. Mrs. Ida Wendeldorfer says:

    I wonder if they are wearing nice clean socks? Do they dye them pink in the Ramsey County Whoscow like that famous place in Arizona? My PT Cruiser doesn’t have a trunk?

    1. What Da Fog says:

      Isn’t it Bingo Night Ida?

      1. Mrs. Lyle Fredrickson says:

        Mr. Fog, I have known Ida for 72 years. I assure you that it is not Bingo Night! It is Quilt-A-Long Night. Get it right or don’t comment!

  15. thinker says:

    Funny….when I was a kid there were Jocks, Nerds. Dweebs, Loosers Geeks………..the guys who ended up being cops………….all got picked on…..
    All have a power trip issue………..enough said

    1. Vilgax says:

      Not So, “Thinker”….
      Some of US became the software developers and computer technicians you so ardently DON’T think about when you get online to spread your stupidity.

  16. Andy says:

    have used this analogy a few time with predictable results: Cops and their supporters get upset, non-cops say, good point.

    The vast majority of people like soldiers. I had to come up with a counter thank you to use at airports when I was traveling a lot in uniform a few years back (and thank you sir, for without you working hard and paying taxes, I could not do what I do). Cops have their supporters, but a lot of people don’t like cops. They would love to get the treatment soldiers get, but there is not the same feeling by the public, even though they both have uniforms and guns, and the propaganda mill is constantly churning the “cops as American heroes” meme.

    To picture why, imagine a Hoplite, a Greek soldier of the classical era. Helmet, shield and spear.

    Imagine the soldier as Hoplite. He and his brethren stand shoulder to shoulder, shields up in the defense of the nation, spear pointed at the enemies of the nation (though the legalities and moralities of war can be endlessly debated). The American citizen stands behind him, and his shield and spear defend them. He is expected to die in defense of the nation and is willing to do so. There are no knee-jerk phrases about a soldier’s most important duty is to go home to his family at the end of his shift. “Soldier Safety” is a laughable concept.

    Now imagine the cop as Hoplite. His spear is pointed AT the citizen. He is at the ready to roust you at the above checkpoint. Take your money for whatever reason the State says. Take your life for possession of a plant the State has deemed illegal, or throw you into a
    dungeon. Nobody feels relief when a cop pulls up behind him while driving, even if they are perfectly “law abiding”, whatever that means. A cop will tase a grade schooler, or a soccer mom, shoot an unarmed marine or as a group of 6 beat a homeless man to death for the crime of existing.

    The cop’s spear is pointed at us. His shield defends his buddies and himself. You hear about “the thin blue line”, “professional courtesy” and “no matter what, always go home at the end of your shift”. Cops call non cops “civilians” (a laughable concept, as they too are civilians) or sheep. Cops will defend the most indefensible behavior on the part of another cop, not on moral grounds, but that the shooting of a soccer mom was “within policy”, as if that makes her death any less terrible.

    There is no thin camo line. Cops are not our defenders. Their spears are pointed the wrong
    way. And there is no disputing that fact.

    1. iCOP says:

      @ Andy…..would you llike to have a MALL COP to MALL your street ANDY!!!
      How about the MALL COP go and “enforcers, tax collectors, symbols of intimidation.”

      LAWS – if you break it you PAY big time or how about this ” A two-decade war has wrecked Somalia, leaving it without a proper government.

      Al-Shabab militants, who recently joined with al-Qaeda, control large swathes of territory. ” This would be nice if no REAL COPS around to ENFORCE the laws…
      Thanks my two cents..

      1. Andy says:

        No, I don’t need you at all that’s the point, I protect myself and my family. Hit a nerve I bet, that correct analogy above usually does with your type. -14 year marine grunt, Semper Fi!!!!

