MADISON, Wis. (AP) — A man who claimed to be the new manager of a Denny’s restaurant in Madison is facing charges after cooking himself a cheeseburger and fries before police showed up.

Police say 52-year-old James Summers, wearing a tie and carrying a briefcase, claimed he was sent by Denny’s corporate office Tuesday to be the new manager at the restaurant. When the current manager told Summers that he must have the wrong restaurant, Summers told her she apparently had not gotten the memo about the change in leadership.

Authorities say the manager called her supervisors while Summers helped himself to a meal. WISC-TV says police were summoned and took Summers into custody. Officers say they found a stun gun on his belt. Summers is charged with disorderly conduct, drug possession and possessing an electric weapon.

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Comments (26)
  1. Wonder Woman says:

    Well – what a bummer for him. Maybe some bad acid as we are talking Denny’s and I think good tripping may take one elsewhere.
    Hope the food was good buddy

  2. Crazy Joe says:

    And now news of the weird someone under the age of 70 actually ate at Denney’s.
    In related news a man was charged for cooking himself a meal.
    And that’s news of the weird.

    Crazy Joe

  3. Jerry says:

    The George Castanza approach. Just show up and start working.

  4. now that's funny says:

    Having been a line cook for a second income in different places over the last thirty some years I gotta love this story. I can imagine the bewilderment of management and staff as this guy proceeded to cook himself a meal. I would love to hear the cook’s reaction to having this guy push his way onto the line. If it was during a rush I bet he was pretty ticked off. What a hoot.

  5. Gary Lee says:

    And next week he is doing a guest stint as a gynecologist.

    1. Righ Arm! says:

      Hahahahahaha! Or a pharmacist.

  6. Rubin says:

    If your gonna do that and get arrested why not go to a five star restaurant? Strange days indeed!

    1. markH says:

      Please tell us that you received your education in another state.

  7. Spanky says:

    Funny story. I love WI.

  8. Papa Dan says:

    Up here around Ely all we get are guys pushing to get at the beer tap caliming a right to it.
    WI has some better ideas I guess. Still – Denny’s? Must have been some good dope and a case of munchies.
    I’d charge him via a fine the meal cost, and court costs and tell him to head to Hollywood as they in need of actors

  9. Spanky says:

    The part that really tickles me is the “apparently you had not gotten the memo” trick, That’s rich. i Iove this guy and I don’t even know him. What ever drugs he was on I want to try some!

    1. Marcus Bachmann says:

      Yeah – gotta give the guy kuddos as he was pretty smooth.
      Maybe if he hadn’t rankled her feathers he’d have had another meal before wandering off to Perkins lol
      I’d like to see him selling cars …. he’d make a great attorney doing closing arguments, an even better politicians and ….. ((((((ssshhhh)))) a guy Wilf should have hired. 😉

  10. christine says:

    I am curious to know if one cooks their own meal at Denny’s does it actually taste good? I know it couldn’t be worse……..

  11. Rufus Larkin says:

    Since when is illegal possession of an electric weapon?

    1. ez says:

      It all depends on the state that you live in.

    2. jeff says:

      I thought the same thing? Is it legal for to do anything these days. AND the man was arrested because he was wearing a belt and scarf, these could be used to choke someone. Thats these GREAT trustworthy cops.

  12. we says:

    I didn’t know Denny’s went to self serve and self cook!

  13. Dos Equis Man says:

    Live Dangerously my friend

  14. Dirty Mary says:

    he’s my friend-zip it boys

  15. Billy says:

    Why no description of race? I’ll just have to assume black…

    1. conanwong says:

      hey billy, way to be racist off the bat. clearly, a google search of the title would’ve lead to other news sources with the pics. in case you were wondering, he’s white.

      1. Billy says:

        First off. I’m black. My comment is a critique of the media’s obsession with omitting descriptions of the perp. Stop being so hyper sensitive.

        1. R.Hill says:

          First off Blacks can be racist also, your comment was racist.

    2. Concerned Citizen says:

      Naw he ain’t black, because he cooked his OWN meal, them blacks aint working for the Man’