    2. Bob says:

      Andy, I too thank you for your service. I am not trying to be a smarta__ here, but want to ask you some questions. What about former Marines who are now cops? Do you hate them too? Are they traitors in your eyes? What exactly is it that you want cops to do? They don’t write the laws, they just try and enforce them. By the way, my brother in law was a cop for 34 years–I never once heard him refer to non cops as “civilians.” I’m never sure in your posts if you are serious or not, because you seem to have such anger built up inside of you, but at the same time try to be funny, and its hard to understand where your coming from a lot of the time. Sometimes I feel sorry for you, because you seem like a sad lost little boy, but you do have some valid points. I don’t think its fair that you generalize a whole profession like you do, but that is a freedomm that you and many others fought for us to have…

    3. Navy says:

      Andy, there was a time not too long ago that soldiers were harassed, spit on, swore at, called baby killers,etc when they were returning home from a war that people didn’t like. That is one of the reasons people now thank you in airports and try and show you the respect you deserve. They realized how wrong they were and what they helped do to the psyche of some fine young men. Your treatment of police officers is no better then what those people did to the veterans of Vietnam. They were doing a job that no one understood, and unless you had done it yourself, could never understand.

      1. jackactionhero says:

        He clearly said he was a Marine, not a soldier.

        Don’t ever call a United States Marine a soldier. That’s insulting.

    4. Doobie says:

      And the real reason Andy hates cops finally comes out! He got busted for being in “possession of a plant the State has deemed illegal.” The cops didn’t make it illlegal you idiot. In fact, take a poll of real cops, not the Chiefs, and you’d probably find they want it legalized too. So get of your high horse and grow up. You’re probably not a veteran, just a liar. Or you tried to be a cop and couldn’t pass the psychological exams required to get your license.

      1. sadreality says:

        It really saddens me that people fail the psychological exam for being independent thinkers. The police industry wants people to blindly follow orders rather than question the morality and legality of said orders. It is easy to talk down on other people who face problems with police…until it is you who is wrongfully abused.

        1. You're an oxymoron says:

          Let’s see, first you complain that cops break the rules, do their own thing, protect only each other, blah, blah, blah and here you complain that the police industry only wants people to blindly follow orders. Well, which is it? You can’t have it both ways. The sadreality is that you can’t get over the fact that some cop caught you doing something wrong and you can’t handle somebody telling you what to do.

    5. sadreality says:

      Thank you so much for articulating this point so well.

      I have a respect for what cops are SUPPOSED to be. I have 0 respect for the fast majority of cops that I have run into in my life. There have been a handful that proved me wrong but unfortunately that has been an incredibly small minority.

      I cant not even begin to count how many times I have been harassed or assaulted by people that are entrusted to protect us. I’m not a thug. I’m a young adult male with a job. That somehow brood resentment and hostility from (cops) who are presumably frustrated with where their life has taken them.

      I constantly get pulled over for ‘tinted windows’ even though MN statue 169.71 clearly says that my car is legally tinted. I keep a copy of the statue in my glove box. I have been pulled over ~75 times int he last 5 years, resulting in 0 tickets after challenging them and citing the law. I have literally had cops tell me “I don’t care what the law says, they are illegal” (once on tape). How are we to trust these people with our safety and freedom?

      I totally agree and understand that not all cops are bad, but this ratio is alarmingly shifting to an unsavory ratio.

      1. sadreality says:

        I do have to admit how grateful I am for a court system that allows us to challenge this wanness abuse of authority…even if it is incredibly time consuming and expensive.

    6. joe says:

      Wow, Andy, You really need help.

  17. say what says:

    Homies driving a PT Crusier? That’s the best part of the story.

    1. Morrie Qentinslipsch says:

      Are PT Cruisers only for part time cruising?

    2. Mrs. Lyle Fredrickson says:

      What is a Homie? Am I a Homie? I live at the Home too.

      1. js says:

        A homie? Think back to school, remember how there were, you know, the slow kids? Well…

        1. Walt Kowalski says:

          PT Cruiser? I said get off my lawn pathetic turd

  18. Mabel Hornschlinger says:

    I agree Ivan! I had to cross a busy street and they turned on those fancy blue and red lights so I could cross. God Bless them!

  19. Thomas Berg says:

    Anyone seen a cop talking a pee on a deceased body lately? Oops… my bad, that wasn’t a cop peeing…

  20. sadreality says:

    I for one am tired of cops turning on their sirens to run red lights, only to pull into McDonalds a block later. I wish I could say this were a rare occurrence in Minneapolis. We have cameras, phones, and time. Do what you have to to check this behavior and improve society for everyone.

  21. Andy says:

    Typical response from someone who has nothing to say, and knows what I said above is right. Your childish response proves you believe what I said above is true, thanks. I don’t like marijuana, tried it a few times In my life wasn’t for me. I am a former marine 14 years. If you want to call me an idiot and a liar to make your little self feel better go ahead. By the way, I never had an aspiration to be a cop. I would never do something for a living with no honor. Thank you again for showing you had a nerve get touched for my analogy above, the truth hurts doesn’t it? I can tell it does when you start name calling, and questioning my service, so easy to read.

    1. Doobie says:

      Look who’s talking about striking a nerve. If you really don’t care what I think, you would have ignored my post, but instead you try to make yourself seem so intellectual and above everybody else and can’t help yourself. How dare anybody disagree with the almighty Andy! It’s obvious from your posts over and over and over and over on this website that there is some deep-seeded reason you hate cops, and it is also obvious it has nothing to do with your claims they have no honor and all that other bull. There are probably thousands of cops in MN alone. You can’t possibly know them all, yet you insist to know all about them. If you really were a Marine, thank you for your service. Other than that, you come across as nothing but a psuedo-intellectual whiner.
      Have a wonderful day!

      1. Andy says:

        Didn’t say that all cops were not honorable. I said its not an honorable profesion. I don’t hate anything, or anybody. I just tell the truth. You also have a nice day

        1. Walk a mile says:

          Andy, you did say you would never work in a profession that has no honor–that would imply that all cops are not honorable. You say that you tell the truth and that cops are nothing but tax collectors, etc, That may be “the truth” where you live, or it may be just your own perception. In the small town where I live, the police are kind, respectful, hard-working, don’t write a lot of tickets, but arrest people when they have to. That is my perception–I’m guessing the people they have arrested see it differently and have their own “truth.” I like some of your posts, but sometimes you go too far and lose credibility. Sometimes I have to wonder who appointed you “truth-teller” for all people? If what you and sadreality say is true, why aren’t you going public with the wrongdoings and talking to the police chief or the I-Team or something? Why just make anonymous posts to antagonize people? That solves nothing.

  22. Face says:

    Devontel, Khalil, Damon, and Montinez… more troubled Scandinavian youth.

    1. Vilgax says:

      Would it be any different if there names were Sam,Isaac,Aloysius, Seymour, or Irving ?

      1. alright says:

        Yes…they would have been home.

      2. Sonia says:

        I don’t think it’s really fair to judge seomone by their job position.Your sister may mean there can be a more tempting desire to but that’s not because they are cops. My uncle is a cop, so I’ve pretty much grown up around them. I have heard of some men cheating, but then my brother cheated on his wife and he’s an art teacher. A friend of mine cheated on his girlfriend and he’s studying to be a doctor. I’ve also had several friends cheated on and none were cops.Cops do have strenuous jobs and tend to work odd hours, for long shifts, heaps of overtime and training away from home. All this can cause a lot of stress on a relationship which in turn causes arguments and tension. This isn’t obviously an excuse for the men, but for some weak men, it’s all the reason they need. And this isn’t just for cops, it goes for every profession out there.If you feel he’s going to cheat on you, then don’t bother about it. But if you believe he’s a decent guy, then go ahead.

  23. mr.obvious says:

    It rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again.

  24. Murph says:

    Oh oh,,they are tossing kleenex tissues at us,better call SWAT ! These grade school girls can get pretty mean you know! Dispatcher: That’s a big 10-4 on that Doofy!

  25. June says:

    Whoever wrote this article is an idiot. They need a proof reader.

  26. alright says:

    Wow….I assumed they were white but those names sure don’t sound white to me. How can that be since all the minorities are good people.

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